Not Again

‘DI!’ (brother in Mandarin), she burst into my room while I was having my daily dose of erotica on a site, which usually assists with some images. The hard on was obvious, her eyes were already on my bulge, looking naughtily at me.

‘Please? No? I’ve got school tomorrow and this is wrong anyway.’ Obviously, it didn’t work for me as my little brother twitched in denial of my excuse. I shut down my computer and got into bed, while she snug under the blanket towards my pants.

Rubbing my gently, her head appeared under the blankets and onto my pillow. Sliding my hand over to her side, I held her closer and ran my hands into her panties. She looked at me in such a distance that I felt like kissing her. Pulling my head towards her lips with her free hand, we kissed like lovers for a long time.

She moved her hand along my shaft till I was fully ready for her. She took her panties off and turned towards my direction. Slowly sliding my dick between her pussy, I held her waist to let her know I am in control this time. She got on top and sat comfortably while she pushed her upper body up, riding me like a little cowgirl.

Her body was getting warmer by the minute and she was drenching me. We pushed on for our limits and I changed position to do her from behind. Her body was really collapsing at the last minute of thrusts before I unloaded into her.

I lay beside her after I was done and her head disappeared under the sheets and sucked me clean. Little did I know that only the first part was in my control. She rode me like she just discovered how pleasurable sex was. Fucking me out of my mind was what she intended for and it wasn’t until about 4am when the humping stops and she fell asleep while I was inside her.

Getting out of her and the bed, I went around to her back and used her like a sex doll. Fucking her in all her holes, I made sure she knew whose sister she was, and who she belonged to.

She was still on the pill from what I know and was so tired that she slept till late afternoon. Little did I expect her to be happy to find so much cum in her from what I did the night before. ‘Thanks for your loads of present’, SMS sent to me from her while I was busy at work.

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