Troubled Double

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Somehow, despite being almost three decades older than her, I still couldn’t resist smiling at her delightful approach, half-skipping and half-walking as she tried to contain her excitement. Even I, couldn’t comprehend how a weary, married man, who smokes nightly at the staircase, has caught her attention, let alone interest, her.

In her usual outfit of an oversized t-shirt and loose, high-cut FBTs, she wasted no time in stepping up to me, stole a kiss, and began roaming her hands over the black office pants I had been running about in for the whole day.

Within moments, she has unclasped, unbuttoned, and unzipped enough, to stick a hand straight into my underwear for my flaccid penis. It was one of her quirks, to keep a close eye on my facial expression as she massaged my manhood. Her eyes, were also fascinating to watch, as they lit up to my exasperated sighs, muffled moans, and the occasional loud, pent-up breaths.

Strangely, there was nothing I was allowed to do on my part, having been slapped away on my past attempts to reciporate any of the affection she showed me. That said, I had not forgotten the one time she spoke about it, mainly being concerned for my safety as a ‘grown-up laying hands on a juvenile’. As ‘high’ as I was, that particular message was one that didn’t fade in terms of seriousness, no matter how tempted I was.

After stroking me for a short few minutes, she helpfully dressed me up again, leaving only the zipper undone so she could continue with her activity. It was then she took my phone out of my back pocket, and turned on the video-recording function before she placed it at a strategic angle that capture all the naught that she was about to unleash. Once again, that was done for my protection, if I was ever alleged for related crimes.

With everything in place, she went onto her knees and lapped my cock up like a juicy sausage, while I habitually lit another cigarette. Starting with the sides, she basically covered the entire exterior with saliva before she popped the little head into her mouth, sucking on it like a lollipop to my erratic breaths that I was struggling to catch.

That alone, would be all she needed for motivation, sensing how she gradually took me deeper into her mouth with every gasp she caused. From my height, if I looked down at her, it was honestly a wretched sight, that I just couldn’t stop nor deny by simply how good it felt. Watching her taking it deep, as if it had some sort of flavour, made me felt powerful, in a way that was of course, sick.

Once I got to the size that she would gag a little to, she led me to the steps where I was invited to sit, for her to also sit, albeit facing me, with her feet apart, aside my hips. Very slowly, she lowered herself over my cock at the same time she rubbed her clit, until she was all the way down, and leaking an unnatural amount of juices.

That queer reflex of hers, somehow made the entire ‘ride’ less sore once she began bouncing, atop my lap to slide her entire depth of her vagina up and down my plump, uncut cock. Although she was still ‘tight’, it wasn’t as bad as the first time we did it, with us sustaining some abrasions.

From this point onwards, I just laid back and relaxed as she bounced, hopped, and rocked her butt against my groin, reapplying her love-juice over and over again along every inches of my cock. At that instant she felt tighter, I squeezed my pelvic muscles, to maintain a hardness for her to ride on until I ached from her pelvic bones, pinching me through the thin walls of her vagina.

(In her panting voice) ‘Uncle.. I’ll come first k?’

Without waiting for my reply, she replaced a finger over her clit and glared into my eyes, biting her lips as her face tensed up. After a minute or so, her head swung backwards as her body trembled sheepishly, not to dissimilar to a mini-shiver when you pee.

In another minutes’ time, she was back to a smiley, though dishevelled mood, readjusting her feet so she could do a half-squat over my hips. For support, she interlocked her fingers behind my neck, and swiftly initiated the mind-blowing, senses-overwhelming ride where she twerked her pussy violently over my cock.

Besides the hot flashes, my mind repeated plummet in and out of consciousness, represented by black and white, as she fucked me beyond her physical limit. Bombarded by her rampant speed, and the intentional squeezing of her PC muscles that was both unbelievably hot and wet, I soon lost control of my major muscle groups.

Under the mercy of her smooth, young pussy, I was driven to my wits end as I convulsed, though not too fiercely. For some reason, I lasted longer than the days before, and she seemed to be enjoying it as well, in her own world.

Succumbing to her subsequent, rocking-grinding maneuver, I managed to call her out before our eyes met momentarily, or rather, for as long as she executed her last few strokes. Unlike her orgasm, it was a somewhat peaceful, classical-music moment when I came, piping my cum out into her readied, throbbing vagina that warmly received the load.

The next thirty seconds, were spent in a blissful silence as she calmed herself down, to hold all of my load. As for the few blobs that seeped out of her when she picked herself up, they quickly found home in her mouth, likewise for the remnants that exited too late.

After I was thoroughly cleaned up with her mouth, we remained at that stairwell for however long she took, to further ‘acclimatise’ her cum-filled pussy so she could bring the spoils home. Right before we went our separate ways, she assured me once again, of her on-going subscription of the oral contraceptive pills.

We never knew each others’ names, or which floor we lived, or even our ages for that matter. For her, I was either there (at the stair landing), or not.

Part 1 | Part 2

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