Big Breakfast

‘Mmm.. ‘

Before my eyes were even open, a tingle in my loins was putting me back into the sleepy mood even though I was awake. Yet another morning, wake-up-blowjob, I was awakened by needlessly for my work that wouldn’t start till two in the noon.

She then pressed her lips harder around the tip where she was suckling, slowly moving down my morning wood that wouldn’t fail to rise no matter how tired I was last night. Like an unseen force was controlling my movements then, my hand glided over my widened thigh to the back of her morning head of hair, caressing gently as I would pet a cat while she’s eating.

The instant she found a tempo in the position we explored last night for our nightly sexercise, my voice changed from a growling one to a epileptic one, grunting desperately while she took more joy from my demise.

In my feeble, hoarse voice, I could only whimper ‘dear’ incessantly, only to motivate her even more. Deep, long, delayed strokes got me doing sit-ups on the bed, trying to contain my one-night-long of sexual rage. A few more of her tormenting rapid deep throats later, I had my fingers wrapped around her long, wavy brown, frilly bun.

‘Get up!’, I immediately felt a little guilty as she reacted to my demeaning instruction, sitting back on her heels obediently. In my confused, vengeful mind, I pointed to the window where blackout curtains hid our daily night ‘activities’, for her to stand.

For the umpteen times we had done our acts for none to watch, it was our first, to be taking such risk under brightening-daylight. A flick of my wrists sent the blinds apart, obscuring our vision for a few seconds that I spent to roughly lift her knees onto the ledge where we would (sit and) do our readings.

Across our naked bodies on the living room side of the block, we could clearly make out neighbours reading newspapers on their couches, children hurrying about in their uniforms, maids mopping the floor, but were all too busy to stop and look.

Just as she was distracted by how people were crazy scurrying around in the morning, I have been casually rubbing the tip of my cock on her pussy, approximating the entry point.

There! I straightened my knees to ram my erection into her and she slammed into the window out of shock. There was no doubt that someone would have seen the sudden pushing of her D cups against a clear glass, but then, the lack of fear (from her) might have hinted otherwise – that no one has spotted us, yet.

The more she tried to back away from the public performance, the harder I thrust into her. With my hands firmly gripping her waist, I was delivering the hardest, deepest strides she couldn’t help but be weakened by. Finally, she gave up resisting and fell her head onto my shoulder, letting me consume her sanity with that pillaging cock pumping so fiercely through her vaginal lips.

‘Ohh.. Fuck.. ‘, those words kept repeating themselves in a trembling voice that grew stronger and stronger, just like how she was getting tighter. In no time, she reached the point where I could no longer move, out of overwhelming sensitiveness. That was also when, she knew she got me.

An outward stroke incidentally became my last when she ‘squeezed’ me out, swiftly exchanging places but for me to sit facing the interior of the room. She naturally squatted in front of my spread feet and took me back in her mouth, letting me jerk my hips so every slightly towards her face.

While I was counting down to her big breakfast, she was creating vibrations in her lips by moaning, as she rubbed herself to orgasm.

‘Dear!’, that word, drained all of my strength as she hummed at the eruption of protein, squirting continuously into her unprepared mouth. Nonetheless, she settled down quickly and proceeded to milk me in dwindling pace, until I slumped onto the window.

‘Mmm! You can go back to sleep now!’, a hard tug of my arm threw me back into bed, while she went on with her day. After some time to lying undisturbed, she came over again and gave me a forehead kiss, that appeared too on my expended cock. Not only did she NOT stop at just a kiss down there, she actually pushed the foreskin down with her mouth to suck on it for a while!

In the end, faced with a full-blown erection for the second time, I punished her, by giving helping myself to her ‘head’ (mouth specifically) for a refill of protein. Right after she cleaned me up, the whole house turned quiet again – for me to fall back right into slumber.

Argh! The curtains! A shade over my eyes will block out the sun for now.

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