Near but Close

Regina appeared under my block in a blue babydoll dress, looking ever more like a student with her short hair and her alluring contact lens. A sweet smile from her small mouth brightened my day and I brought her to my place, where she quickly disappeared into the room I pointed at.

After locking the main door, I went into the room and saw her comfortably hidden under the blanket, warm and cosy from the windy skies. Wasting no time, I joined her on the bed, and we immediately made out, beginning with pecks that grew into a tongue fight.

My hand shifted upwards from her thighs, and under her dress, till I found myself touching her bare pussy, smooth and powdered. Under that thin dress, it was hard to imagine any girl would go pantyless.

Me: ‘You didn’t wear?’

Regina (whispering): ‘I actually never wore panties since primary school.’

Needless question further, I went straight for her clit and massaged that sweet spot, while her moans got louder. She was that cute looking when she tried hard to appear as innocent as possible, randomly fondling my bulge outside my pants. As I entered her love hole, she stopped me and buried her face into my neck, whispering for me to take it off.

We took a break and my shorts disappeared, thereafter removing her dress for her. That pair of tits were so breathtakingly small and naive, it got me harder instantly.

Before my mouth went over the nipples, she covered them shyly, telling me how embarrassed she was at her size. Well, there was nothing less than sexy about them. I peeled her fingers away and sucked a few times. Her hand went for my dick straightaway and stroke it while I slurped her boobs wet.

For an innocent-looking lady, she actually began masturbating on her clit. It was overwhelming to be pleasing a girl who wasn’t shy in bed at all. As I took over her clit rub, her long and slow breaths showed me how relaxed she was.

Regina: ‘You are the first guy to be taking things so slowly. I like it.’

I wasn’t going to break away from her chest to respond. Moving downwards with kisses across her body, her legs raised for me to reach her pussy, and I lapped hungrily on her pussy. The amount of juices leaking made everything so erotic, knowing she was as high as I was.

Regina: ‘Hey, you can stop.’

I went back to her side and she made me lie down on the bed, adjusting herself till she was lying on my stomach. Her tiny lips parted and took my dick, barely fitting her mouth. Still, she used her agile tongue to stimulate wherever she could reach, making sure I was groaning and gasping with each deep suck.

As we all know it, the more intense the foreplay, the faster the guy would cum. I didn’t let her tease me for too long, and handed her a condom to see if she knew what to do. The wrapper ripped and she capped me on all the way to the base, still holding it in her delicate hand.

Regina (whispering): ‘I cum very easily, so take it slow k?’

I nodded with eagerness and I was on top of her within seconds. She guided my cock inside her and tried to spread her legs as wide as she could, to accommodate an average size into her small hips. As soon as I heard a moan, my body took over and pounded her in long strokes, making sure I did not overpower her.

In just a few strokes, she was hugging me tightly as a shiver controlled her body, sinking her teeth into my collarbone in pleasure.

Regina: ‘You.. are the first to make me cum so quickly. You are good.’

Feeing proud of my speed, I continued at that pace, making orgasms in her mind till she was getting weaker. For someone who didn’t do much work, she was exhausted from the ecstasy. How could I complain right?

Regina: ‘Umm.. I can’t take it anymore.’

Me: ‘You sure? Let’s take a rest then.’

Regina: ‘Yupp. Okay. I help suck you off?’

Me: ‘Huh? You don’t have to. What if I take too long to cum? You’ll be tired.’

Regina: ‘Haha. It’s okay. Take your time k?’

She placed my two pillows against the wall by my bed and made me lie agains them. She went to the floor and kneeled on our clothes, commencing her blowjob as soon as she got my condom out of the way.

Working her tight mouth up and down, my mind was blank from her tongue. She was coating my dick in so much saliva, but there was not a sign of tiredness at all. Massaging my balls and half-stroking me, my dick never felt any harder.

The moment she shifted her focus to the tip of my rod, it was pure craziness. Swirling her tongue around the little ring, I couldn’t even warn her when the muscles in my dick started squeezing.

Me: ‘Regina!’

Regina: Mmm!

The fireworks went off in her mouth and she kept her head bobbing up and down, milking me of every drop against my body’s tremble. I was so guilty about cumming inside her without telling her. But she wasn’t shock at all.

Once I was done, I helped her up and prepared her dress to slip over her head so she could spit. Instead, she climbed over my body and stuck her tongue out, before swallowing it in one gulp.

We returned to the mattress and cuddled for a while, with my fingers rubbing her to another orgasm.

Regina: ‘What time do you end work? I want to see you again.’

Me: ‘I’ll text you tonight? But my brother might be home.’

Regina: ‘We can do it anywhere right?’

I helped her got dressed and we went out for lunch before sending her home. Well, she stayed in the same block, but further down from me. I guess it will be a frequent work out for the both of us from now on.

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