Teaching Them

Andy: ‘Ms. Chen, this is for you.’

He left the glass of water by the edge of the table where two of his friends were, sitting in for a ‘preview’ of her lessons before they sign up for the informal group tuition. Sarah had begin giving tuition during the day where her husband was out at work, earning some money for their expenses. She had told him about this part-time job, and there was no reason to hold Sarah back from this meaningful job.

After she went through the worksheets with the three of them, they began work on the second set of work and Sarah sat on Andy’s bed with the glass of water. Sipping gracefully, Andy was making weird faces at his friends. Little did they know he had slipped a sleeping pill from his dad’s prescription into her drink, with some undissolved powder till floating at the base.

Within minutes, Sarah was lying on the bed, weak but awake. Andy stood by her with his friends, and they did a little ‘oh-ya-beh-ya-som’ to start things off.

Sarah (weakly): ‘What are you guys doing?’

Andy: ‘We need to decide who goes first.’

Sarah (weakly): ‘What?’

They got onto the bed and surrounded her, pulling her white V-neck shirt over her head, and another boy tugged her knee-length skirt out from her feet. Their hands ravished her body helplessly, while Sarah tried to push them away. With fingers wriggling into her bra and panties, the boys were applying what they have learnt in pornographic videos, pinching her nipples mercilessly and handling her pussy quite roughly.

Suddenly, one of their fingers hurt her and she jolted in shock.

Boy (whispering): ‘Remove her panties first. I think we hurt her.’

Unable to see what was happening, she felt her pussy in cold air after her panties were removed. The boys then took turn to dip their fingers inside her, exploring her vagina like how she touched herself the first time.

Not only it felt sexy to be felt up by inexperienced hands, their curiosity turned her on even more when they ran their tongues across her clit to have a taste of their seductive teacher.

Boy: ‘Okay, you win just now right? So you go first.’

One of them positioned himself under her hips and the other two raised her knees. As the body pinned her down, she felt a raw dick poking into her. For a sexually active housewife, she was still as tight, and did not require much effort to be made wet.

The dick then began to pump her with vigour, groans and moans started filling the room up. Another dick appeared before her weary eyes, disappearing out of her sight as her jaws were pried opened. The familiar salty taste got her tongue wriggling and even more groans were heard.

Phrases like ‘this is awesome‘, ‘it feels super good‘, ‘I think I am addicted to this‘ were heard and she kept sucking on the growing dick in her mouth. Her nipples were not forgotten too. The third boy had been sucking them, firming up her nipples till they were hard and swollen.

Soon, the guy inside her went faster, till she heard ‘I’m going to shoot’. The other guys reminded him to shoot outside and her pussy was empty for a momemnt. The mouth on her boobs stopped and her blowjob was cut short.

A wet dick appeared in her mouth and it moved fast, thrusting as deep as the length of his dick was. With a new and thicker dick pounding her pussy, her mouth worked even harder. Within minutes, a powerful squirt of cum hit her throat and she continued with a hard suck till the guy just jumped away. There was no way his untrained mind can handle the pleasure, and he left Sarah in the hands of his two friends.

Boy: ‘You want to change with me?’

Andy: ‘It’s okay. I want to shoot in her mouth.’

Her two holes were filled once again and her body got sweaty on its own. With her recovering strength, Sarah reached for her clit and massaged with her fingers. Slowly reaching orgasm, she got tighter and the dick inside her groaned.

Andy and friend: ‘I’m.. ‘

Boy: ‘So together?’

Andy: ‘Yeah man.’

The two energetic boys rammed their dicks to their hearts’ content, while Sarah tried not to so much let a moan escape her desperate body. Certainly she cannot let her vulnerable side be seen by her students. They were after all thinking that they had their teacher in ‘control’.

Without warning, her vagina received a huge serving of hot cum as her mouth expanded slightly with the cumshot. Andy could not hold himself back from deep throating his teacher and the dick at her pussy just kept thrusting deep.

Only after a full minute, did the two of them pull out slowly, leaving trails of semen at her mouth and groin. Breathless and tired, Sarah had long recovered her strength. She perched herself up to the surprise of the three boys, and she made them stand in front of the bed.

Sarah (sternly): ‘Had fun?! Do you want me to report this to your parents?’

Andy: ‘No please don’t. I’m sorry.’

Boy: ‘Andy suggested it. We didn’t know he was planning this.’

Sarah (sternly): ‘Whoever started it, doesn’t matter. From now on, there will be no more group tuition. And Andy! I will talk to you during the next lesson.’

Right after her lecture, she chased the students out and wore her clothes back, leaving the house seemingly angry.

Sarah (Whatsapp): ‘Andy, the next time I see you, I want you to be waiting without clothes on. Don’t try anything funny, I will be bringing a cane.’

As for the other two boys, she had sent them a similar message, since they had given her their contact numbers when they sat in for their first preview. Not was she going to let them off so easily.

That night, Sarah had no choice but to tell her husband what happened, and was prepared to be asked to stop giving lessons. Not only he showed an overwhelming sense of care, he actually did not mind what happened. But he had only one request – to have her follow his instructions about the ‘personal’ lessons each boy is going to get after their academic tuition.

A happy ending? Perhaps not for the three youngsters.

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