Unseen Vessel

On the second day of their staycation, Christian woke up to a blindfold being pressed over my eyes, followed by the weight of his girlfriend, Anabelle, on her abs. A quick slip of his hands confirmed that she wasn’t wearing anything, to obstruct him from giving her clit a gentle rub to start the morning off.

Shrouded in darkness, his pleasure threshold took an upwards turn when she began jerking him in an unfamiliar, non-master-hand fashion, to which was equally enjoyable to him. Very gradually, her knees moved over his arms, shoulders, and finally found their place over his head.

Frantic flicks of his tongue soon located her pussy which he feasted himself upon, still hugely empowered by her sloppy handjob. Both wrists then detected straps going over them, binding his upper body down onto the cosy, luxurious bed.

When everything came to a standstill all of a sudden, he felt her face hovering near his ear, causing his manhood to get even harder to whatever she was going to whisper.

‘Are you ready for a surprise?’

An eager nod of his head brought her lips onto his, locking themselves in a tongue fight while she continued stroking him. Everything she did up to that point, put him into the state of mind that was ready for everything – except for the warm, moist, embrace over his throbbing cock. It felt so satisfying, like a mouth, but clearly..

‘WAIT! HONEY! WAIT! Is there someone else in the room?’

‘Huh? Who?’

A gracefully downward stroke into that unidentified orifice interrupted his suspicion with a deep, soul-cleansing moan, that excited Anabelle even more. Using the few seconds he violently tried to free his wrists, she turned herself around into 69, to keep him down while restricting whatever he was about to say.

Two tongues, with two pairs of lips, licking up and down his shaft, stopped his resistance for some reason. Seeing how well he was behaving, Anabelle removed herself from his mouth so she could focus on giving him another few minutes of oral pleasure.

When things, especially his manly ego, couldn’t seem to get any worse, the shuffle of someone’s weight to both sides of his hips got him really reluctant to have any part in this unplanned mess. One hand, then held his cock upright, while a tight vagina made its appearance down his monstrosity. Only when her ass touched his groin, did he recognised it, to be hers – his now-unpredictable girlfriend.

His mood changed slightly for the better when she began riding him like the way she used to, gasping and moaning dirty words about his cock. She was getting the better of him until the unknown person stepped over his head, promptly grinding his mouth and nose with her pussy.

Although it felt smoother than his girl’s, and tasted nicer than any of the girls he ever had, he couldn’t get the absurdity of it out of his head. The girls on the other hand, seemed to be enjoying themselves thoroughly at his expense, like he was some sex doll.

After ten minutes of eating out a stranger’s pussy, he was relieved of the tongue-job forced onto him. Distinct movements then told him of the inescapable truth, that she, whoever she was, would be taking him for a ride!

Facing a tighter pussy than what he imagined to be possible, Anabelle’s attempts to console him only made things worse. He was picturing her in his mind, yet, he knew that mind-blowing vagina was NOTHING like hers! Seconds by seconds, he was forced to the edge and had to call out his warning in case the unthinkable happened.

Even for Anabelle, who have made him cum countless times in fantastical ways, couldn’t believe it.

Once the copulating couple froze in their act, he grasped the sheets tightly as she raised herself off, for yet another surprise.


That last move, was all he needed, contrary to his confident belief that he won’t, for the fifth load of their ‘sexcation’ to happen. Vigorous movements went back and forth over his restrained body, to have two mouths take turns sucking him as he creamed all over himself.

Eager drag of tongues hungrily scooped up every bit of his cum that got onto his body, leaving no patch of skin dry, especially his balls and cock. For the last act, Anabelle returned to his arms to resuming making out with him, while her friend left.

‘Are you surprised?’

‘Who is she?’


Someone whom he shouldn’t be bothered with, like his gorgeous ex (who happened to be BFF with THIS gorgeous current). That afternoon on, for another two days, it will just be them, and a luggage full of toys.

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