Daddy’s Love




Lying on the bed in front of him was his sugar baby, the one he had spent weeks talking to, assessing her potential for someone being able to keep secrets, be discreet, and provide more company than sex. Over their brief encounter (online), she has proven herself to be up-to-date about current affairs, in more fields than he required her to know.

Dressed in a black, see-through dress that was designed only for closed-door activities, she had spiced up his mood with a mardi gras mask that obscured her eyes. His keycard, was more than enough for her to know that he IS the one she had been talking to.

After he made away with all his clothes, ‘Jason’, an alias he used to hide his identity, climbed into bed like a tiger, holding himself up above the seductive contours of the young, nineteen year old.

Before he even touched her, her hands had found their way to his growing loin, twerking erratically to the sight of this wonderful introduction. Long, graceful strokes up and down his shaft, made him the one who was restrained by excitement.

‘Let’s put you on the bed. I’m going to make out with him first.’

They exchanged places in seconds and his eyes were given a treat to the luscious lips gliding down his shaft, blowing his mind into pieces along the way. Using the tip of her tongue, she made sure she took too long circling around the head of his cock, a size she could barely wrap her fingers around.

Beauty, versus beast.

Very lovingly, she displayed every trick she knew up her sleeves, from licking the sides, tasting every corner, teasing each sensitive part, to jerking him till she pushed him to the edge. All that, was exactly what he would be paying for, even without her seeing a single inch of his body.

‘Are you ready for the home run?’


The sweet, thoughtful, young girl then got into the missionary position with his help and let him tower over her, guiding his exasperated manhood right into the heavenly gateway of her pussy. At the start, she was squirming quite a fair bit due to pain, seemingly normal when a forty-five year old man penetrated a nineteen.

Her suffering ended once he started sliding his cock easily into her lubricated pleasure hole, each thrust getting more vigorous when she got crazily wet. The duo was literally going all out in that single position, though her legs were held in numerous angles.

With both legs spreading eagle, she was screaming for her life. With one leg in the air, he was grunting like a bear. With both knees up against her chest, they, were begging for each other to go easy. Her dress had gotten so dishevelled by the time they moved to an empty wall, that he simply ripped them apart for the sake of comfort.

Held against the wall with her hands wrapped around his neck, he kept both her knees over his arms as he swung his hips onto hers. She was back to screaming for him to be gentle when he had accidentally found her G-spot, and continously hit that spot.

In mere minutes, she was drifting in and out of consciousness from the bombardment of sex, occasionally smiling weakly to assure him of her enjoyment.

As for Jason, he had been pushing her pelvis together for an explosive ending.

‘Ashie.. It’s ending.. Where would you.. ‘

‘Where WOULD you?’


‘We can get the morning after, then the pill, just for you.’

He carefully placed her back onto the floor, so he could bend her over the bed, and claim his ‘sugar’ in doggy. Just as he pounded her from behind with his last remaining burst of strength, he flipped her mask off, still yet to see how she really looked like.

He already had given her figure 10 out of 10, so how would her face disappoint him right? Both of them made their last grasps for the bedsheets as he unleashed his pent up sexual rage into her pussy, slamming her so hard the bed would move if it was any lighter.

In the minute of violent, forceful, merciless, to-the-moon-and-back spat of sexual expression, he hugged her tightly from behind as his soldiers broke into the house of womanhood, flooding her to the point excess leaked out like a broken tap.

‘Good, huh?’

‘Yeah.. Shit.. ‘

He was deaf to that ‘S’ word until he finally caught his breath, only to see her running (back facing him) into the toilet. Soft sobbing sounds then came from within, after loud pee-splashes were heard.

Peeping into the bathroom to see what she was up to, her long hair had still kept him from seeing her face.

‘Ashlyn? Are you.. ‘


Horror flushed the blood out of his retracting erection when she raised her head to look at him. It was..

His own daughter.

‘I recognised the scar on your arm. I gave it to you!’

The three-inches long scar, that never went away, meant a huge deal to him since it was ‘given’ to him by his little girl, when she played with a kitchen knife. Instead of scolding her, he only loved her harder, so much harder than her mum.

(Jason saying) ‘I’m sorry dear.. I shouldn’t have done this.. ‘

‘NO! It’s me! You have done everything you can for the family. And I wouldn’t rat you out even if I know you did this. It’s me! I disappointed you!’

As tears built up in the burly man of the house, she ran into his arms to stop him from being sorry for what she has done. That night, they spent the night consoling each other, after he made up a cover story they would tell everyone who might ask.

Being the man of the house, he stayed awake until his girl was asleep, before crashing on the other side of the bed. Halfway though the night, the guilt-filled poly student then spooned him for comfort, only to have her hand wriggle into her dad’s pants to repay him for all the sacrifices he had made for the family.

It was still, morning after, then the pill, for the secret that would get bigger once they realised how much they wanted each other (after that night). The only difference, would be that they could now do it in their own house.

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