Double Threeway

(I asked sleepily) ‘Mmm.. baby love? What are you doing?’

‘Shhh.. tying you up.. ‘

(I asked) ‘Can I keep sleeping?’

‘Yes please.’

Without any suspicion, I adjusted the blindfold before stretching my remaining limbs out into a X-figure, leaving her to do whatever pleases her. Once those cold, soft cuffs were firmly placed around my ankles and wrists, I fell back into slumber under stillness, with barely-audible footsteps around the room.

After a minute or two, my boxers were shifted to the side for her mouth to breathe life into my manhood, which was partially erected in the wee hours. There was nothing out of the ordinary about how marvellous she went down and about on me, apart from the occasional gasps for air.

Soon, she fell into a rhythmic trance, sliding her lips up and down my shaft in a somewhat-involuntary manner, though I could imagine how she was doing that.

(Maeve moaned) ‘Mmmm~ Ahhh!’

All of a sudden, my cock popped out of her mouth, followed by an unnatural moan, as if she was receiving some pleasure herself.

(I asked in panic) ‘Maeve? Are you there?’

(She moaned) ‘Oh yes baby.. I’m here.. Ahhh.. ‘

Her boobs slid over my chest and shortly after, my eyes were freed – to the sight of a ripped, young man at the end of the bed. Of course, I was shocked. But that didn’t stop her from returning to her position (between my legs), and ‘sending’ him back inside her.

In a flash, she was jerking back and forth again, to the tempo that man was fucking her in. I could feel how deep I was in her mouth, and quite ironically, speechless as I was overwhelmed by the heat and wetness teasing the tip of my cock continously.

That man, displayed a polite, smiling face as he thrust his hips, in the direction of my girl’s rear to thoroughly stimulate her. As for Maeve, she could barely keep her eyes opened, while getting hammered, and my cock in her mouth only further silenced the immense pleasure she was getting.

(Maeve asked) ‘Haaa.. baby.. you like this?’

(I replied breathlessly) ‘Umm.. yes? I didn’t expect you to.. ‘

Before I could complete my sentence, she had rotated herself around towards him, stuffed my cock into her pussy, and gone ‘face-to-face’ in front of his groin. Her muffled groans signified her readiness, to ride me as hard as how fast she was sucking him.

From where I was, I couldn’t tell if there was a condom between them, nor was I worried if there wasn’t. I have complete trust in her. That cowgirl stance quickly put my lights out as I watched her pussy devour my cock over and over, leaving no skin untouched. It didn’t take long for me to feel ‘bigger’, in terms of her tightness around me.

(Man said) ‘Miss? I’m shooting.. ‘

Her head promptly flipped upwards and her hands got to work. One stroking him, and the other on her clit. At that sharp, manly groan, I knew he was done, about the same time as I was. My ‘alone time’ with her only lasted a few more seconds before I blew my load deep into her pussy, leaving no space unfilled as her orgasm milked me a little more than I liked.

Almost immediately after he came, he disappeared into the bathroom and left me in Maeve’s care. That naughty girl swiftly dismounted me and cleaned me up with her mouth, putting me in yet another agonising treat that drained my remaining strength. The guest, left as quietly as he came, and Maeve proceeded to push fingers into her pussy, thickly coating them in me and then licking them up.

Just as I thought the ‘fun’ part was over, Maeve kept me restrained as she texted on her phone. With her hand fondling my testicle and cock non-stop, I wasn’t given much ‘down’ time. When the doorbell rang, and she went to answer it, I knew I was in for another treat – except this time, it was a girl who showed up.

They spent some time whispering into each other’s ears, before she, we shall call her Gigi, short for girl-guest, climbed into my bed. As Maeve made herself comfortable next to me, Gigi began stripping and touching herself, and I.

(Maeve whispered) ‘love?’

(I answered weakly) ‘Yes?’

‘I want to see if you can get hard to another woman.’

Shit, was the only word I could hear in my head as I stiffened in her hand, at the same size before I came. Without warning, she put her lips over my cock and sucked for her life, releasing lots of saliva that emulated the sensation of a sopping wet pussy. Combine that with her skilful tongue, I was shaking throughout my whole body.

As worried as I was about my ‘situation’ (with Maeve), I couldn’t keep my eyes on any of them. My incessant twitching and writhing definitely had an effect on Maeve, especially when she began crawling towards my hips. Suddenly, there were two pairs of lips on me, taking turns to ‘make’ me groan so Maeve could hear the difference in my voice.

After an intense few minutes of blowjob, my tired mind soon faced another conundrum when Gigi hovered her pussy over my throbbing cock.

(Maeve asked excitedly) ‘Should she? Do you want her to?’

‘I.. I don’t know Maeve.. I really don’t.. Hahhh!’

I shut my eyes tightly as a warm orifice consumed me in lust, squeezing me a little harder than how Maeve would. Before I could process the mental price I had to pay for this, she was already riding me to seventh heaven, grinding her hips back and forth over my groin, flicking my cock up and down into her.

When I peeped at what Maeve was doing, I felt somewhat relieved to see her touching herself, with her eyes locked on my face. Guilty and ashamed, I didn’t watch any of them and let them did what they wanted to me.

(Maeve moaned) ‘Love.. please tell us when you are cumming k? You are only.. ahhh.. ahhh.. allowed to.. ka.. cum inside.. ‘

(I groaned) ‘Baby? Ask her to.. stop.. please?’

For a moment, everything went quiet. But it lasted only as long as Maeve needed to mount herself atop me. With that much work done, I admit that she did the absolute minimum before I caved in, erupting a second time into her pussy. This time, we rested a bit longer before she dislodged my cock.

To my surprise, Maeve actually let Gigi clean me up with her mouth, to which she seemed to enjoy it a little too much for Maeve’s liking. Like the previous guest, she excused herself after cleaning herself up in the bathroom.

Well-satiated and empty, it was then I was freed from my cuffs, for a tight, hard embrace of the girl who put me through so many sensations within an hour.

That morning, we went commando for our buffet breakfast, went for another round as we changed, went grocery shopping, and hastily retreated back to our hotel room because I couldn’t stop getting hard to the events that happened earlier.

Day became night for us as we made love in almost every corner of the room, until we crashed from exhaustion. Then, whoever woke up first would wake the other person up, in a sexual way of course.

It was hard to explain how we returned home more tired than we left.

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