Some Needs

It has been some time since Joyce asked me out. She called me one evening while I was doing some photos taken earlier that day. ‘Can you come over to my place now? My parents are out. Can accompany me?’, Joyce said in a tone which sounded quite emo.

I reached her place at about 6pm plus, she pulled me via my wrist into her bedroom and asked me to lie down. With her index finger on her lips, I followed as she signalled and helped her undid my pants, right down to nothingness. She gave her bathroom door a knock and her good friend appeared from behind.

The two girls were together for some time and I supposed Joyce’s needs for something in her is getting to her mind. She was in her undies while Joyce took her clothes off too. Taking my little head into her mouth, her friend, Nik, came over to my head and positioned her slit over my mouth. Without thinking, my tongue cleaned her slit and tried to lick her dry.

A pillow went over my calves and Joyce sat there while blowing me. As the clock ticked away, Joyce felt cold (the aircon was quite strong). She nudged her body towards my stick and she slowly eased her pussy over my dick. She was really tight from the lack of sex, but I could tell she’s really feeling it. She positioned her legs in a squat and rode me by bouncing off my meatier hips.

Nik sat herself over my mouth while I continued my work, they were kissing like long lost lovers. Nik came a few times with Joyce as my mouth was covered in her pussy juice. My stick was coated with Joyce’s cum juice. In less than a couple of minutes after they squirted together, they got off me.

‘Taste me’, said Nik and Joyce went towards my lips and kissed me, licking around my mouth for her juice. Joyce later pulled Nik towards my dick and asked her to taste her as well. She went down and gave me a few strokes of strong long suck. Joyce joined her and they kissed each other with my meat occasionally between their lips.

Nik whispered something to Joyce and in a happy change of mood, Joyce nodded and got back to riding me on top. Nik watched us go on with my hips slapping against Joyce’s. Joyce stopped after a few short minutes and Nik took her place. I got up while Nik lay on the bed.

Positioning my body over hers, Joyce helped guide my meat into her cave. With a few short thrusts, each pump gets deeper. Joyce was on top of her, kissing her while I pumped away at Nik’s pussy. It was easy to swap between either one of them as both pussies are right at my convenience.

Without wasting anytime, I took my last ride with Nik’s tight hole and unloaded my soldiers at their slits. Lubricating the next part of their fun.

With a scissors lock, their pussies were between each others’ legs and they rode away while Joyce took a HandyCam from her computer cupboard to film them. I did as I was told, and at the end of the whole surprise, Joyce sucked me off for a long while until I unloaded it into her mouth.

And Nik was fingering herself and Joyce for the whole course of blowjob.

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