(Her text) ‘Hi Mr. K! I am Vivi, the trainee under your friend Evan. Remember me?’

‘Hi. Yes I do. What can I do for you?’

‘Well, I am wondering if we can meet. I want to practise the pitch I learnt from my manager. Are you free today?’

Short story shorter, she happened to chat Ryan up on his unannounced rest (working) day, which he didn’t mind bringing an additional guest to the bar he frequent, at his usual table in a quiet corner.

At around 7pm, Vivi showed up in a body-hugging white blouse and black flare skirt, which was definitely beneficial for someone of her physique, and in her line of work. Like a newbie, she jumped straight into topic and effortlessly ruined his evening, to which she could evidently tell from his disinterest.

‘Has Evan ever told you about high-networth clients? Like how to initiate a working relationship, mix-and-mingle kind of skills?’

‘Umm.. yes.. he.. I’m doing it wrong right?’

‘Exactly. Let’s just take it as a lesson learnt, and try it again another time. For today, why don’t you just have a drink and relax?’

Ryan, was obviously done with her proposal and no longer wanted to hear anything about it. So, the guilt-filled Vivi held onto her drink and sipped the night away, until he shut his eyes.

‘Mr. K? Did I ruin your night?’

‘A little. Does Evan know that you are meeting me?’

‘Umm.. no.’

‘What’s your true intention of meeting me?’

‘I wanted to close a sale before my training is up.’


With that snicker, he opened his eyes, emptied his glass of whiskey and waved for the bill. In a few short minutes, he was on his way out with Vivi chasing after him, to a dustbin where he had a cigarette.

‘Mr. K, you won’t tell Evan about this meeting right?’

‘I won’t. But if he asks.. I won’t lie to him.’

‘Huh! Can you.. please don’t tell him?’

‘I’ll try.’

Spending the next few minutes in silence, he took off once again for his car. The hopeless Vivi then invaded his Maserati at the same time he got on, still hoping to redeem herself.

(Ryan sighed) ‘Look. Tonight is over. Go home and have a good rest. We will meet again. I’ll give you that. What are you doing?!’

In a flash, she had pulled her white top off and was halfway removing her panties when Ryan suddenly pulled her head down, over his crotch. Thinking that he was into such things, Vivi proceeded to unzip his pants as he spoke in a stern voice.

‘Don’t. Ever. Do that again. Not everyone drives a car like mine, and you definitely cannot afford the damage to my reputation if someone sees you doing what you did. Understand?’

‘Mmm.. ‘

Her reply came at the same time she filled her mouth with his cock, growing rapidly to its full size in the comfort of her face. Since she had planned to go all the way, she continued sucking him as he sped off, driving as steadily as he could so as not to interrupt the roadhead he was getting.

For the whole time, Vivi didn’t stop for one moment, since she knew what was at risk if someone of his status, hurt her. When the car finally came to a stop, she was hastily ushered into the back where he flipped her skirt up, and plunged his saliva-covered cock mercilessly into her expecting pussy.

Like the healthy, fit, young man he was, Vivi was completely overpowered by his rhythmic thrusts, scrambling her vagina before her body got used to his size. Her nipples too, weren’t spared as he massaged them forcefully, multiplying her arousal to a state she couldn’t handle.

As fast as the millionaire could go, he was ‘deep’ as well. Whenever he slowed down, or stopped moving entirely, her pussy was still agitated. The seconds-long break was barely sufficient for her to catch her breaths, let alone recover from the soreness his six-inch monster caused.

‘Turn over.’

At the speed she rolled over onto her back, it was apparent that she treated those two, simple words like a command, which reinforced her inferiority to a man like him. Pounding her lifeless in missionary, she found herself caught between the realms of darkness, and semi-consciousness, as orgasms depleted all sense of pride in her.


Pulling his cock out at the same second he blurted the warning, she was instantly sobered by the void. By the time he was seated upright across her, Vivi had picked herself up, and remained on her knees (on the seat), like he had some sort of power over her.

(Ryan asked) ‘Are you ready to go?’

Obediently, she leaned forward onto her hands and let her lips split around his cock, garnering an exasperated sigh as his body sank into the leather. That was, perhaps the time Vivi felt relieved, at her attempt to salvage her mistake.

When he placed his hands over her head, she just relaxed her neck and let him bounce her as fast, and as deep as he wanted. Even though she gagged a little, he was mostly gentle with her mouth.

At last, he sprayed his million-dollar load into her mouth and watched her swallow it, before he would even take his eyes away from her. There was, after all, a small chance that she might impregnate herself with his sperm.

*Phone ringing*

(Ryan answered) ‘Hello? ..Now? I’m just.. not convenient. ..Huh~ wouldn’t you know best. Sure. I’ll meet you, but we’re not going to do it. Deal? ..Fine. See you soon.’

(Ryan turned to Vivi) ‘I’m going to meet someone now. I’ll drop you off somewhere. Please get dressed.’

On the way to his next destination, Vivi learnt that there were, unsurprisingly, other girls like her. Apart from those who were financially involved with him, there were a few who simply enjoyed his company.

(Ryan asked) ‘So, you should decide how you want me to invest. In dollar and cents? Or sweat, and cum.’

The following morning, Vivi went got a contraceptive implant at a clinic, and paid Ryan a visit at his office. The exact venue where they really connected, was in his private, executive toilet. Little more than the medical receipt, was all it took to convince him of her sincerity, to be whoever he wanted her to be.

Like many things unfair, Vivi only kept her job because of (a few) single large contracts, belonging to people like Ryan. Well, who is stopping her from going deeper down the rabbit hole if she is already in one?

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