After-run Shot

‘Fuck’, that very word slipped my mouth just as I fell on my knees on the asphalt running track near my house, barely finding my balance amongst the chest-crushing gasps of air. Having done the last lap of my 30-60 interval training, it was nonetheless one of the most enjoyable run especially after a drizzle.

‘Hey, you alright?’

‘Yeah. I’ll be fine.. Thanks for asking.. ‘

I could understand her concern since I was slowly laying myself flat on the ground, ready to complete my last set of static exercises that I included during each of the 60-second ‘rest’. Starting off with ‘plank’, it didn’t take a few seconds into it before I saw another jogger on the same track getting on her elbows next to me.

‘Thirty seconds’, I said, and she grunted. The seconds couldn’t pass any slower as my abdominal muscles cringed in pain, elbows eating into the rough terrain. Just as we enter the last five seconds, she groaned ‘fifteen more’ out loud.

At the end of forty-five seconds, the rest of the exercises received less than half of our initial effort, but to a satisfying conclusion.

(As she panted) ‘Wow. That was intense! Though I only did one set.’

‘I know right.. I’ll rest up a bit before heading home.’

‘How about getting a drink together? The McDonald’s here have a drive-thru.’

Although I don’t live more than ten minutes away from home, a drink sounded like the best idea then and I agreed to join her, only to spend a good ten minutes in the backseat of her car sighing to almost, every sip we took.

(She asked) ‘So have you got any abs?’

‘Haha! More like fats. I’m just glad it’s not protruding too much.’

‘More than mine?’

She lifted her tank top as soon as I completed my sentence and flashed her toned abs at me, unsure to feel inferior or glad that I didn’t look like that. To me, fitness doesn’t mean figure, but simply health.

After we got our thirst quenched, we stayed in the car while unknowingly started talking about our lives, going on to our jobs and workout routines.

‘Is it true? That.. Your dick will also grow longer when you exercise?’

(I answered) ‘I think so! Ever since I finished NS, I think it looked a little smaller.’

‘Is that why you work out?’

The ensuing grin left much to imagine though I had brushed it off as a joke, which to her, wasn’t one. Just one question, ‘can I see?’, brought her spirits up to a level that she dived straight for my trunks almost instantaneously, without waiting for a ‘no’.

In that flash of a second, my hand could only reach her neck for a hard shove, to no avail. I felt cold air (from her air-conditioning) encase my flaccid cock before her face buried deeper into my lap.

No amount of pushing would stop her from crawling her way into my legs, until a wet and warm environment took my fight away. Somehow, she sensed the relaxing fingers and slowly take my shaft deeper, to initiate an up-down treat of soul-cleansing blowjob.

‘Mmm.. Hmm.. Mmm.. ‘

Those noises kept coming as she hungrily fed off my manhood, maintaining a steady pace despite the decreasing pressure of her suction. In her on-knees, hips-raised position, I easily slipped one hand inside her running shorts to meet her pantyless pussy, all wet and ready for me to fondle.

The moment I started rubbing her clit, her tempo went awry to the point she could no longer suck on me, since she was gasping for air herself. Replacing her mouth with a hand, she couldn’t stop jerking me off with that look of ecstasy on her face.

(She whispered) ‘You can fuck me right now and I wouldn’t say no.’

‘Right now? Sure. But right here?’

I gave the door handle a hard tug and it swung open to the full view of – trees.

‘Can I fuck you with the door open?’

‘If you say so.. ‘

Her tone contained a hint of ‘adventure’ that put us into an even faster pace to swap position, since I was to doggy the brains out of her. In the narrow confines of the car (low hood), I had to bend my back over her, while she took care of my little one, specifically, to guide it ‘home’.

In the crazy, intense heat of the moment, I jabbed my impatient cock deep into her awaiting pussy, to first force a queef out. There on, it was a high-speed chase for orgasm, though she received hers just within minutes of my violent penetration.

We fucked like crazy rabbits in the small sedan, facing the nothingness of the dark forest while groaning for each other to cum. To be honest, it was unfair for her to have came so many times while getting tighter by that little.

It was ten minutes into that hot, sweaty sex before my body alerted me to exhaustion.

(As I panted) ‘Hey.. I don’t mean to spoil the mood.. But I’m cramping up.. ‘

‘Sit back down.’

I plopped my ass back onto the seat to let her take me for the last ride (she sat on her calves while my bum rested on her feet). Like a king, I laid back and enjoyed the sex-starved lady fuck the air out of herself, just as I was getting started.

In no time, under that raging, bouncing pussy, I was groaning like a trapped bear, about to blow my load into that unknown woman.


‘What? NOW?!’


She froze while at my tip at that word and carefully got off me, so casually climbing out of the car before guiding me to the edge of the seat. The spectacular view of a fit, young body squatting in front of me, shorts in a very obvious, dishevelled mess, was duly complimented by a very sensual blowjob.

My senses literally shut themselves out as I felt my cum built up in my shaft, for a powerful squirt into the safety of her mouth that instinctively swallowed shots after shots. A brief handjob got every last drop out of me and we returned to the car for a rest, the much needed one since we finished running.

(In her breathless voice) ‘Fuck.. It’s a dream come true.’

‘To have car sex?’

‘No? To find someone regular to give me my protein after each run.’

The awkward silence that followed gave me enough time to figure out what she just said, which was an informal invitation for a ‘flingship’. The drive home was as quiet since I didn’t have a non-offensive way to reply her, but that changed when the car stopped below my block.

‘Tomorrow.. 10pm?’

‘YES! Thank you! And.. Thank you.. Little one.’

A kiss on my cheeks, and ‘his’ head, ended the night on a good note, to mark the first of many to come.

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