Three-plus Years

‘Jay. How are you heading home? Cab?’

‘Yeah. But I’m thinking of going somewhere else to rest a bit before going home. You know, my face red like this.. I don’t want my family to see this.’

‘Haha. I understand. I think that’s a good idea too.’

The rest of the group soon found their own rides back, hitchhiking someone else’s ride or leaving on their own. As for Cindy and I, we began walking towards a block of flats, the only spot that seemed quiet enough for us to compose our drunken selves.

Being the youngest staff in the import/ export company I worked at, most of the menial or strenous work were thrown to me, though I didn’t find them demanding. That said, everyone was respectful and funny to work alongside with, especially Cindy, who is three years older, assigned to guide me when I first joined.

Come think of it, she was still taking care of me even though I had learnt all of the ropes (in my job scope), dragging me along on every lunch breaks if we weren’t out running about. For a fashionable lady like her, she managed to pull off a look that made her appear younger than me, incidentally creating a ‘couple-look’ inside joke that never wore off.

As we walked across the last road to the peaceful void decks, she caught my arm in her stupor and never let go till we found a cosy corner. There, we sat quietly as she leaned her head on my shoulder, breathing heavily through her blocked nose.

In the tranquility of the moment, did I found the chance to take a long look at her, from her shiny, nourished long hair, to the caged bra that was partially exposed by her slipping cardigan, down to the leather skirt that claded her boney hips.

No one, could have guessed that she was older than me.

(She asked) ‘Are you peeping at me?’

(I answered ashamed) ‘Hey.. You’re awake? Yes I am.’

‘Haha. What’s there to look at? You into aunties ah?’

(I joked) ‘No la. You where got aunty? Still hot and young.’

‘Don’t lie.’

I turned my wandering eyes away after putting her in such uneasiness, missing out on the smitten smile in exchanging for a tighter hug of my arm. A few minutes later, a hand moving over my pants shocked me, but the sleazy expression on her face instead made me smile coyly.

No doubt she was feeling drowsy, but the semi-hard erection in my groin was her sign of attractiveness. I didn’t even notice I had a hard on.

‘You want Jie Jie to help you?’

‘No? We’re colleagues! And drunk too.’

‘Really? You are going to say that after making me wet?’

‘What did I do?’

‘You looked at me! With those eyes.. ‘

Panic set in when she tried to unzip my pants in the brightly lit void deck benches, forced me to jump out of my seat. She too, lunged up and into my arms, hugging me tight for a second before she grabbed my hand. Pulling me into the lift behind her, she forced her lips onto mine for the 30 seconds ride up to the highest floor of that block.

Like how quickly horror unfold, she had me pinned in the corner of a stairwell about three flights of stairs down, rummaging her way into my pants. In a flash, she was kissing her way down my unbuttoned work shirt, across my hips, and down to the erection her eager sensuality had ignited.

‘oh god.. ‘

I officially lost my mind when she gave me a deep throat on the first contact, wetting my manhood in the cosiness of her throat that didn’t so much gag once. That sensation where my foreskin peeled back? It felt so heavenly when that occurred in her mouth, perched on her tongue that was quick to cover that raw pink tip with some saliva.

That night, I was given the best view down the caged bra holding her volumpous C cups, a sight I bet all the male colleagues had dreamed of for the longest time. To make things even better, I met no resistance when I slipped my hand into her top, feeling up the softness of both sides to which she moaned so sensually to.

‘You’re so fucking hard! And ready.. ‘

All of a sudden, she stood up and did a little wriggle to raise her skirt to the waist, before sliding her G-string down to her knees. Oh my, isn’t that the scene every man had imagined at least once in their lives?

A swift spin placed her bum over my thick, bulging organ, grinding skilfully up and down, but moving slightly further lower each time. By the third or fourth grind, I found my cock poking painfully at her pussy, though unsure of where. All I could do was to hold my cock still, for her to adjust her hips till.. Ahhh!

Her pussy went over my cock so slowly that it felt agonising. Even for the excited her, she couldn’t put me in faster than she wanted. I could feel how wide she was stretching to simply accommodate me.

(She whispered) ‘fuck.. How can you be so big?’

The initiative lady then slapped both my hands on her waist, while she jerked her body backwards repeatedly – to fuck me. For a start, she did most of the work riding my cock to her delight, until I took over control to hump her harder and faster. Taking half a step each time, we ended up at the railing where I was thrusting my dick in its full glory into her, creating moans and groans that got so dangerously loud.

Midway through my ferocious backend ‘service’, a gush coming from between her legs sprayed through the horizontal grill onto the floors below. I couldn’t quite believe what I saw! She actually squirted!

(As she panted) ‘Arghh! How.. did you even.. managed to do that! I don’t even know.. I squirt!’

The sex resumed almost immediately once her legs stopped convulsing to the orgasm, returning our noises to mostly groans and moans. In all, we spent about fifteen minutes in hot, sweaty sex before I felt that imminent urge coming for us.



I thought I read her response wrongly when she looked all disappointed when I backed out of her, as if I was supposed to cum inside her. It wasn’t just ‘how would I know she is safe’, but more of ‘I wouldn’t even if she said it’s safe’. Then, I was brought back to the wall where she went down on me, for her to grind her ass against my exploding dick again.

Perhaps, she wanted me to cream her ass?

Within seconds, a hand appearing from under her pussy slipped me right back into her love hole, replaying the scene of our first penetration all over again. She went straight back to fucking me in standing doggy!


I instinctively grabbed her waist and slammed her down onto my erupting volcano, using the soothing, rhythmic clenches of her vaginal walls to vacuum every burst of cum out until there was nothing left.

Before we ‘disconnected’ she had her panties ready at her groin, in time to ‘trap/ keep/ contain’ all my man-juice in her nether region. As I got dressed in the same corner we traded plasure, she was tasting my cum that seeped through her G-string.

‘I should have swallowed it. Next time k?’

‘Next time?’

As we made our way to the nearest main road for our cab (same direction) home, she kept whispering compliments on my size. When we reached her place (first), I was once again dragged out of the car to the dumbfoundedness of the driver.

For a night of crazy, quiet sex in her rented room till the wee morning of Saturday, which we had no reason to stop since none of us were required to work.

Fuck (that’s) my job.

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