Interview at Office

Day: Monday
Date: 23 November 2009
Time: 5pm
Location: IAP office

I was there at 5pm for the interview. It wasn’t all that far from school, so I reached on time despite having school earlier.

It was the supervisor who will be doing the interview. It was quite epic, or should I say hoping for something to happen. There wasn’t anyone in the office, and the interview is taking place in her office.

I was dressed specially for the interview with my red Goldlion top and carefully ironed pants. As I walked in, she stood up to shake hands with me, revealing her tight black skirt and a stripped white top. At that point in time, all sorts of dirty thoughts were unpacking in my mind.

The interview took about 30mins as we went off work-related topics and sharing our experiences. It was when I got a little moody when talking about the recent breakup and coincidentally, she was going through the after-breakup period too, 28 years old, career woman.

She sat beside me after passing me a cup of fruit juice from her mini bar. As we chatted along, she paused at one moment, looking at my boner. ‘Are you turned on by me?’, she asked in a naughty tone, while twirling her Japanese-style permed hair with her fingers.

Looking shyly at my feet, I nodded my head and said, ‘Yes, I am sorry.’ She stood up and locked the door, then rested her butt at the edge of her desk in front of me. She placed her heels on the chair I was sitting on, with the darkness in her skirt right before me. Pulling her skirt up to her waist, revealing her orange g-string, she was quick to change from a desperate tone, ‘Can you make me happy?’

I adjusted the chair to position myself directly in front of her pussy and tugged her g-string off to one of her ankles. I licked her slit as though I was enjoy a meal laid nicely in front of me, I just had to keep going to make it juicy. Her juices started flowing, mixing my saliva with her sweetness, well, she actually tasted quite good. By the time, I believed she was unknowingly forcing me not to stop licking by holding my head down,  but it was quite willing on my part too.

She helped me up to my feet and undid my belt, and my pants was even off me faster. Clamping me between her legs, she pushed my hips towards her as I was preparing to enter, forcefully penetrating her. Once inside, she held me close by the arms and whispered into my ears, ‘Haww.. it has been so long since I felt so full inside.’ With a slight smile, my hands held her waist and started moving my dick in and out of her wet hole.

Her pussy was tight after being deprived for so long. It was as though her pussy was asking for more, but not intending to stop. I kept up for as long as possible until I could not take it anymore. Giving her the signal, she whispered to me while breathing very heavily, ‘shoot in me.’

As worried as I was, first impression matter a lot to me. With a final thrust into her tight overflowing pussy, I released my army of sperms into her. I could feel her pussy twitching, squeezing, sucking every drop out of me as I cummed. We rested in that position, hugging each other for another 5 minutes before pulling my stick out of her, quite ready for the second round (although there wasn’t).

It was very kinky to see the mix of my cum and her juice flowing out of her pink sore pussy while she sat on her desk with her legs spread. I cleaned her up in the office toilet (there was no one around) and still managed to finger her till she came again.

We got dressed and knew we know more about each other after the ‘interview’. She’s my supervisor, and I’d expect her to take real good care of me. =)

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