For the Love of Money

(I asked) ‘Maeve? What are you doing?’

Without waiting for the lift to move, Maeve has already begun stripping her panties off, revealing the tiny pair of thongs she would only wear for me. As excited as I was, that was the first time she did it, and even more so daringly in front of the glass panels anyone could just look into.

Once I opened the main door to an empty house, she immediately stashed her handbag on the shoe cabinet, turned towards me, and yanked my shorts down in a single move. The moment she went on her knees, I instantly lost my balance as I was still halfway through kicking my slippers off, interrupting my mind with jolts of pleasure.

I leaned on the door as my only means of support, while groaning to the slow descend down my rising erection. Just as I was getting into the mood, she slipped a warm palm under my chilly testicles and kneaded them gently, at the same time increasing the pace of sliding her lipstick-stained lips along my shaft.

‘Mae.. evvv.. ‘

My knees were getting weaker by the second, but the quick-witted switch to a handjob immediately charged me up, for a momentary glance at her petite hand wrapped around my engroged, swollen manhood.

(I asked) ‘Maeve.. why are you so.. so.. Ahhh!’

Once again, her mouth muted my question and we didn’t go anywhere until she made me utterly breathless and dizzy. We headed for my room where I was quickly shoved onto the mattress, onto my back while she did a foxy crawl to replace me into her mouth. This time, positioned between my legs, she had full access to my balls, as well as the freedom to jerk me in the opposite directions where her mouth went.

Within minutes, all life had left my body, and my mind had faded into an abyss of sheer europhia. Over the short break we took, she carefully removed my bottoms before hers, and took a little time to lather me up with her saliva for presumably, the next part.

In my cloudy, deranged state of mind, I sensed her weight on my hips and in a slow, comforting manner, a warm, wet slit was stretched over my over-stimulated cock. There was nothing, that a deep, loud gasp couldn’t express and she made good work of it, forcing more exasperated breaths out of me as she plopped her ass down over my cock, over and over again, quite mercilessly.

‘Mae.. EVVVVV!’

That ‘aroused’ mood, took a turn for an agonising one as she grind her hips around, using my cock to ‘stir’ her insides. Unrelenting to get the truth, I formed a sentence, in between desperate grasps for air.

‘Mae.. eve.. why are you so hor.. horny to.. night?’

(In her menacing tone) ‘Do you like it baby? Getting fucked by me so helplessly? OH GOD.. You feel so good inside me.. ‘

‘No.. why.. say.. ‘

Instead of giving me a verbal response, she sat upright, almost at a 90° angle, spread her thighs wide, placed her fingertips over her clit, and did mini-squats over my cock. Needless to say, that tightness and view drove me insane, and I could only grab onto the ends of my pillow for my life as I watched her, cringing in an excruciating silence for an immeninent orgasm.

Right at the same time her vagina formed a vacuum around my entire shaft, a hard landing clicked my trigger, and in a magical way, we both climaxed together. While one of us was milking the other for everything he got, the other was just flailing in response to the intense waves, pulsating through his spine into her pussy.

Through thick, gooey, white cum, she reviatlised, and discharged me at the same time, leaving just a lifeless, though satiated, body under hers.

(She whispered) ‘love? I’m sorry if I was too rough with you. I met someone without telling you. He just showed up at the pickup point where we always cross the road from my office, and I got into his car. He asked me to open the glovebox, and I knew what that $500 meant. We had sex in his car, raw, but he didn’t cum inside me. Instead, I.. did something I said only you are allowed to do. I let him cum into my mouth, and swallowed it only because there is nowhere to spit.’

Baby love, I will never be angry because you didn’t keep me informed, or get my consent. I love you for you, and despite how strongly you disagree, I don’t really care who you have sex with as long as you love me, knows who you really belong to, and return to my arms as soon as you can. In my eyes, as ‘open’ as I am to such encounters, I am more concerned about your safety, right before their impressions of you, no matter fleeting or not.

Later that night, she recounted what happened in the car. How she held his cock for the short drive to an empty carpark, how ‘impatiently’ he invited her to the backseat, how quickly he unzipped his pants, how loud he was when she went down on him, how swift he was to slip his cock raw into her mysteriously wet, pussy, how steamy the car got, and how she barely caught his cum in her mouth.

Little did she expect, that I could get any harder, and longer than before, for a second round where it was her turn to be at my, gracious mercy.

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