My Turn Now

Day: Tuesday
Date: 24 November 2009
Time: 4.45pm
Location: 166, from Outram Park to Ang Mo Kio

I was on a double-decker bus home after dental. A few stops after I got on, a (local) Chinese lady around 25 years old sat beside me. It was quite crowded and I was sitting near the stairs. She just sat looked at her cell. I guessed she’s quite attractive and I couldn’t keep my eyes off her legs.

Her impression was deep on me. She was wearing a knitted black sweater over her light brown inner wear, a black skirt around 4 finger width above her knee. And a few stops after she got on, she reached into her bag looking for something. I am so tempted to talk to her then, but was shy.

She fumbled around inside before looking in my direction (I was catching glances at her from the corner of my eyes). Following that, I felt a vibration from the seat. I thought it was my phone that has fell onto the chair, or maybe hers. But she held on to her phone tightly while my phone was on my lap.

I typed into my phone’s message box, ‘I could feel the vibrator’ and showed it to her. She immediately reached into her bag and the vibration stopped. Feeling awkward, she whispered so softly but still audible, ‘Sorry, I am feeling a little weird today.’ I wasn’t expecting anymore than that.

Her: ‘Where are you going?’
Me: ‘Going home.’
Her: ‘Where are you alighting?’
Me: ‘Ang Mo Kio. What about you? Where are you stopping?’
Her: ‘Ang Mo Kio too.’
Me: ‘I see. You free to go for a walk?’

She looked at me and gave me a slight nod or two. She stopped two stops before mine but I alighted anyway. She invited me to her cosy place while she changed into something more casual. Brightly lit house, and everything tells me about her. She stayed alone, had a huge bed to herself (bedroom was opened, she entered another room to change).

My jaw almost dislodged when I saw her in a tube bra and a cotton skirt showing her curves. It was a massive turn on for me and my bermudas made of thin materials gave me away. She passed me the control for the vibrator and said, ‘Have some time to spare?’ I pressed the obvious ‘On’ button immediately and she stumbled to the sofa I was sitting on.

She crawled to me seductively and pulled my pants down my legs and off, along with my undies too. With a swift and seamless act, she wrapped her drooling mouth over my dick and I was in my own world in no time. She was sucking me while getting off, right in front of me. She was so engrossed that I could secretly turn on my cellphone video and start recording.

After sucking for a while, she climbed on top of me and positioned herself over me. Knowing what to do, I sucked on her pink hard nipples while she was doing something above my head. Ignoring her, I didn’t stop and heard moans so sexy that I got even harder.

She tightened a ribbon around both my hands and I stopped immediately, asking her what was she doing. I was very scared at that point in time. Thoughts of being tricked were running through my head.

Lifting up her skirt, her fingers opened her pussy lips and my cock just disappeared into her. The word ‘AIDS’ is running through my head now. She rode me non-stop and didn’t rest. As I was cumming, she grinded my dick with her pussy and I could feel my cum all going straight into her, she continue doing that and all I could was shrivel and twitch while she continue riding me.

I was worried what was about to happen to me. She turned her body to sit on my dick while watching TV. I came again in that position and she continued it in reverse cowgirl, fully aware that I would try to escape if she untied me. I was in that position for 3 whole hours, cumming close to 8 timesĀ  without rest.

When she allowed my dick to breath, cum was actually flowing out her pussy. And my dick immediately went soft. She untied me and I got dressed immediately. I was angry, confused and scared. What the fuck did I just went through?

She covered herself with an oversize shirt and apologised. ‘I have fertility problems and I cannot get pregnant. All my boyfriends left me for that reason. They didn’t even want to stay no matter if I offered them sex. I was worried and.. in need.’

I felt a little pity for her but was fucking used as a toy! I got my stuff and left her place. Hmm.. my little head made me turn back and asked her for her number, and possibility of punishing her for what happened today.

Smiling at me with teary eyes, she replied ‘Okay!’ with a wide smile after she said the word. I left.. unsure of what to feel.

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