More than Friends

Shi Hui and I met at a familiar place for her photo shoot to create a portfolio. Since it’s her first shoot, we picked the location to be Clark Quay. The whole shoot took about 2 short hours and we were exhausted when we’re done. She was in her tank top and white denim skirt. As she is more familiar with that place, I asked her for directions to the toilet so I could change my top for the later part of the day.

She walked me all the way into the part of the room leading to the gents and waited right there. I went into one of the cleaner cubicles to do my small business and changed. Suddenly, a knock broke my nonsensical thought and I opened it slightly ajar, only to find Shi Hui pushing her way into the cubicle.

Showing me three condoms bought at the automatic vending machine, she was quick to plant her lips on mine and had her icy cold hands running under my topless body. My tongue glided into her mouth and saliva was all over our mouths. My hands ran around her waist and pulled her top off, leaving only her tube bra on.

She quickly unbuckled her belt and skirt while I was onto mine. Both of us in our undies, we resumed our kissing. She conveniently pulled my pants as low while still kissing me, taking out my excited little brother standing in full attention. She slid the warm rod under her panties and made sure both her thighs were closed tightly as possible.

She was fucking me between her thighs, and she just stood there kissing and hearing my breathing gets faster. Finally, she released her grip on my dick and with a little hop, her panties were on the toilet seat above our clothes. She stood in front of me with her back facing me and legs apart.

Her body arched downwards, using the water tank as support, and spread her pussy lips with one of her hands. I positioned my condom-wrapped dick at her entrance and she took charge of the rest, gripping my dick from between her legs, she pushed her body onto mine and one swift pump was all it takes for the full length penetration.With a little moan plus deep exhalation from her, I knew she was enjoying it.

Grabbing her slim waist, I pulled her pussy towards me, at the same time, pushing every inches of my meat into her. With each thrust, she gets tighter and wetter until she was really getting weaker, slowly using the toilet bowl covered with our clothes as support.

She sat down on the cover and spread her legs for more, I got on my knees and pushed my stick all the way into the little hole, remembering the fact that a couple of guys had already been in there. I pumped her pussy as hard as I could, hardly giving myself and her any breaks.

With her sudden gush of juices, I knew she was cumming, I continued on and with just seconds away from the cumshot, I pulled it out and she took the condom off my dick, taking the whole package into her mouth. Her hand automatically went to replace the void in her wet pussy with her fingers and sucked me off.

Another 2 minutes is all it takes for her skilful mouth to extract every single drop of cum I had. The non-stopping cumshot too much of my energy and she showed me how much I’ve cummed. With a slap on my thigh, she swallowed the whole thing in one mouth and showed me her empty mouth.

I changed my clothes and we got out of that place before more shops opened. ‘

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