Out with Sis

Day: Sunday
Date: 22 November 2009
Time: 1pm
Location: Novena Square, Esprit changing room

My sister and I were out at Novena’s Espirt, which caters more to ladies than guys. Anyway, I was there helping her pick a few new clothes for her wardrobe. She took a sundress which colour I can’t identify (colour blind) and pulled me to the changing room.

There wasn’t anyone else around and the staff were out of sight. She went in and changed into the dress, then opened the door and looked around before pulling me inside. I was worried where is this getting at.

With a tug, she pulled my loosely tied bermudas down my legs and roughly jerked my boxers down. I helped her took her jeans off while she removed her top. She’s dressed in her undies while I’m only wearing a shirt. It was quite scary being so naked.

She stood before me and took my dick into her hands while pushing my head to her nipples. I knew what to do immediately, she wanted me to satisfy her horniness by making me horny too. Keeping my head at her breasts, my hand moved unconsciously to her pussy and started fingering as deep as I could. A little of her juice were getting on the floor and she hinted to me for more, ‘Can you stop my juice from leaking with your cock?’

Putting one leg on the cushion seat in the room, she opened her legs wide for me to put it in. I hugged her tight while ushering my rod into her. It was exciting for me, doing it outside house, public incest. I couldn’t hold it long due to the amount of stress I am handling, we managed to do it in doggy while standing up.

She had to cum about 2 times before she would let me shoot. Sitting on the cushion chair, she diligently worked for my cum with her mouth and hands, knowing I made her very happy today. I released all my sperms onto her panties as requested.

We then go dressed and made the purchase. Seems that my sister is fine with not wearing panties outside. I suppose because I am around and she’s wearing jeans. If we were ever caught that way, doing in public, I would have nothing to say for myself.

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