Misused Appropriately

Finally home after a 6 month attachment overseas, I was home and showered thoroughly. Being 28 and a bachelor, it couldn’t be any more relaxing to be back in my studio apartment facing the Singapore Flyers and the breathtaking scene around it. Normally, I would just be in my underwear but it’s probably time to enjoy some ‘time alone’. I removed my uncomfortable underwear which was actually fitting until I was deployed overseas, working in a district famous for its good food and buzzing night market. Though everything was cheaper in China, the fear of getting any diseases prevented me from tasting their ‘delicacy’.

All these time I was gone, I had given the keys and an access card to a part time cleaner who was a mother of three, who would drop by every Monday to carry out her work. She was very nice Malay lady who would occasionally use my kitchen to cook some food for her family and leave some for me.

A click on the universal remote and the whole house darkened. The blinds on the full glass window parted and I took a moment before jumping into bed, letting my bedsheets run over my neglected dick. Suddenly, a beep on the remote shocked me and I quickly quietened it. For security purposes, I had installed CCTVs in my own house where privacy was not critical (kitchen, living room, balcony), and also motion sensors in the toilets and my own bedroom. It was the only thing I could do while I was away.

The touch screen remote control displayed a live feed from the living room and all I could make out was a slim petite figure, putting something on the sofa, then removing his clothes and putting them on the kitchen. The person then disappeared in the direction of my room as though he knew there would be no one around. Only the cleaner whom I had hired held onto a spare key and access card, and definitely not be working at this hour. Wait.. Don’t tell me..

Lying still on the bed, the bathroom lights came on and I watched a dark skinned woman enter the shower. Being single, alone and as a male, the see-through toilet was a privilege which I indulged when I bought the apartment. After all, who were we not to enjoy when we’re young?

As she began showering with her back facing me, I wore my underwear, slipping a pair of running shorts I’ve placed nearby for my run the next day. I also took my cellphone and fired up the video app, putting it by the table where my lamp was, to make up for the lack of ‘eyes’ despite the few CCTVs I’ve strategically set up in my house.

No matter if she was a thief or friend, she had trespassed. A tap on the remote and the lights of my room came on, making sure she knew I was present. She screamed and grabbed a towel to cover herself. With my finger on the ‘lockdown test’ mode, all the doors in my house immediately activated and the pricy locks did their job.

Me: ‘Who are you?’
Girl: ‘I’m Rosha’s daughter! Let me out!’

Rosha? Who.. Oh! Auntie Rosha. I suddenly recalled the familiar name. She was the Malay lady who had been dusting my house, and the bills did not occur to me that she had been using the water more than what was intended for. The cries in the bathroom shook me out of the daze and I stared blankly at her.

Me: ‘What’s your name? I’ll have to let your mum know.’
Girl: ‘I’m Tika! Please don’t let my mum know! She’ll kill me!’

Her fears were real, and adjusted the bedroom lights dim. I unlocked the bathroom door and she ran out to her clothes left on the kitchen counter, and got dressed in the faster speed I’ve seen. There was not a moment I could find to calm her down nor talk to her. But the main door was still tightly bolted.

Me: ‘Tika. Stop. Sit.’

I walked casually to the living room and the TV came on automatically. The noiser environment calmed her down that bit but she was still clutching her bag against her chest. She came towards me and sat at the furthest spot away from me. Tears had been wiped off and she was no longer crying.

Me: ‘I won’t call your mum. But I cannot let you walk out of my house with my keys and access card. How old are you really? Daring enough to come into a stranger’s place.’
Tika: ‘But I have to return these to my mum before 5pm. (Which was the time scheduled to clean my place) If not she’ll find out all the same.’

She then remembered part two of my sentence.

Tika: ‘I’m 21. I have my reasons for using your place. My place is nothing compared to yours, noisy, crowded, and my bed.. ‘

She did not tell me much, although she looked nothing like the age she said she was. Letting a potential thief walk out with my keys was not an option. But I know I could simply change the access codes to render the RFID card useless. Leverage? Perhaps. She began shivering under the air conditioning and that added on to her anxiety.

Tika: ‘What can I do to fix this?’

Me: ‘I don’t know. I don’t need sex.’

Like real I don’t need sex. Her dripping wet hair had made her white cropped t-shirt a little translucent and her rainbow polka dotted bra was gaining my attention. Her skinny jeans only made my eyes roam uncontrollably all over her body. Her dark complexion, against the wet white top, slightly wavy wet hair, slender fingers connected to her slim arms. Her exposed belly revealed a waist as good as any FHM models I ever saw.

Tika: ‘Surely you won’t say no if I am willing right?’
Me: ‘Depends?’

