Halfway through the nap in my drunken stupor, I felt a hand on my wrist that endearingly pulled me into a chest, whose bosoms I didn’t recognise. Though for one, I was mostly surrounded with new faces, exception being my sister whom I think only invited me out of politeness. Without giving much thoughts to the person holding me, I let her come closer to me until she was close enough, to put her hand into my pants.

Being groggy and high, that sexual maneuver couldn’t come at a better time, fueling my head quickly with raw lust. In the dark hotel room where a few of us blacked out on the bed, it definitely felt inviting to do something so kinky.

I turned my body sideways and returned the favour, slipping a hand into her shorts where the lack of any underwear granted me access, to a smoothly shaven pussy. In a flash, the two of us got entangled in a heated, vigorous petting competition, groaning and moaning as we pleasured each other.

Halfway through the ‘struggle’, she turned my head towards her and we locked our lips, all done in the comfort of my closed eyes. After a few minutes of mutual satisfying, she broke away from me and I sensed her descend under the sheets, for my cock that was still throbbing strongly in her hand.

At an instant, I was overwhelmed by both desperate and relaxtion, as her lips slid up and down easily, with an abundance of saliva. Each downward stroke, sent tingles through my spine as she transit over the ‘neck’ of my small head, followed by the liberating sensation of warmth along my shaft.

It almost felt too unreal, when vivid images of my enlarging penis flashed through my mind. Only at that moment she gasped, and expressed her disbelief of my ‘imaginary’ growth, did I realise that I was truly that hard.

Without taking the blanket away, she climbed over my hips and aligned herself, for her unbelievably wet pussy to make the most heavenly, fantastical trip down my shaft. I honestly thought that I would just explode inside of her, if not for the minute-long pause she took to accustom herself.

Once she was properly relaxed ‘around’ me, the rest was just a magical journey through the heavens, and hell when she intentionally ‘squeezed’ her pelvic muscles together. That said, we held nothing back as I took whatever opportunities I had to thrust my hips upwards, jabbing her deep in the vagina for a much exasperated sigh.

When she finally collapsed on top of me from exhaustion, she kept a firm grip on my shoulders as I rolled us over, to continue thrusting at her relentless desire to keep kissing me. Through her lips, every moan made me ram her harder, pounding her like there was no one else on the bed. That slim, hot beauty just held me in her arms as she groaned her lungs out during a climax, unwilling to let me out of her pussy that was too tight to do anything else inside.

Once she recovered her strength, she wriggled herself away from under, stopped her face at where my cock was, and took it straight into her mouth. The tugging pair of hands on my butt was all the signal I needed, to jerk so ever shallowly, and gently into her mouth. Still, she was ‘pulling’ for me to go deeper, until I felt that she was taking too much.

Her tight grip kept me from going anywhere else, but up and down, into her mouth that reached my pubes. In some ways, I was surprised to hear nothing but dirty, slurping noises, caused by her saliva lubricating my entire motion. Since she wasn’t gagging, I went all out and sank my entire heart into the action, down to her throat where her natural reflexes squished my little head.

I kept dipping my cock into her face until it was time. As usual, out of respect for the girl, I gave her a warning, to which she widened her jaws for an unobstructed delivery. Adjusting the tempo to one I felt best at, I raised my hips higher and let only the tip enter her then-sealed lips, stimulating my little head and the ‘neck’ until I exploded in her mouth.

Waves after waves of cum poured out of me like a broken Cambro, free-filling her up first before she suckled on my softie barrel for more. For some reason, I had gone a little numb down there, thus indifferent to her continuous teasing for more cum. By the time she was done with me, I was at my physical limit, for holding myself up in a ‘plank’ position.

I rolled back into my space and stretched her side of my arm out, only to see the familiar face of my sister jutting out from under the sheets.


‘Mmm your head.’

With that, she tucked herself into my chest and we fell asleep. In the middle of the night, I woke up to a mysterious hard on, and had no choice but to relief myself, in the bathroom with my sister bent over the sink. After creaming her full of whatever was left inside me, we went back to sleep until someone woke our naked ass up.

Well, seeing how our incestous encounter helped two secretly-crushing couples get their hormones going, it was an activity worth keeping up no?

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