Unconventional Education

(Distant whispering) ‘You dare meh? He will probably see us as crazy.’

‘Just asking ma. You also want to know right? He looks helpful anyway.’

‘Ok lo. You go ah?’

‘Together la!’

Despite having his earphones plugged in, Benedict had no music playing through it and could hear every word the two girls said, seemingly curious about some questions they had. As the two secondary-level-look-alike girls hesitantly walked up to him, he pulled his earpiece out in readiness to address their concerns. One by one, they took one seat each at the void deck table for four, still exchanging uncertain stares at one another.

‘Umm.. We would like to ask, if you will let us have our first look at a guy’s.. dick.’

The girl in white t-shirt and tights turned away shyly after dropping that D-word, while her friend, in grey tank and shorts bit her lips in anticipation. The minute-long silence got them so uptight that the tank-top girl started apologising about their intrusion. A little ‘tiff’ about how silly their idea was then sparked off, which actually lightened the tensed mood up a bit.

(Ben asked) ‘How did you girls even get interested in that?’

‘Her la! She showed me some porn at her place and made ourselves so curious about how it looked like. I mean, the actor’s one is so big that it looked impossible!’

(Tank girl added) ‘You really can’t show us? We can go somewhere else.’

(Shirt girl argued) ‘Cindy! Stop it! We shouldn’t disturb him anymore.’

Somehow, ‘Cindy’, got feisty about wanting to see ‘it’ so bad that she offered to ‘flash’, her seemingly flat chest. After all, they looked no older than sixteen! Adeline, spurred by her friend’s ‘point-of-no-return’ deal, got more excited convincing him to show them his man parts.

(Ben gave in) ‘Fine. But let’s go somewhere further out.’

The girls high-fived in delight and the trio began their search for a secluded place, that ended up at one of the stairwell of a newer HDB that had their stairs hidden behind a door by the lift. At the highest floor, the rooftop access became the ‘dead-end’, where no one would visit, hopefully.

Once they had settled themselves down, the girls took their seat on the steps, while he was asked to stand in front of them.

‘Can we help you take your shorts off? We want to do it slowly.’

‘Sure. But no touching.’

He was so distracted by their excitement that he didn’t realised how ‘wrong’ this whole thing was, on top of their possibly, underaged status. By the time they brought his shorts low enough to spot the trimmed groin, there was no turning back.

(Cindy asked) ‘Is it hard?’


They continued tugging his shorts downwards until a small, droopy organ was hanging from the hips, looking nothing like whatever porn they had seen earlier.

(Adeline asked) ‘How do you make it hard?’

‘I have to be turned on!’

(Girls in unity) ‘How?!’

They started their own discussion whispering into each other’s ears, before Cindy’s face glowed red. Adeline reached behind her to unhook her bra, which she (Cindy) then took it off by herself. Adeline proceeded to lift her tank top till her B cups bounced unbounded from under, preventing her top from covering them.

That very sight got him worked up and the view they had hoped for finally came into sight. Slowly, his foreskin peeled itself from the darker-pink head like the appearance of a snake emerging from a blanket wrap, finally slipping behind its ‘head’ right under the narrower ‘neck’.

‘WOW! If only we can snapchat this!’

‘Hey no! No cameras!’

(Adeline snarling) ‘CINDY! We won’t. Don’t worry.’

Being the most amazed one, Adeline brought her hand up to his testicles to give them a gentle raise, for Cindy to follow suit but around his shaft. He was trying his best not to groan when the hand started moving along his rod, making it grow even thicker and longer.

(Cindy asked excitedly) ‘Something is coming out! Is it cum?’



The girls had came so close to his dick that it made Cindy’s bare chest an easy reach for his hand, that he actually asked politely to touch them. She casually nodded as consent as they were busy exploring their first encounter, ignoring the minute tingle she felt at her nipples from his attempt to twist them into erection.

‘Ada? I think I’m getting wet.. His fingers.. ‘

Cindy flicked his hand away and returned her tank to its original position, though those perky nipples told him of her sensual progress. The embarrassed girls then asked him to sit a few steps above (behind) them, so they could see better with the warm fluorescent lights.

Throughout their mini-discovery trip, Benedict’s eyes were locked onto Cindy’s body language, which was unconsciously making her feel something. The moment she stuck her hand into her tights to pulling it out, the amount of wetness surprised the two of them.

(Adeline exclaimed) ‘You’re turned on!’

‘Oh shut up! I know!’

Cindy intentionally sat next to him so he could continue fondling her juvenile cups, before he sneaked (unrestricted) into her tights. As for Adeline who was aware but stayed quiet, she too was astonished to see what was unfolding before her eyes. Her best friend, had allowed a stranger to get into her pants!

(Cindy moaned) ‘Oh my god.. It feels so different when I do it myself!’

Her hand had unknowingly started masturbating Ben as he made more vigorous movements between her legs, so much so that Adeline was feeling a little unfair. While the two was so caught up in their mutual exchange of pleasure, Adeline had tied her hair into a ponytail, and began a series of deep breaths – to take his cock into her mouth.


The sudden attention she got made her felt so powerful that she couldn’t stop sucking on him, in untrained, or trained (by the porno) ways that pleased him nonetheless. On one hand, sat a girl with her legs wide opened for his finger to rub on, and on another, was a jealous, zealous friend who wanted his ‘love’.

Within minutes of their firsts, Adeline found herself butt naked next to Ben who was still caressing Cindy, though he had extended his ‘service’ to her as well. The girls took turns sucking him off in the well-hidden corner of the flat, while expressing sexy noises that they should never have in the next few years.

(Cindy groaned) ‘CINNN! I’M GONNA CLIMAX!’

(Adeline followed) ‘ME TOO ADA! ME TOOO.. NNGGGGHHHH!’

Cindy clamped her thighs shut over Ben’s hand at the same time Adeline frantically leaned forward to shove whoever’s bags away, clearing the path for a violent, intense stream of juice to spray into the distance. As Adeline squirted lesser and lesser, the thrashing of her body turned milder and calmer, until she was lying backwards in exhaustion.

(Benedict’s concerned voice) ‘Shit. I think I pushed her too far.’

(Cindy’s apathetic tone) ‘She will be fine. I want to finish what we started.’

The more-dominant Cindy clasped her fingers around the base of his cock which she couldn’t reach (with her mouth), and went on to suck him off again. Ben, in the midst of grunting and twitching to the improved-blowjob, had one finger on Adeline’s clit to keep her stirring and awake.

After five tiring minutes of oral sex, his impatience got the better of him and he put one hand behind Cindy’s head, pushing her deeper and further down his cock that really hit his right spots. All it took was another minute or so of subtle gagging, before he was at his wit’s end.

‘I’m cumming anytime now. Where do you want it?’

The now-sobered-up Adeline requested for it to be on Cindy’s face, out of shame to be put in that weak, unsightly, compromised position by her so-called ‘BFF’. To appease her, Cindy jerked Ben off for the final lap while seated next to Adeline, for her to admire the glorious moneyshot that coated her face in a stringy mess.

It wasn’t until Cindy started using her tongue to ‘gather’ his cum into her mouth that got Adeline so agitated, that made her lick her friend’s face to get some of that deliciousness. Of course, the taste of semen was an acquired one that somehow appealed to Cindy at her first taste, while Adeline just swallowed his cum for justice’s sake.

At the end of the weird encounter, the three walked back to where they met and the shy Adeline, asked for his number to anger Cindy. When they finally separated ways, two numbers added him to a group chat, aptly labelled ‘Void Deckers’, for the most personal, sexual AMA ever.

Looks that they will be meeting again soon, sometime after their school.

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