First-Last Day

(Manager sneering) ‘Finally huh! Remember to return your apron after washing. I will ask them to prepare your paycheck as soon as they can.’

At long last, the two-year stint at this company came to an end, paving way for my next employment that was scheduled to start a week later. The newest staff, Shirlene, had spent most of her shift learning closely from me, although she still have a long way to go before any promotion. Being 24 and Malaysian, she was full of enthusiasm and energy that I doubt would stay that way for long.

One by one, all the staff on my last shift shook my hand before leaving, saving the ‘best’ – Shirlene, for the last. She was after all, my so-called apprentice I ‘groomed’ for every step and knowledge.

‘Any plans tonight? Party?’

‘Haha. You wish. I’m going to home to sleep for three days.’

‘Dinner? With me? I buy.’

As much as I would like to say that I was surprised, her invitation wasn’t that unexpected. Every single thing she did for the first time in the shop, I had given her green lights each time. She could well be the only one I find worthy of being ‘me’.

Over dinner, we had beer and spoke about the craziest stuff that had happened, not withholding any secrecy about where I was heading next. Time flew really fast that night and it was almost 2am when none of us could drink anymore.

It was time for that dreadfully liberating ‘goodbye’.

‘Hey. Before you go home, want to go somewhere with me? It’s not far.’

‘Yeah sure. I’m taking GRAB home anyway.’

In our drunken state, we went to this building where she used to work, and took the lift up with her access card (she didn’t return) to the closed floor of her then-office.

Singapore River, MBS, Esplanade, laid out like dominoes in a straight line. It was truly beautiful sight to behold, and even more so from her ex-pantry.

As I was caught in the dazzling array of empty streets and their neatly arranged lamps, I didn’t notice what she was doing until she helped took my bag pack off my back. In the empty office, she had daringly removed her shirt and wrapped her arms from behind. That satin-ish finish of her bra, was quite unmistakable.

(She whispered) ‘Did anyone tell you about how I felt about you?’

‘No? But I have been keeping a secret from everyone too.’

‘What is it?’


Her two hands cupping my stomach moved slowly under my shirt to caress my (fat) belly, diving conveniently into the small gap between my underwear and groin for whatever that was awaiting. To be that close to the girl I fancy, taking in her scent and feeling the softness of her skin on mine, it was so surreal.

For a few minutes, we stood there almost motionless, save for the adjustments in her hands that had snuck their way into my pants, and blindly rummaging its content. ‘Rising’ was the process she felt in the comfort of her small, nimble fingers, while I still had no idea what to do with my hands.

In time, my jeans found its way to the ground along with my boxer-brief, that tried in vain to stay around my knees. I could no longer let her be the only one to get all the fun, so I turned to her and unhooked her bra, only to get (partially) cock-blocked by her skinny jeans.

Nonetheless, she ‘helped’.

The both of us stood dangerously close to full-nudity at the full length window, sucked into the never-ending vortex of each other’s gaze. Then, her eyes fluttered that every gently, to a graceful blackout of her visual senses. My lips did the only thing that a man should when facing a lady whose eyes were closed – to carefully, steadily, give her a blow of air.

That silly move made her frown so hard that only a lip-kiss could make up for, though we ended up bursting into laughter barely two seconds in. It seemed, that whatever I did, put us in a less serious mood that got her hopping into my arms, while I fumbled around for a desk to perch her on.

My mouth, inclusive of teeth, pecked down her neck to her collarbone, where the biting started, till I reached her waist. It got her so worked up to the point she jumped off the table, and did the same to me at the window, where my ass, back were pinned againt.

She went beyond my hips and swiftly took my manhood into her mouth when I least expected her to do so, igniting an intense expression of gasping cusses. My mind, was literally blown away one piece at a time, when she executed increasingly stimulating moves, as if she had their sequence in mind.

First, it was a very, very slow entry into her mouth. Followed by a fast exit, before the same (slow) thing happened again – for at least five times. I was already groaning and begging for her to just take it inside her even before she got ‘started’. A couple of fingers then wrapped around the base of my shaft, which she jerked outwards (to her lips) so she could give me the best blowjob of my life.

In and out of her cute, pouting mouth, her face was hinting a smile as she blew me like a trombone. She had stumbled upon a perfect combo-attack that comprised of an eager mouth, skilled tongue, with some loosely wrapped fingers.

Just five minutes into Act 1, my knees were giving way to her magic, continously bombarding my weakened mind till I was sitting on the floor. There, I was bitten again on the same spots she made earlier, to make them even longer-lasting.

(I whispered loudly) ‘Hey hey hey! Let me rest for a while!’

When I saw her face rose from between my legs, the area around her mouth was covered in saliva, as if she had a sausage fest down there. The one thing I did not tell her, was how unfair I felt to be ‘misused’ like that.

Very quickly, I got up on my feet and hastily carried her bride-style to the dining table in the middle, spreading her legs as wide as its width to shove my face in her pussy. The astounded maiden fell backwards as soon as my tongue began spelling, a mindset I enforced on myself whenever I went down on a girl.

Those thin fingers of her then dug into my hair and pulled me in hard at the same time she was wincing for her life, officially confusing me with the new physical response. My turn didn’t last more than five minutes after she softly kicked me away, while her body continued twitching to a standstill.

(She exclaimed menacingly) ‘Fuck you! You made me come before you!’

‘Isn’t that how it is?’

‘No! You come here!’

The upright-seated, raging princess then grabbed my dick when I went close enough, pumping it for a few seconds before pushing, or pulling it towards her vagina. There was nothing, nothing left to say when she angrily placed her feet around my back, before tugging me inward.

I was inside.

Each throb, squeeze, was felt through my shaft as she was stuck in a half-rolled-eye state, trying to be dominant by couldn’t focus. When I made a single thrust at her pussy, the frown on her forehead disappeared for a voiceless scream. Glaring eyes locked on my stern face with each strong jerk of my hips, until she was ready to fall backwards.

I held her up with one hand as the other went around her waist, humping the edge of the table as I pounded her wet hole generating dirty, sopping noises. Vulgarity too, spilled like her native language when she reached another orgasm before me.

After she came unwillingly another time under my control, it was a straight face that I had to look into, bent on using her pelvic muscles to make me cum. To be honest, I was impressed by how she could contract and hold it in that position no matter how hard I tried to upset her momentum, in which failure meant the end of fun for me.

In that win-win competition for orgasm, I was falling on the losing end with each unforgiving thrust.

‘Shit.. I’m cumming! I’m cumming!’

‘What?! Okay! Wait wait!’

As ‘fun’ as our tryst sounded, none of us wanted to have a shotgun marriage, at least not before we had our buffet of sex. We ended up separating ourselves in a laughable, cautious manner, before she took a seat in front of me.

The more-assured, less-worried Shirlene then went down on me again, this time, taking her time to please that stick of mine with all her skills. Hand to mouth, mouth to hand, hand and mouth, the killer move came when she detected the speed bump in my breaths, going faster and maintaining the tempo until I was groaning to be relieved.

The long slide into her mouth broke the straws I was grabbing on, for an insuppressable output of cum she choked on to swallow as I kept dishing out my love potion. At the end of it, an impressionable slap on my inner thigh summed up my ‘act of giving’ to her.

Coincidentally, the last load she swallowed was also my last, causing her to lash out some frustration on the unpredictability of large servings (of cum).

At the end of it all, we went home without incident, but not before we arranged to meet at the lobby the next day, for the same destination, but different ‘package’.

Shirlene, had become my farewell present from that employment, which I would never complain about, no matter how much more was she addicted to sex than me.

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