Monetary Terms

Hinging on the hope that the ‘sugar mum’ would not bring Andy any harm, he had made peace with the facts that; ‘she’ might be a man, ‘she’ might be the police, and ‘she’ might just be a prank. The last ten-minute wait felt like an eternity for the person who never showed him how she looked like, the offer to be a ‘sugar boy’ was simply too good to be true.

After a whole fifteen minutes of trying to read 9GAG, a pair of grey sports shoes appeared from behind his phone (aimed downwards).



The lady in her mid-thirties donned a physique of a modern day ‘tai tai’, especially so in that white 2XU tank and black yoga pants that drew so many eyes. Carrying a small gym bag that looked empty, she quickly excused herself to the toilet to freshen up.

For the Andy who was waiting restlessly outside the ladies, had questions that surfaced so randomly in his mind but would not matter if she answered any of them. Shivering hands, awkward body languages, formed the most anxious student for his ‘orientation day’.

‘Hey! I’m done! Shall we?’


Shyness overtook his chatty online persona as he walked beside the hourglass figure of a hot wife, in a slightly crumpled white t-shirt, unintentionally highlighting the black bra underneath, combined with a tiny dark blue denim shorts to bring out her toned legs all the way down to her fine calf muscles. Those shoes she wore earlier only reminded Andy of how ‘sporty’ she could be.

A few floors of window shopping later, they settled down for a quick Korean dinner before she brought him down to the carpark where a BMW 5 Series waited. Everything that happened up to then had relaxed and opened him so much that he got a little talkative, though still paying attention to make sure she was cared for like his ‘girlfriend’.

He had unknowingly lived up to his name as her ‘sugar boy’.

(She asked) ‘Are you full? You can loosen your belt now. I’m going to start the aircon, then you can continue telling me about your exes.’

He unbuttoned his pants to free his bulging belly and arranged the rear passenger seats for her to join him, also undoing her shorts but going a step further to take them off. Her long top had provided a good cover for her now-bottomless ass, which unconsciously turned his mind loose imagining what was under it.

(He continued) ‘Yeah! So, my last ex became addicted to orgasms after I reached second base, and she would ask me to masturbate her whenever we can. We’ve tried staircases, cinemas, carparks, changing rooms. Too bad we never actually done it at home, since our parents were always home.’

‘Wow! That sounds exciting! My husband seldom touched me after we got married. Sometimes, I wonder if he is cheating on me. Like you know, he comes home late every day, and give me such a big allowance. To think I was prepared to cook and wash and be a faithful wife, he provided me with everything but a sex life.’

‘Is that why you find a sugar boy?’

‘Kinda.. But I was really unsure about it, until now.’

By then, Andy was so grateful to have made such a great friend, and would be completely fine even if he wasn’t ‘selected’. The term ‘friend-zoned’, might have been the reason she wouldn’t progress further.

(She continued) ‘So.. Do you think you can do what you did for your ex?’

As both his hands reached up her thighs for her panties, the smile on his face lightened the doubtful mood on her. The pink, lacy panties slid down her legs, off her feet, and a sensual glide of his palms up her inner thighs sent shivers up her spine. He carefully positioned her to lie on the seat while he descended into the tiny leg-space between the front passenger and back seat, paying full attention to the delicate gap between her opened legs.

First, he pulled those plump buns apart to examine them closeup, running the tips of his thumbs along the exterior to make sure they didn’t stick together. Next, he pushed his index fingertip up the moist centre to locate her clit gracefully hidden under a glimmering hood, adequately wetted for minimum resistance.

(She whispered) ‘Oh fuck! I’m super sensitive tonight.’

‘Why? Did the workout help?’

‘On top of that.. It feels like my first time.. Keep going Andy.. ‘

Her breathing got faster as he vibrated his finger on her clit, transitting to a circular massage that extended the soaked area to her outer groin, lubricating almost every nook and cranny of her complex genital. Unknown to him, she had been watching how engrossed he was as he explored her exterior, adding on to the thrill of being touched by someone almost half her age.

‘May I?’

‘May you do what?’

‘Taste you.’

‘I don’t think that’s a gooooooo.. Arghhh! FUCK!’

Andy’s mouth found its way to her pussy and had his tongue poking rapidly on her clit as he shook his head violently to her denial. Executing a move he read online, he had his tongue spell out every letter in the alphabet, barely reaching K when he suddenly felt a gush of warm liquid hitting his lower lip.

(She said while panting) ‘Andy! I’m so sorry.. I can’t stop that from happening whenever.. Arghhh! ANDY! OH GOD!’

