Company Benefits

Halfway through my deep sleep induced by heavy drinking, the hand fumbling its way into my shorts jolted me wide awake in less than a second. Having drank one too many beers earlier, Paul and I had crashed in this boys-assigned room without turning off the lights. Now that my eyes were staring hard at Ying, the Taiwanese whose PR status just got approved, I couldn’t believe how crazy she could get when she got drunk.

To be fair, she was the hot, proportionately petite, at the same time cute, girl that we never understood why she chose to work in the grueling F&B industry. After working with her for a long time, none of us (guys) could find any traits that we didn’t want in a wife.

In short, she IS the dream girl.

(Ying hushed) ‘Shhh.. ‘

(I whispered loudly) ‘What shhh! Paul is just there!’

‘No he’s not?’

A quick pat on his side of the bed showed up empty, but I understood why we had to keep quiet. Because our bosses (married couple) were in a room right across us. Still!

When she saw how much more relaxed I was, she stood up for me to admire the white, body-hugging t-shirt she wore under cardigan earlier, and the washed, grey denim skirt. Before I knew it, she began stripping her bottoms off as she did a little ‘snake-dance’. That bare, well-shaved groin really got my curiosity when I saw it, although I should be more embaraased.

That half-naked girl then climbed onto the bed unglamorously, spreading her legs to place them over my head, so I could be pressured into licking her pussy when she lowered her hips onto my face.

A test-flick of my tongue instantly launched her forward onto my exposed cock, coincidentally launching a frenzied attack on each other’s genitalia. The very first thing I felt through my cock was her gagging throat, blasting pleasure across my body as my mouth reciprocated with faster licks, channeling her enthusiasm into pure lust.

Every minute we spent in 69, she got wetter and louder. As for me, I couldn’t tell much besides having my mind overwhelmed by how long she could hold her face in my groin. I had to consciously force my legs to unfold themselves when I crossed them over her head (to mouthfuck her).

She too, couldn’t be more glad when I stopped her for a break. Things didn’t just end there even though we took a while to compose ourselves. As creaking noises starting coming from the rooms opposite and next to us, she was making herself comfortable in the centre of the bed.

As a guy, wouldn’t I know what I should do next? Onto my knees I went on top of her and I helped myself to her ‘doorstep’, listening to her deep breathes carefully to bring her home. When I sensed her calming down, I pushed my hips forward and the first few inches slid easily into her.

When I began to carefully jerk more length into her, it was a tighter end that kept me from going all the way. Like two fingers clamping together, there was a gap of some kind I knew I had to break into.

‘cav.. I’m gonna cum.. I think.. It’s like there but not there.. I feel like peeing!’

‘Do you trust me?’


I brought myself back upright (still inside her) and held onto her waist, slowly tugging her downward at me while I squeezed through that gap. The instant it plopped open, she clenched her fists on my wrists with a constipated look, before her eyes opened wide for an orgasmic event.

I only had to go all the way into her to cause her to unleash silent screams, emitting a hoarse groan that was still considered ‘shhh’. It seemed that, I had officially unlocked her door.

Thrusting through that second entrance again, I realised how painfully-sensitive my little head was feeling. It was my cue, subdued by pain. And the catch? Every stroke lessened the ache for more pleasure.

The time came when I could no longer contain my frustration, releasing my Kraken to give her a good pounding before the show came to an end. With us coming such a long way in this One position, that was how our night would end too.

She had begun rubbing her clit as I fucked her senseless!


Having long past the point-of-no-return, I pulled myself out of her abruptly and sprayed my load onto her smooth pussy, right up to her belly button. I just kept squirting until everything was out.

The drowsy, exhausted girl could barely move when I collapsed next to her, lying on my side to appreciate this beauty, while she dabbed her fingers on my cum – for tasting.

Licks after licks, she cleaned herself out of my cum, in full view of my impressed face. When I was close to falling asleep, she recovered enough strength, to clean me up with her last wave of energy.

So, none of us slept in our rooms that night. And our bosses couldn’t be more confused/ happy with our own unwarranted bonding activity.

That is truly the limit to good company welfare.

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