Troubled Wobble

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(I exclaimed) ‘You’re here first.’

(She answered excitedly) ‘Uh-huh!’

‘And very well-dressed too.’

This time, unlike before, it was the strapless, collarbone-revealing, ruffled, black tube dress that I couldn’t stop looking at, in particular the curves around her usually-hidden waist, and the appropriate-sized chest.

‘So.. it’s my school’s prom night.. and birthday too!’

‘Your birthday?’

(She gleamed) ‘YUPP!’

Without any hesitation, or breaking her smile, she snatched the cigarette I was about to lit and stuck its end into my mouth, before I handed her my lighter to ‘light me up’. Immediately after that, she squatted at my feet and went for my zipper, skipping the usual ‘menial’ task for an instant gratification inside her mouth.

Despite her haste, everything slowed down from the moment she started licking my shaft all over, compounding on the effects my cigarette had on my weary mind. It was on that night, at that instance, when I realised that she has been going down on me for approximately seven minutes, the average time I took to finish a stick.

After spending that amount of time drifting in between euphoria and some slight (pleasurable) agony, she rose to her feet once I stubbed the cigarette butt out. From that point, I was certain that something has happened, for her to place my palms on her uncupped, braless chest where her nipples were poking so hard through.

Sensing some kind of relief, I took my time to massage the pair, just like how she exercised her hand on my cock. For my following ‘trip’ down her waist to her bum, I met no resistance, even when I hiked her dress up – to discover her grave state of undress.

(I whispered) ‘no panties?’

(She whispered) ‘for you.. ‘

At once, I stuck my fingers between her legs and easily found her clit, working on them so rapidly like a vibrator. The birthday girl, didn’t take too long to start leaking either, drenching my whole hand as I fingered her love hole.

For some reason, I couldn’t stop teasing her that way, way past the time she got too lightheaded to keep her hand on my manhood. Instead of the steps this time, she simply spun herself around, perched her elbows on the horizontal part of the railing, and threw a slutty look at me.

‘Hmm.. birthday huh?’

(With pleading eyes) ‘uh huh.. ‘

I gently placed both palms on her thighs and dragged them so slowly up, to re-expose her bare bottom in the proper, legal light this time. Automatically, she parted her feet and bent them a little, for me to smear her juices all over ourselves until she grew impatient.

(She asked) ‘Can I call you daddy?’

‘Sure. Do you like that?’

‘Yes daddy.. but can you please put it in already? Your little girl needs some liquid-love.’


That said, I popped my little head in and got a firm hold of her waist, before ramming the complete length of my cock into the misbehaving girl. Naturally, her first yelp went unrestrained as she curled forward in shock, of my unannounced ‘treat’. Seeing how tightly she clenched her fists on the rails, I couldn’t continue doing what I would do.

‘Baby? Are you ok? I’m sorry. I thought it would.. ‘

(In her weak voice) ‘Yes daddy.. I’ll take anything you give me.. as hard as you want.’

My heart sank, not from relief, but from lust. For a moment, there were no more strings on me, especially on the (slow) speed I was supposed to start all forms of sex in. Going for a moderate, all-out pace, I moved my hips back and forth, dipping into her depths at a controlled speed.

Knowing how well it worked for my, rightful partner, it had the same effect on her as well. Within minutes, she was already shivering, in growing intensity as her legs buckled dangerously, in increasing frequency. Still holding onto her waist, I was able to keep her upright as I banged her harder, against the metal railing with fading paint.

No doubt unexpected, it was pleasant to hear, and feel how seamlessly she climaxed, comparable to a harder seawave hitting her at the right spot instead of an excruciating orgasm. Inside of her, it was a yearning, reassuring kind of grip that enclosed my cock, unlike the usual, cock-crimping experience.

After the first ‘wave’, more followed suit as I maintained that pace, draining her of more strength with each. By the time my shirt was drenched, she had gone far in a trance, that only a pause in my motion could only awaken.

(She whimpered) ‘Daddy? Are you tired?’

‘A little, yes.’

The concerned little girl wasted no time in turning herself around, to be taken aback by my state of sweatiness. As unnecessary as it was, I could tell that she felt guilty, about the work she has ‘made me done’. Without saying a word, she led me to the steps (next to us), straightened her dress, and unrolled the top to keep her breasts out.

Patting on the step she was seated on, I cluelessly placed one feet on it, and let her shift one step down so her mouth would be directly in front of my cock. For the first few minutes, I was treated like a royal with slow up-down strokes, gentle-tongue teases, and extended accommodations down her throat. To top things off, she insisted that I smoked, while she made love to me with her mouth.

After my first stick, she secured her lips around my circumference and reached under my legs for my butt, pushing them forcefully in her direction. Halfway, she requested that I light another one, and puff away while she attempts to deep-throat me. In just a few thrusts, she, and I, found out about her lack of any gag-reflex, as long as I went deep enough.

One hand on my cigarette, and other other behind her head, the face-fuck she had just practiced for was put to the test, further surprising the both of us when I was able to go balls-deep. With that, I went at it faster and harder, sinking my entire shaft into the facial orifice overflowing with saliva.

Once I had enough of my second consecutive cancer stick, I put it out and used both hands, to keep her still while I continued to jerk my hips into her face.

In that mysteriously-pleasurable hole, it took me slightly longer, to build up a different kind of ‘explosive’. Even before that ‘moment’, I could tell how much greater it would feel, from sheer liberation, all-encompassing, and even at a soul-cleansing level.

‘Ready, baby?’


Despite her teary eyes, smudged mascara, I could tell how much she was looking forward to this, just from her eyes that looked so delightful. One more minute, was all I took from her before I came straight down her throat, bypassing her taste buds for a familiar, milking motion of her thorax mucles.

Since I was already at her mouth, the cleanup was much quicker, though still delicately done so I wouldn’t stain my undies. That night, she had her first (and last) puff, and we exchanged numbers so baby girl could contact daddy, whenever daddy texted her first.

In our small talk after that, she confessed, she would have no qualms about extorting a ‘yes’ out of me as a birthday present, if I turned her ‘offer’ down. My agreement to be her ‘daddy’, was the best gift she received, alongside the acceptance into the instituition of her choice.

Unsurprisingly, the fifteen minutes we spent sharing identity-safe facts about ourselves, proved to be exactly how much time I needed, for a second erection. Needless to say, I was swiftly discharged of that much-wanted-attention in a merciless, one-sided cowgirl ride. Where else, have I not filled that would empty my emptiness once more?

Given how her new school timetable was more flexible than the last, she used each visit to slowly familiarised herself with the layout of the warehouse I work in, some areas surrounding it, and also a few of my co-workers. Long story short(er), those dark, quiet, discreet corners she found would be where the two, or three, or more of us relieved our despicable, sexual needs.

All that said, that fateful stairwell would still, be our main activity ground.

Part 1 | Part 2

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