Sexual Events

Walking through the beautiful private houses in the estate, I couldn’t help but wonder what was so ‘illegally good’ that I had to be reached on a masked number on WhatsApp, be fetched, drove, to the ‘destination’ where I had to be led on foot to the ‘utopia’ the contact claimed.

The person who picked me up, was a man in his early twenties, seemingly not much younger than me, casually dressed in t-shirt and shorts, which I recognised the brands to be ‘branded’ stuff.

After ten minutes of wandering through the unaffordable rows of houses, I found myself in front of yet-another mansion, where I could spot a people sipping from wine glasses and chatting. Beyond that, the rest of the windows were dimly lit.

‘Okay. Once you step in, I will introduce you as who you are, Jhae, of your erotica site. Then.. we’ll see where it goes.’

‘Umm.. okay?’

How was I, an average Joe, writing sex for a hobby, to even expect what was going to happen? I entered the house after taking my slippers off (as instructed, to be in casuals), and stood listless behind X, as he gave them my credientials. Within minutes after the sparse applause ended, a few men and women came up to me to shake hands, and that was where ‘we’ll see where it goes’ came.

On a side note, majority of the crowd were Asians, despite being clearly from elsewhere but Singapore. I could see only about five Caucasians amongst them.

A group of two ladies and one man then came up to me with obviously more knowledge of my works, before one of the ladies, a mix-blood Chinese, led me to the bar.

‘I have been reading your stories since years ago! It took me a while to locate your new site, but I know I couldn’t be disappointed.’

The less-social me started talking about my site, the few topics I was confident (and proud) to touch on. A few others came and went as we delved into subjects like how sex influenced current behavioral changes, censorship, sexism, mostly intellectual and touchy.

Whatever this gathering was, it felt like home. Everyone was open minded, though many people I recognised earlier had disappeared. By the time I realised my head was spinning from the champange, it was eleven.

(Mabel asked) ‘You alright? I’m as high as you you know?’

We laughed that comparison off and it was time to leave, or so I thought. Apparently, there ARE ‘rest rooms’ where guests are allowed to take a break in, like a motel for drunkards. She led my tipsy self up two flight of stairs, and held my hand through the closed doors with unmistakable noises – of sex.

It didn’t seem too far fetched then, to believe that I was invited to a ‘speed sex’ event, where participants get to know one another downstairs, before heading up for more intimate bonding.

The room we ended up in, was the last one on the floor without a sock on the handle. For that, a grey-coloured sock lying on the bed was provided.

‘Woah! Hang on there. I don’t know if I am ready for this. I didn’t expect this.. ‘

‘Neither did I. I only knew about the accommodation arrangements when I was briefed at the doorstep. This? is apparently reserved for guys like you.’

A shove on my chest dropped me like a dead fly on the bed, but the view of her stripping that off-shoulder t-shirt and tiny shorts didn’t exactly kept me ‘dead’. I was slowly, lazily, twisting out of my shorts.

Her timely assistance came when I was down to my underwear, which she pulled off just to give my little one a five-second tease with her sly tongue.

‘Are you still not ready?’

‘He clearly is.’

The erection popping out of its foreskin gave my ‘strong willed persistence’ away, simply to get another few seconds of her attention. A graceful wrap of her fingers around my member pleased its dying need in full view of me, followed by a sensual crawl over my body.

The mix of Australian-Chinese heritage gave her a set of lips so tantalising, irresistible NOT to kiss, apart from the pair of perky, self-supporting cups mounted on her athletic frame. Her nipples were constantly sending shivers across my naked chest.

(She whispered) ‘Big.. ‘

The sloppy handjob came to an end when I felt a soft, moist surface rub against the tip, freeing her hand to hold herself over me. Continuing to grind her pussy along my shaft, I was getting more worked up with each passing second.

‘Fuck this.’

‘Not me?’

A grin flashed on her face as I flipped ourselves over, switching laterals for the next part. We playfully slithered to the centre of the bed where she spread her legs to put me between them, and higher-power gave me the luck to slide it in in one push.

‘GOSH! shit.. sorry!’

The petite girl had the one of the wettest pussy I have ever been in, on top of the appropriately loose interior I felt victim to. In crude words, there was no way I was moving out of her.

She was indeed heavenly inside out.

‘Fuck me already.’

And I did, by arching my hips to just move my cock in and out of her, maintaining a stable head to keep our lips locked. It was also then the room next to us began screaming too loudly.

Midway that mind-blowing sex, I realised how fast I was losing control. So, I slowed down, and kept a steady, slower-than-ideal tempo. It took her just three minutes of that torture to begin begging me to go faster, only to cause the opposite effect.

I could sense her getting tighter with each stroke, and I admit, that it was impossible not to lose myself in that. After another one minute, I was going all out on her, so afraid to cum too soon in front of that once-in-a-lifetime beauty.

Fuck stamina, that was the first time I wished I could last forever. She had been rubbing her clit somewhere in between my speed increase, and was making faces to show that she was waiting for me.

As life has intended for good things, I was biting my teeth in vain to the inevitable.

‘I’m cumming.. ‘

‘Together then.’

‘I.. can’t move anymore.’

Her legs then slapped themselves around my waist and yanked me into her deeply, for me to instinctively retract out of her. That motion repeated itself at least five times before I collapsed on top of her warm powdered skin, butt twitching to the home run explosion that filled her up with my semen.

Her rapid rubbing of her clit came to a stop at that moment I started creaming her, triggering a gentle and feminine tremble that signified her orgasm.

It was beautiful. She is beautiful.

‘Would you like to sleep?’

‘Here? Are we allowed to?’

‘What if I told you that this is my place?’

Truth be told, I couldn’t move (for the next few minutes) even if I wanted to. It was so easy to fall asleep in her mesmerising scent.

Though it wasn’t easy waking up to her erotic blowjob on my morning wood.

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