Love Haven

‘Did you enjoy yourself today? Dinner was good right?’

‘Yeah! It was tiring, but the night ended perfect.’

‘Well, not so perfect yet.’

‘What do you mean?’

The grip on the hems of her black, bodycon dress pointed me in the right direction when she continued lifting them up, until her gorgeous D cups were in full view. For someone who felt awkward for their size on her small body, even she knew that they were exactly what men would die for. As for me, the lucky one, she was beginning to undress my pants as I held her face against mine, resuming the make out sessions we reluctantly broke away from before we left my place.



She disappeared out of my sight like falling curtains, for her ultimatum execution of an orally-induced massage on my rising pole. Having a standing blowjob, had been one of my most desired fetish ever since she allowed me to ‘guide’ her mouth in the direction of my cock to unload – for too many occasions. How could one not feel powerful and lusted for in this position right?

‘Hey hey hey!’

I yelled out as she focused all her attention on the head of my cock, sucking so hard, flicking so rapidly at the tip, that I would lose my balance. Right after that short torture, a sudden glide down my shaft would relieve all of my agony, only to have to repeat itself for as many times as she needed to get me to her ‘ideal’ size.

The moment she switched to her hand, those delightful eyes stared at me with such anticipation.

‘How would you like to do it tonight?’

‘Why don’t you choose? You’ve made my day perfect. You can dominate the night.’

‘You choose!’

‘Like pornstars.’

‘Huh? That’s new.’

I opened up her laptop that was on the coffee table and fired up PhotoBooth, to start recording immediately. Going over to my backpack, I took out my GoPro, set it up on the low table between the sofa and armchair, and placed my mirrorless DSLR on the shoe cabinet on the other side.

‘Right.. With cameras. Can I take over from here?’

‘Go ahead.’

She excitedly led me over to the couch, made me sit with my legs wide open, and took her place on the floor in front of her laptop. There, I went through another roller coaster ride of desperate, toes-curling pleas for forgiveness as she worked her lips on my little one again, ‘performing’ with more enthusiasm than I could handle.

Deep, long strokes that put me right in the back of her throat drove me really wild and loud, overwhelming me with sensitivity I had no outlet for. At her fastest and most violent face-shoves into my groin, I couldn’t contain my frustration any longer and.. Held her head so I could mouth-fuck her for a little while.

(As she panted) ‘Was that good? Baby? Are you too weak to answer me?’

‘Yes.. Good.. And weak.. I can’t open my eyes anymore.’


A careful tug of my feet placed me slightly lower on the wide sofa, enough for the camera to capture the part where she lowered her pussy, that she spread with her index and middle finger, over my overly-stimulated cock. Instantly, I held onto her waist in hopes to slow her down but it was really futile, when it comes to her being ‘on top’.

Very energetically, she started bouncing on my hips as hard as she could, rocking back and forth in sensual moans she blew into my ears. Hard, sucking bites landed all over my chest as she transferred her rage into hickies, getting me angrier and hornier with each passing second.

How was I supposed to explain them to whoever might see them?!


A twist of my hips flung her onto the space next to me, before I ushered her to stand in front of her Mac, facing it. As soon as I moved my ass to the edge of the couch where it was lit by the monitor, TV, and overhead downlights, I yanked her hips downward over my cock.

The few seconds it took to put me back inside her was nothing, compared to the embarrassing expressions she gave to the laptop when I jerked my cock upwards into her. Soundless moans, cringing faces, tight clenching on my knees, were all recorded as I took my revenge out on her.

After I had my fun seeing her pushed to such limits, I made her stand with her feet wide apart, while I jammed my cock into her in standing doggy. Of course, the front facing camera was tilted slightly so she could still see herself, getting pounded from behind like the wife she was going to be.

In that very position, I kept going till I could no longer hold it in, for an ending we had settled on after agreeing on ‘no more creampies’, at least not until we were ready to have kids.

Lying comfortably on my back (on the couch), she sat between my legs and placed her mouth over the tip, ready for me to bring her ‘supper’. As usual, I held the back of her head with one hand, and pumped at her mouth. Besides the times her face was brought downward to my groin, it was mostly the same thing I felt, the building sensation of a pleasurable moment to the both of us.

‘Here it comes baby!’

A playful push of her head sent her resisting, just in time for the huge load to flood her mouth. I came so much that she had to swallow multiple times, until there was nothing left, not even a bit of my soul.

The caring girlfriend then sat next to me as I fell weak, massaging my shoulders while taking occasional sips at the leftovers oozing out of my flaccid dick.

That night, after she brought me into the bedroom, she blatantly help herself to my cock. More specifically, slept with me inside her. Just imagine my morning wood waking her up for a brief ride before she had ‘breakfast’ from me again – six hours apart.

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