He continued spelling up to ‘O’ before he was pushed behind his head onto her vagina, to take the second gush right in his mouth. The shot-worth of juices quickly went down his throat before she could lift him away in embarrassment, but her guilt went away when she saw how ‘quenched’ that silly boy was.

(He asked) ‘Was it good?’

(She panted) ‘I’m not going to answer that. Your turn. Sit in front of the door with your legs open.’

The cougar in her finally appeared in her gorgeous form and a position, that has her bare ass stuck out at her side of the window, put him in front of a hungry doggy. As soon as she got him seated at a comfortable distance, continuous licking at the sides of his cock calmed his mind down to a trance.

For someone who enjoys teasing, she really took her time to savour the saltiness of his shiny manhood before taking him into her mouth. As an instinct, Andy placed his hands over her head for the sole purpose of feeling ‘in control’ though he had no intention to push his ‘job’ boundaries further.

She was doing a great up using those soft lips to gently engulf him in pleasure, then put him in agony when she tightened them on her way ‘up’. By doing that, she drew so much blood into the tip that Andy could feel the heat gathering, as if his cock was about to erupt blood. Beyond that hardness, a little numbness had dampened the hyped up mood he was getting desperate for.

‘It’s ready.. Are you?’

(He asked in surprise) ‘Wait wait wait. You are ready to go all the way?’

‘Yeah well, you came all the way here for me right?’

She sat up to tie her shirt around her waist and that short rest gave him enough time to retrieve the condom he had so hopefully packed in the front compartment of his bag. Even though she had told him she was on the pill and trusted him to be D&D-free, the wise boy (or man) knew what would really put their hearts at ease.

(In her disappointing voice) ‘Fine. We’ll do with it. But remember that I won’t like it.’

‘I can promise you that we will do it without a condom at least once. Okay?’


The petite lady then climbed to the space between the front seats, and held his rubberised cock upright as she lowered herself onto him. Somehow, the idea of fucking a boy she owns turned her on so much that she let off an exasperated moan when her ass touched his groin, something that she, herself was surprised after turning slightly dry to the sight of a condom.

For Andy, the real work just began as he jabbed his hips upwards, thrusting the full length of his shaft into the sexually-deprived woman whom had brought him that far. Driving car-bouncing strokes after strokes of monstrous intensity and speed into her, he was gladly pleased to see how hard she was grasping the cushions of the seats.

At one point when he sensed her vagina closing in on him, he held her hips just as she collapsed over the gearbox, conjuring more sexual frustration out of him to keep ramming her like an overwhelmed, under-utilised, long-neglected wife. The beautiful curves from her back only added more ‘horsepower’ to his unstoppable rage.


She shoved herself (and him) down into the backseat as her back threw itself onto his chest, causing him to pick up her legs to spread it to the sides – so he could rub her.

That very last move tipped her over the edge as she came, and squirted so forcefully into his fingers cupping her swollen mound. In anger and weakness, she shut her legs together and leaned forward as she continued leaking, to take him on a ride of his life.

Bouncing wildly on his lap, she kept his knees apart to ensure maximum depth, swallowing and ejecting his cock out of his senses. In no time, Andy became the squirming, begging one as she slammed her ass onto him.


At that very moment, she lifted herself off him and did a split so she could come face-to-face with that dangerously overly-inflated cock that was about to blow. The condom was then unrolled for her to take him in the mouth again, slamming her face into his legs until his hands dug into her hair. A hard pull met an equivalent strong push (on his thighs) as his load creamed over her tongue, perfectly contained in her lower jaw as waves after waves filled her to the point she couldn’t speak.

As desperate as he was, she would just not leave him until he was done, and only removed her mouth with a continuous suck.


She made herself comfortable next him and slowly let his cum seep out of her faded (lipstick-ed) lips, smearing those precious nutrients over her face like some lotion. Andy, given how much porn he had watched, had not expected this to happen in reality.

(After she gulped) ‘Do you dare kiss me?’

‘Uh huh.’

He cupped both hands at her lower jaw to spread his cum down her neckline as his lips met hers, engaging in a tempting makeout session that could easily put them into ’round two’. Whatever finally separated the two distracted sugars apart also cleared their heads and desires, sending them on their way home without any more sex.

On the drive back to his place, he received his first monthly payment of 4k for his ’employment’ as her sugar boy, along with the agreed meet up frequency – that was basically ‘every other day unless unplanned emergency’.

Upon reaching home, did Andy check his phone after having turned it off for the two hours of his ‘work’, and saw a message from her.

‘My place will be empty for the next three weeks. I can top up to see you every day.’

Without thinking, his fingers typed and sent the following message.

‘No need for top up. I will see you tomorrow.’

Oh boy (literally), could he expect what she had planned for him.

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