Student Fantasy

Drake had finished his takeaway dinner on the sofa when Elly, his secondary three student threw her panties over his lap while hugging him from behind.

Elly: ‘Mr. Drake, are you ready for some exercise after dinner?’
Drake: ‘So early?’

Her hands had began to unbutton his shirt, where he kept on after a meeting in school. She had been waiting below his flat till thirty minutes ago, where she finally could take her shower in his apartment. Fingers digging between his top, she was teasing his nipples. Looks like someone else could not wait for him to digest his food.

Topless, he brought her into the master bedroom to strip those uniform off, leaving her in just her bra. Automatically, he fell on the bed facing the ceiling and she climbed over him, freeing his belt and trousers, where his dick was poking eagerly from under his wear.

Those underwear came off next and she laid between his legs, stroking that piece of erection in her soft, tiny hands. With pre-cum oozing from the tip, she licked them up and brought her lips over the tip, sucking in short pulses while he clenched the sides of the pillow tightly.

Her mouth sank down his rod and worked her way skilfully up and down, wetting her play toy with generous amount of saliva. Drake simply laid still while she fondled his balls, savouring her lollipop that was pumped full of horniness. Making sure to cover every inch, she licked the sides, working from the bottom up and returning to the top, pushing her head all the way down to get him moaning in pleasure.

The man in his late twenties couldn’t be more turned on as she rubbed her nude body against his legs.

Drake: ‘Elly, lie on the bed. It’s my turn.’

She obediently took the centre of the bed and raised her kness, to allow him to lap her pussy that was leaking juices. That glorious young slit was shaved, and tasted every bit sweet to his liking. Tongue flipping her clit over and over again, he was constantly reminding her why she was addicted to him in the first place.

Just a minute into the cunnilingus, he had brought his dick under her hips, legs still opened and inviting him to finish his task. Now pinning her down with his weight, she had cupped his cheeks between her palms and could feel his member poking into her hole, slowly with an urge he wished he could just sink his meat into.

Her body accepted the grown-up’s dick willingly and her slim legs wrapped around him. His thrusts gradually picked up speed as she groaned in ecstacy, senses overwhelmed by what her little hole was filled with. A thick cock that reached everywhere inside, forcing a rush of adrenaline confused with pleasure that her body could not get enough of.

His dick was in a tight spot too, squeezed mercilessly by the biologically unprepared girl. She was as slippery and wet as he could handle, speed only to be held back by his desire not to cum before she got her orgasms.

With her g-spot and clit furiously attacked on, Elly felt him going deeper with each stroke, stretching her vagina inwards. It was knocking her consciousness out with such force her mind wasn’t ready to take for her age. It was addictively too good for her to reject.

Switching to his favourite position, the doggie style, Elly grew more impatient. She needed him inside badly, and he was quick to satisfy her waiting hole. Moving as fast as he could, her tiny frame was shaking as orgasms overtook her mind, producing juices that dripped non-stop from his balls onto the bed.

Since the start of their tryst, Drake was in such agony each time, helpless against the girl whose thirst for sex was greater than his. But unknown to him, her thirst wasn’t for sex nor a dick. She wanted his cum badly, to work magic in her pussy that made her felt high as though on drugs. It was that power she was willing to do anything for.

Jerking vigorously on his bed, Drake finally sputtered the golden words.

Drake: ‘I’m cumming Elly!’

With a hoarse sounding ‘oh my god’, he plunged his dick deep inside her as the waves brought her body close to his, milking his ejaculation continuously into her body.

It went on and on with Elly focused on her pelvic muscles, sucking with her might at whatever he had. Finally his butt hit the bed and she felt his softening piece slip out. Turning onto her back, she dipped her fingers into her love hole for some of the creamy goodness implanted. Elly had got to have a taste of what Drake had given.

Drake (tiredly replied): ‘You like the taste?’
Elly: ‘Very much. I think I have to go now. It’s getting late.’

He handed her the uniform that was lying crumpled on his bed and helped the sexy dancer get dressed. She left him with her panties, to be collected some other time, and they bade goodbye at the doorstep.

On her way home, Elly still felt the warmth of his semen swimming inside her, a sensual moment embedded in her memories with every step she took, with every seat she sat on. She could not have felt so empowered anyway else. Would Drake every know that he is just her cum-producing cow?

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