At 5pm, I arrived at Jack’s three-room flat, to properly introduce myself since I have been assigned his investing account to manage. One reason that I got this particular account was due to the difficulty everyone else faced when working with him. But call it luck or fate, he IS a multimillionaire staying in a humble apartment.

‘Make yourself comfortable. I’ll get Eva to bring you a drink.’

In the presence of a man of such mystery, I dare not reject his offer (for a drink) and sat awkwardly on the old, cracked-leather couch, awaiting whoever was supposed to serve me.

After he called out ‘Eva’ loudly, a girl, looking in her twenties, came out of a room in just a night dress, the see-through type. As she went on her task in the kitchen, Jack quietly flipped through my profile as provided by the company, aptly labeled ‘For intended personnel only’.

In it, was the data gathered by my company, of which most of them were considered classified to even myself. Within a minute of him flipping through the pages, a smile broke across his face.

‘Better than the previous. Much more suitable in a twisted way.’

I wondered, what did he exactly read that led him to say that. The glass of orange juice then reached my hand and she joined us on the adjacent armchair. A few more silent minutes of reading later, he packed the document into the manila envelope before feeding it into shredder next to his side of the couch.

Up to that point in time, we haven’t spoken a word more than me giving him my name.

‘I know what you do in your free time. You enjoy writing?’

Hell no. Were they even allowed to disclose something I didn’t even tell them?

‘Yes. It helps keep my mind clear, so I can remain focused in what I do.’

‘Well said. Just for that, I will increase my funding by another million. Remember to bring the forms on your next visit.’

My mind just went ‘wow!’ to the tune of easy money, specificially, 20k, as my commission. How could anyone find him ‘difficult’ to work with?

‘I’m glad you like what you read, whatever it is.’

There was no way I could contain my excited smirk that actually pleased him even further. He was making himself really comfortable in his seat.

‘Eva, ears and tail.’

Tail? It didn’t matter. 20K was effectively enough for me to even wash his underwear for him. Remember, I just started out in this private banking industry, hinging on my ‘people-skill’ I listed as one of my ‘traits’.

There was still no conversation going on throughout the whole time Eva went into her room, and came out wearing a cat headband and, a tail swaying behind her. No, it wasn’t a puppy or cat following her. It was attached to somewhere behind her.

‘I’ve had her for close to 3 months now. I still can’t get used to that baby face and her slowness. She simply don’t have any initiative.’

.. I was at a loss for thoughts, let alone words. How does ‘had her’ work? Was it just how he describe his young wife? That ‘baby face’ he said was in fact gorgeous!

‘Go help Johnson.’

(She replied softly) ‘How?’


Wait! Was it his fetish for men that no one wanted to work with him? I had so many questions in my mind, that was slowly killing me from inside as she unbuttoned my shirt.

‘Umm.. Jack.. don’t mind me being frank but I don’t expect anything more than your interest in my serivices.’

‘What? You can’t accept a pussy as a gift? I’m paying for most of her living expenses anyway. If she can’t please me, I won’t hesitate to give someone else that honour. Get what I mean?’

‘Yes, I do’, I murmured as I understood what he meant, that he could give his millions to someone else if I can’t meet his demand. ‘A pussy’ relieved my doubts a little, though it still felt wrong to be fucking someone else’s wife.

Soon, my trousers were off and she was just waiting on her knees between my feet motionlessly, looking as clueless as I were.

‘URGH! Do you know how to please a man?’

‘I can try.’

‘Don’t piss me off now. Suck his cock, then fuck him.’

Her mouth went straight over my confused, still-small cock to suck it like a pacifier, until I was flinching with ecstacy. The whole time, she paid maximum attention to my dick as she licked it up and down with her cute little tongue, never once lifting her head to so much peep at me. That enthusiasm, somehow disturbed me to why could she be so motivated.

When I saw how she wriggled her plugged ass over her legs, I realised that she was actually teasing herself with that butt plug, making minute motion that turned her on. Ten minutes of tireless blowjob later, she turned around to the coffee table and stuck her ass out at me.

‘Go on! Make it a good one and I’ll consider putting another few Ks into my account.’

Immediately, I slid my ass to the edge of the couch and lifted that furry tail upwards, accidentally causing her to nudge the table a little. In no time, I found her rear entrance and proceeded to pierce right through, using that anal toy to make her squirm and moan for Jack’s delight.

I truly felt like a porn star then.

Thrusting my fat cock in and out of her relentlessly, I slowly rose to my feet, bringing her into a standing doggy position. Both her hands were held tightly in my fists, acting as bridle that I could tug against to pull her real deep down my cock.

Jack, was just laughing and cheering me on to go even wilder on her. There was basically no limits to what I could do to her! In a swop, I fell back onto the couch with my cock still inside her and promptly bounced her up and down as I jerked my hips vertically.

Her ‘owner’ only got more excited when he saw how she lost control to both her voice and limbs during my violent penetration. Eva, was getting thrown around as a sex doll.

‘Cum inside her! For 5k!’



To finish the whole act with flare, I placed her on her knees on the couch, raised on leg to the headrest to make sure he could see her unnaturally smooth pussy. My next entry into her was to be the last, as I pounded her to louder-than-ever screams and erratic convulsions shooting through her body.

When pee started dribbling down her long, fair leg, claps ensued. Her hair wrapped around one of my hand had prevented her from ever falling forward onto my money tree. That, was the end of the show.

I reached around for her pussy with free hand to give her a boost of lust, while I panted louder and heavier to my orgasm.


A strong jab that almost caused her to tip over plunged my cock so far up her vagina, for the perfect depth to deposit my cum that couldn’t stop spraying out of my dick. Everything was going into her, if not, sucked into her with her clenching vaginal walls.

At the two-minute mark after I came, both of us fell onto the couch, on my lap, exhausted beyond words. I had turned into HIS boy toy with just 120 dollars.

‘Woohoo! I love that show! Here are the keys to this place, and she’s yours to keep as long as you are managing my account.’

With that, he picked up another set of keys on the edge of the table before leaving the house. Ten minutes later, a revving car was then heard leaving the carpark.

‘What do you want me to do now?’

‘Prepare the bed I’m sleeping on?’

‘There’s only one bed here. And I like you better than him.’

Over some wine and continuous, mutual petting, she portrayed a much more intelligent side of herself to me. She was a partner that most matured men would find themselves comfortable to marry!

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