I went to the fridge only to find it empty, and had to divert the awkwardness to the cupboards above which had a bottle of Cordon Bleu I bought at the duty-free shop at the airport. I poured myself a cup and held the bottle towards her, which she nodded to it as well. Taking both the bottles in my hand, I gently let the glasses sit on the glass table. A few sips, and I was high already. Quite a disgrace for someone my age not to be able to hold my liquor.

She cautiously placed her bag on the floor and came beside me, collecting her glass at the same time and swallowed a mouthful. Is that mouthful right for a start? I had no idea. She emptied the glass and returned it to the table, before resting her hand on my sleeping dragon. She worked her fingers over it and felt the warmth gathering under my shorts.

Tika: ‘Let me off this time?’

My eyes remained close as my turning head rested on the sofa. She pulled the stretchy waist band and I lifted my hips enough for her to lower my shorts. The tingle she sent up my spine when her fingers came in contact with my skin was almost too much to take. I knew I had to be careful. The surveillance was still recording. The next thing I felt was her mouth, over my cleanly shaved regions which took me a long time to mow since I left it to lush when I was overseas.

Her mouth worked tirelessly and I especially loved it when her tongue ran up and down under my shaft, putting in extra effort to suck on the little head. The high got even higher with her blowjob but it wasn’t enough to make me cum, I never did came before with a mouth, but she was just this close.

Breathless, she took a break and looked at me while I gave her a contented expression. A raise of my eyebrow sent a clear message to her that she understood immediately – ‘is that it?’ She stood up in front of me by my feet and wriggled her tight jeans to the floor. Her childish PowerPuff girls panties almost made me question her maturity with a laugh but thankfully, it did not stay long in front of me. She had stepped out of it and placed it on the same stretch of sofa I was on.

Me: ‘Your top?’

Taking her shirt off could be better for her too, since she was shivering earlier, and the wetness of it could give her a cold. She pulled the crop top off and only the bra was left. Obviously, her small boobs in her bra was not something she was proud of, but I secretly had a fetish for it.

Tika climbed over me and finally blocked the senseless TV shows that was airing at such wee hours. She held my dick from the back and lowered herself while trying to contain the little pain from expanding her slit. She was over me in a few seconds and started riding, bouncing her concealed boobs up and down. Irresistibly, I grabbed her bra and yanked it high enough for me to suck on her nipples, which she gave her first moan and moved even faster.

Not quite a fan of thigh slapping position, I got her up and faced her towards the flat screen, with a push at the back of my knees, the sofa nudged backwards and I gained more space. I stood firmly on the ground while she bent over the table, careful not to place too much weight on it. I jerked her hips towards me and my dick dived right back inside her.

This time, there was no need for formalities. I thrust my hips hard, sinking my dick deep and fast into her, which she could only respond by moaning enough louder. After a few poundings, she stood slightly straighter and her bent elbows reminded me her pair of breasts were as sensitive. I held her firmly and kept going for as long as the clocked ticked loudly.

I shifted her body sideways towards the sofa and she got on it after a little adjustment, which I inconvenienced her by wanting to keep myself inside. Knowing her knees and body were well cushioned, I went at my fastest rhythm and the urge to cum finally greeted.

Me (groaning): ‘I’m cumming!’

Well, there would not be any repercussions if I did cum inside her, since she was not supposed to know me at all. But better not take the risk. I pulled out of her and went to her face. She had slumped onto the couch still in doggie style but her body was in no more position to work. I knelt on the empty space of the sofa with one knee and aimed my pee hole at her mouth. If she opened, it would end nicely, but if she didn’t react in time, she might need another shampoo wash.

Her weak mouth opened slightly and I forced my way in, right in the nick of time to pump out the few weeks of load which I had not bothered to jerk them out. The pulses along my shaft really took out whatever energy I had and successfully filled her mouth close to the brim, though I suspect her tongue was in the wrong position to make me seemed to have stored so ‘much’.

Once done, I pinched her nose naughtily and watched as she swallowed what I gave her as punishment, before breathing heavily for air. A smile broke onto my face and I made my way to the bathroom to wash up. Taking my time in the shower, I walked in on her with one of her hand in between her legs and I gave her a smile.

Shyly, she retracted her hand and sobered. I handed her a towel and she cleverly knew what I meant. I went back to my bed after she entered the shower and had a feast visually in my bedroom. By then, I’ve packed her clothes and moved it to my room, at the corner of the queen sized bed.

Tika: ‘Where’s my other clothes?’
Me: ‘In the wash.’

I’ve thrown her bra and jeans into the washing machine and it would be cleaned and dried before daybreak. Tika put on whatever was left, her crop top and panties, and climbed into my bed, with an invisible boundary she set up. I could totally understand her need to protect herself emotionally and decided that the best move was not to try anything more.

But! The boundary was soon disregarded, as I felt her mouth on my dick again, just as the sunlight shone into my room through the large windows.

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