Breaths Taking Night

With the stars and city lights blending in the towering landscape, it was one of the most expensive hotel rooms in Singapore. We had spent the morning with a nice high tea session, along with an hour or so of shopping in MBS’ shopping area. No doubt things weren’t cheap, Amy and I managed to get clothes we wanted each other to have.

Checking in at 3pm, we returned to the room for a one-night staycation, one which both of us needed badly from the hectic lifestyle that kept us from living our increasingly erotic-inclined phone calls on restless nights.

We took our time in the bathtub, rubbing each others’ back apart from the occasional teases. ‘Accidents’ and ‘oops’ kept us turned on in the most controlled manner. Once we pulled the blinds and hopped into the bed, it was as dark as evening and our moods gradually changed to a more relaxed one, plus a little eager to get things started on the bed.

Amy: ‘So let’s start with our own warm up.’

Me: ‘Lying next to each other and holding back?’

She removed her towel from under the sheets and I did the same, knees lifting the thick cosy blanket that hid the most of our bodies. As I jerked myself off, she was making movements between her legs, along with moans that was driving me insane. A voice that was so seductive, sweet and innocent at the same time, I bet all of you would get hard listening to her.

My free hand shifted towards her and went to her legs, where she gave way to me and let me ravish her clit, which I could accurately find with the knowledge I gained from the R&D I did for this blog. I wouldn’t want to be disappointing her as an erotica writer right?

Amy (whispering): ‘So someone has given up.’

Me: ‘Did I? I just know that it feels better when *increasing finger speed* is doing it for you.’

A long moan came and I knew she was enjoying it. Her hand came over to me and touched it playfully, stroking it with long moments of rests. There was no doubt I was distracting her to an imbalanced pleasure giving.

Me: ‘Hey Amy, I’m going to tie you up now.’

I reached for the light switches and darkened the room. Vision lit only by the bathroom lights that shone through a small opening into the bedroom. The restraints secured her wrists together, and that would be all that will hold her down. Still, a knee jab would do the job of getting me off her if I crossed the line.

In the dimmed setting, a lighter lit a candle I had in my hand, glowing the surrounding views as it hovered over her chest. Her hands were kept above her head, so she wouldn’t accidentally knock into me and dirty where we will be sleeping – or ‘working out’ on.

The hot wax dripped on one side of her buns, and I hastily sucked on the other to relieve the pain that was going nowhere. Perhaps it would be better converted to pleasure right? The candle melted over the length of her body as I kissed my way down, till I reached her thighs. Bringing the candle to her chest again, she blew it out and I immediately climbed off the bed, resting my upper body so I could reach her pussy.

Her legs remained wide opened as I lapped her slit, moving in long strokes along the slippery hole. Planting a kiss on her clit, I began spelling. ‘A.. B.. C.. ‘ That was the only way I knew how to keep my tongue working, and her body twitching. Her hands came over my head a little later and she was guiding me, licking at where she felt best at.

The amount of juice she was leaking, I kept swallowing and the wetness just showed me how things would go once it was over.

Amy: ‘J! Keep going at that spot.’

I froze my head and flicked that area I dug deep into with my tongue, it was directly over her clit but towards the left folds of flesh. Working non-stop on it, it took her a couple of minutes before her body jerked upwards and I was rewarded with an extra shot of her love gushing like a waterfall onto the bed.

The breathless Amy then asked me back next to her, and tasted herself by kissing me on the lips.

Amy (whispering): ‘My turn now.’

The cuffs were slapped onto the wrists and she made sure to keep my hands behind my back. The candle was lit again and she began pecking down my body, slowly and still moaning to keep me desperate. The moment she arrived at my groin, I could only wish harder that she would just end this torture. The heat from the wax, against the sensual lips of hers, my body didn’t know how to react at all.

The fire went out and her hands were over my rod next, massaging it till pre-cum was oozing out in droplets where she would smear over my dick. The next thing I knew that caused my mind to go blank momentarily, it was her mouth that engulfed me in such warmth I knew I could not get enough of.

Sliding her lips up and down, it was her tongue that was stealing the limelight. I could feel her twirling in circles, tickling the sensitive ring under the head, sucking so hard that all the blood was rushing down to enlarge it even further. Even my balls were subjected to her hands playing with them.

Amy: ‘Is J going to shoot?’

Me: ‘No. I’m going to.. *ahhh*’

She went faster and maintained a suction that felt as though I was inside her. I couldn’t think of anything else except that I was losing control, and might just cum if she kept going. Clearly, she was making the slurping sounds that turned me on even more, till I was flopping frantically to hold myself in.

Me: ‘Amy! I’m gonna cum! Stop stop!’

She left her lips at the tip and took over jerking the shaft, till my waist sank into the mattress. My throat gave off a loud, deep groan as the first shot fired into her mouth, and kept squirting as she lowered her lips in short, quick moves.

Me (groaning): ‘Amyyyy… ‘

She stayed in that position till my body went limp and I was too drained to see what she did with the cum. Hurrying back to my side, our vision locked in smiles and she swallowed loudly. What. Could. I. Be. Thinking?

Me: ‘Hey, you don’t need to.’

Amy: ‘Oops! But I know I want to.’

We made out for a while and brought the lights back on. As the clock showed 5.30, we called room service for dinner and the food arrived as we got decently dressed. None of us noticed the handcuffs and candle that was left lying on the night-stand. Damn.

Can you guys guess how we had our dinner? Naked of course! Unwilling to waste the food on each others’ bodies, we quickly finished up and went back to the dim lights.

Amy (whispering): ‘So is J ready for the rest of the night? Can’t waste the money sleeping right?’

To her horror, I took a silver pill box and swallowed the blue pill. The pill that would show her the best (or crazy) reality for the rest of the night. Armed with a hard rod fuelled by Viagra, she was wetter the moment she saw how it rose to the calling.

I pinned her down on the bed after slipping a condom on, and whispered in my most manly tone, ‘Let’s not let any of this go to waste’. My hips drove deep into her pussy and she grabbed my arms tightly, ready for the ‘tour’ we will be having around the room.

Most of the regular sleeping hours were spent in sex-filled moans, and mind-blowing orgasms. Despite our initial plan to ‘make full use of the one-night-stay’, our bodies did not hold up and collapsed once we hit the J5:A6 mark.

The final moment I remembered before sleeping was the sun shining through the ground-to-ceiling window, which we left undrawn as midnight struck. Yes, it was 4am. That morning when I woke up, it was her mouth that began making breakfast under my waist. Part assisted by the Viagra, I laid dead still on bed as she took me deep throat, finally balancing the score to J6:A6 in time for a relaxing long soak in the tub before checking out.

How would you guys spend a night in MBS with your girls? What’s your idea of ‘making your money’s worth’ in the newest luxurious hotel in our tiny island?

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