Common Interest

‘Ok! For our next game, all the guys must be blindfolded. No excuse!’

Smirking at the silliness of their whatever, so-called ‘game’, I leaned back on the sofa and let Luna, one of my younger sister’s friend, put a blindfold over my eyes. Thinking back to that night, it was the first time Jiaqi’s friends, along with their plus ones, whom were all ‘coincidentally’, male.

Thankfully, in the crowded room of eight people, it was really the guys who made it bearable for me. Combine wine, liqour and new faces, I didn’t stay awkward for too long. After about half an hour of small-talk, all of us were finally called together, to participate in the first group-activity.

Once blindfolded, we were told to sit still, during which footsteps could be heard shuffling around me.

(Girl’s voice) ‘Ok? Picked your partner?’

The girls answered positively and we were given our next instruction, to put our hands behind our heads, and remain as still as we could. My body immediately readied itself to be tickled, except that it was a gentle pair of hands that I felt at my waist, going under my shirt to then slide over my chest.

Suddenly, a pair of lips went over mine and it gradually turned into deep, slithering French kissing, while my jeans and underwear were removed from my feet. The silence, only filled with sighs, moans and gasps, was clearly one of shyness, given how no one dared to utter a word.

Within minutes, I was naked waist down, and the lips that were on mine, had moved down to my cock that was rising to its calling. As much as I wanted to see this madness, it was probably a better idea to retain some sort of plausible deniability.

Sloppy, slurping noises started coming from both sides as I felt my cock entering a warm orifice, both warm, and wet, with a tongue to tease the underside. It didn’t take long before the surround-audio got dirtier, especially at the pace some of us guys were groaning.

Needless to say, I was guilty of that when she picked up speed, sinking my cock so far down her throat that I could feel a slight tremor whenever she paused balls-deep. It was her skilful use of hands, with the rhythmic blowjob that really threw me off into a frenzy of grunts, which certainly claimed some giggles.

(Girl’s voice) ‘PSSST!’

When all of us took a loud, deep breath together, I knew that it was a call for their (the girls’) attention, which explained the abrupt end to the blowjob I was greatly enjoying. In a few seconds, things sort of ‘resumed’, in the manner of a distracted handjob.

Little did I expect, for her climb over my lap on the small couch, and sat leaning backwards with both hands on my knees. Slowly, she shifted closer until she could hold my cock, and tucked the very tip into a tight opening. The girls, took turns moaning as they, I assumed, were getting filled with cocks, like how I was sliding so easily into a wet, throbbing vagina.

With my body seated upright, she held onto my shoulders as she bounced atop me, gasping as I pierced her over and over again. As dark as my vision was, I could ‘see’ how wide I was splitting her pussy apart, before her natural tightness ‘forced’ me out.

Almost touching chest-to-chest, things began to turn crazy when she wrapped her arms around my neck, interlocking fingers with me as she rocked me to the heavens. In the midst of the mindless, wild sex, an exasperated, breathless, female voice broke the silence.

(Girl’s panting voice) ‘Blindfolds.. off.. NNNOW!’

Instantly, the narrow piece of cloth disappeared, and a few guys cussed out loud, though it didn’t last too long, because of the girls who were still on their dicks. In my case, it was my very own sister, who gave me this unwanted secret to die with.

(Sister whispered) ‘kor.. your cock.. it’s so.. are you mad at me?’

While none of us actually got up and leave, it couldn’t be helped that some of us took longer to process this. As for us, Jiaqi and I, we just relied on our connected privates, to display our affection for each other. Since we were ‘ready’ first, I carried her up and put her in doggystyle, for the rest to follow suit as I punished her with my stick.

Once again, the room was filled with sex, but with less mystery and more purpose. As fucked up as it was, none of us (guys) held back anything as we pounded our ladies lifeless, some collapsing into a pile quicker than others.

Jiaqi, wasted no time in switching to the missionary-style once she felt my ‘growth’, which even I was not aware of.

(Sister whimpered) ‘I think you are cumming soon.. you think?’

Thrusting my fat cock into her hot love-hole, she couldn’t be more accurate. I was indeed, feeling it.

(I groaned) ‘Yes.. cumming.. soo.. soonnn.. ‘

Before I past the point of no return, I yanked my cock out of her and let her sit forward, to seamlessly transfer my juicy loin to her mouth. With her permission, I held her head firmly and sent my shaft down her throat, shoving it as far as I could reach.

‘Ka.. mingghhhh!’

With that, I let go of her head and she coddled me just slightly behind her lips, catching the powerful spurts of cum that I couldn’t stop. Every single drop, especially the ones she sucked out of my pipe, was safely contained, in her mouth for an all-girls-with-cum selfie.


The girls hummed collectively as they, whoever had their man’s load in their mouths, swallowed it together. That night, each couple continued their fun in different corners of the chalet, exchanging partners for those willing.

For Jiaqi and I, we stayed in one spot, petting, banging and riding each other silly while the rest got tangled in a spectacular mess. Ever since we ‘found’ our common interest, we were never not tired at home.

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