‘Mei! Can you help me to close the door?’

‘Yupp! Rest well!’

After getting into a beer binge with my sister and her friend, Ying, to celebrate the end of her diploma. To nobody’s surprise, my low tolerance to alcohol made me the first to be knocked out, though I was more delusional than sleepy. My younger sister helped me to the bed before she left, shutting out almost all visible lights except for the faint glow at the bottom of my door.

At that inconvenient moment, I was wide awake with the best and worst thoughts running through my mind. It was tiredness versus epiphany at the worst possible time! Some time after I was put into bed and fighting for the rights to sleep the drunkenness away, light from the opening door overwhelmed my heavy eyelids.


‘Ying here. She just concussed. Are you alright?’

‘Yeah. Just trying to fall asleep. Is she in bed?’

‘Yupp. Sleeping soundly.’

In the then-darkened bedroom, drowsiness began draining the strength from my limbs away, for the better to sleep anyway. But beyond what I can move, it was the movements of my blanket that kept me from crashing. Ying, had moved it to cover my lower body, presumably out of concern.

Yet, a hand moving under it told me otherwise, when my boxers were tugged downwards to my knees, then to my feet where it disappeared.

‘Ying? I don’t think you should do this. We’re both drunk.. ‘

‘Shhh.. ‘

Her hand fumbled its way up my leg to where my disinterested slab was, and proceeded to give it a little stimulation by relieving the cosy foreskin hiding the little pink head. There was no physical way that I could stop an erection from happening, being too weak to even verbally resist. She nonchalantly continued to stroke me until it was hard enough to hold up the blanket, which didn’t stay on me for long.

Next, the petite, thin girl carefully laid herself beside me, with that hand still working on the only responsive body part on me. Who was I to reject the advances of a girl who could still see the allure in me in this drunken state? It was shamefully, a dream come true.

(She whispered) ‘She isn’t asleep yet. She’s still drinking outside. We put something in your drink. But it isn’t her fault. I asked her to.’

What, did I just hear? Was it just my imagination? Or was there something more sinister going on? My thoughts got even fuzzier when I felt a wet, warm tongue slither around my shaft, taking that blood-filled pipe in and out of her lips with much vigour.

My head, tilted towards the door, could see a shadow blocking out most of the light the gap was supposed to let in. That tireless mouth sucking me to such hardness, had managed to clear my head in mysterious ways.

(Ying exclaimed softly) ‘gosh! you’re so hard!’

What’s left was for that girl, in her own world, to fling the sheets out of the way as she climbed over my abs, readying her pussy inches away from my dick to slide her out-of-the-world-ly vagina so slowly, teasingly, down the long, solid path.

To begin with, she was tight beyond my limits. I was barely coping with the adrenaline rush that my body was going through as she rocked her hips skilfully on mine, grinding, engulfing my overwhelmed manhood into her pussy over and over again, in her overly domineering pace.

Whimpers, grunts, weak, pleading cries, were all of the noises I could make under her rage ride. My groin had begun hurting from the unstoppable rodeo fucking my mind to oblivion. Little did she know, she had gone too far to make me cum properly, over the next foreseeable minutes.

As I recovered more and more strength from the dispersing effects of said drug they have spiked my beer with, I was crying out louder for my sister, for that figure who stood at the door, watching the rape happening on my own bed.


I summoned all the energy I had to make a sharp twist of my body, effectively throwing her at the wall to coincidentally hit her on the head as karma. I had to strength to get on my knees, but not to push those unjustifiable rage out of my head. In my fit of crazy, I rolled her onto her stomach and raised her ass slightly, for me to force my cock between those fine, moist vaginal lips of hers.


Were the last words she said before I rammed my cock all the way into her pussy, sending her crawling for the headboard of my bed. I used my body weight to hold her down as I pumped her full of my cock, over and over again in increasing speed. There was nothing for her to grab onto as I fucked her with full thrust, moving from a rear-end sex to doggystyle once I picked her ass up from the sheets.

Right then, my sister came into the room to stop me, with apologies I didn’t have the ears for. I had raised one leg of Ying to piston my cock so deep into her that she went into a trance. As I hammered her from behind, the submissive side of her showed up as a sex hungry slut, begging for me to go deeper after asking me to stop.

My sister had become her friend’s ‘nurse’ when she did what she could only do – to stay by Ying’s side and hold her hand as she was fucked out of her brains.


A powerful bump sent her face into the pillow she was moaning so desperately into, at the same time receiving the huge load that I didn’t know when would stop coming out of me. Each squeeze of my muscles that would supposedly delivery one small serving of me, rang in my head so loudly. I could feel her getting pregnant!

Just as I expended myself to fill her up, my vision went blank and I collapsed forward. That, was the end of my night.

When I finally woke up to the sunlight hitting on my curtains, Ying was still asleep next to me. The aroma of eggs, bacon, French toast, did the job of waking Ying up when my sister brought it into the room, ending all feud with her self-taught cooking skills.

(I asked) ‘Shall we get the morning-after?’

(My sister replied) ‘She has one in her bag.’

(Ying spoke softly) ‘Can I ask for some time alone with you? I want that again.. Please?’

My sister excused herself with the now-empty plates and Ying and I went on for two more rounds, one in the way that was supposed to happen last night, and the other in the manner I unconsciously did.

She now stays over every other day, using my sister as an excuse while we get the craziest, bedsheets-melting sex for as many times as we could go. Ying had made my sister our camera man.

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