Work Break

I took a three day break from work to meet up with a pretty sweet girl I’ve met online, her name was Dianelle. I met her on a social network site and we got along pretty well, she was 17, at her poly holidays now. Her recent love life wasn’t quite successful when the breakup was caused by her boyfriend cheating on her.

We agreed to meet for the first time and no matter what, we would spend the day with each other. Meeting at Changi MRT, she appeared from a distance in shorts and tee. I was in my shorts and tee too. I was surprised to see someone so open at her age, quite ready and daring to meet someone known online.

At about 155cm tall, her body was nicely built and quite fair too. ‘Let’s go to Pulau Ubin!’, she suggested as we were getting into the ‘awkward’ phase of finding a place to go. Armed with my DSLR, I was quite okay with the idea and left for the island. Upon reaching, we rented bikes and rode around the island aimlessly, stopping once in a while to take a few pictures.

Night arrived soon and to both of our shock, all transport to and from the island has been stopped due to the heavy storm approaching. Without much choices, we decided to spend the night at the chalet on the island.

She showered and came out in a towel just nice for her boobs and pussy. I showered and appeared in a towel as well. As night falls, we were under the blankets shivering in the cold room. It was a huge king sized bed with two blankets. So we were feeling pretty safe with each other.

‘Can I lie beside you? I’m scared. And.. and.. I need a shoulder to cry on’, she whispered in an almost crying voice. I turned towards her and she made her way right beside me. Slowly, she leaned on my shoulders and cried, sobbing silently. As gracefully as I could, I turned towards her and patted her head, bringing her head right in front of mine.

Without wanting to scare her, I brought my head slowly towards her and she closed her eyes. I kissed her hard. Our tongues found their way into each others’ mouth and saliva was being passed back and forth. Her arms wrapped around mine and her legs around my thighs, clamping my arm between her breasts and occasionally brushing against my dick with her legs.

I felt her pussy got warmer and wet, sliding my hand towards her under the blanket, she moaned loudly as my cold fingers came in contact with her sweet spot. Pushing my fingers into her love hole, her legs were forced to be opened by my thighs. Her body responded to the pleasure by releasing more juices and I simply moved my fingers in and out, faster and faster.

Her hands uncontrollably came to my dick and she just wrapped her fingers around my dick, jerking in the most irregular tempo. Thirty minutes into the foreplay, my dick was already asking for more. I climbed on top of her and brought my hips forward, entering her bit by bit. Her legs wrapped around my hips and urged me to go faster.

Hammer time didn’t end until fifteen minutes later, she wanted to ride me, to give me a taste of how much pleasure I just gave her. She climbed on top of me and quickly lowered herself over mine. Her bouncing was fast and furious, clearly, she’s enjoying more herself than I do. And I’m not going to just let her have it her way.

In less than ten minutes, I got her off me and I positioned her in ‘doggy-style’. Ignoring her comfort, I plunged my dick into her juicy love hole and pounded away. The whole bed was creaking and shaking, while the lights were flickering all the time.

Her dose of pleasure lasted her a long twenty minutes. She muffled that she is going crazy if I don’t stop, and I’m not intending to. Changing back to missionary-style, her body shivered very quickly and violently, her pussy squeezing me all over my stick.

Still inside her, her legs wrapped around me once more and pushed herself as deep as I could give. All these while, the package arrived and I delivered spurts after spurts into her tight love hole. Her vagina walls kept squeezing non-stop until I was really tired and dry.

She went unconscious after the session and it was on the dot that we woke up for one more round before going home. ‘We will meet again right? I sort of like you.. your attitude.. and your hair’, she asked in full of hope.

‘Yeah, we’ll meet again very soon.’

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