Final Boss

Girl: ‘So you are the boss of this place?’
Me: ‘Nah. I am just an employee, but I manage this place.’

The girl grinned as I cleared the cups off the table in front of hers. She was the last customer whom I had seen before, at the very first cafe I worked in. I remembered teaching her how to play darts, and she had been at it since. For the nights I closed the shop, I would bring my own bottle of sake and sit by the window, then occupied by the lovely brown-haired girl.

Girl: ‘Join me?’
Me: ‘Sure thing.’

Seated before her, I had something to look at. She was sipping Carlsberg from the bottle and I was emptying the sake carafe into my tiny cup. I wasn’t a good drinker, but without anyone else around, I couldn’t care more about my blushing face. It was my time to unwind.

Girl: ‘Can I have a cup too?’
Me: ‘Can you drink from mine?’
Girl: ‘Yeah sure.’

She emptied the cup and was taking some time to enjoy the heat down her throat. Compared to the beer, it was much stronger, and the mixture in her stomach certainly made it worse.

Wobbling on her feet, she dragged me from my seat and stood in front of the darts machine, obviously too drunk to get any dart near the bullseye. In just a few minute, we were on the couch in the middle of the cafe, and she was just lying so suggestively against my chest.

Girl: ‘I really like this place. You’re so lucky to have this to yourself.’

Nonsensical blabbering, I called them, were mentioned freely. She was high and had her arms around my neck, trying to pull me closer. Being dressed in shirt and jeans, I had no worry about losing myself. That pair of jeans, was one of the tightest I had. She grabbed my hands and cupped them over her boobs, squeezing her tits in a half-dazed mode.

Things haven’t gone beyond messy yet. But that was about it. I wasn’t going to move anywhere else. She suddenly turned herself around like a panther, kneeling over my legs and face so close to kissing me.

Girl (whispering): ‘I really love nights like this. I can let myself go, and there is someone here who doesn’t fight back.’

Her body slid against mine till she was at my jeans, painfully undoing the buckles and running the zippers down. I was sighing but did not want to end my Friday night without some fun either. She was there, full stop. My cock flipped out into the cold ambience and her warm mouth devoured it hungrily, rolling her head up and down to lube it up real nice.

The downblouse into her red bra? Only made me harder. She managed to step off the sofa and stripped her tiny shorts down at the same time, panties strewn on the wood-patterned floor inside her bottoms. Do I even need to do anything?

The hysterical SYT just hopped above me and sat over my dick, shocking me to an upright position where she just pinned me down. Her pussy clamped down on me so tight that I totally missed a breath.

Girl: ‘I’m going to do this to you if you struggle.’

Her vaginal muscles created a suction inside so intense I was certain I could cum right then. And I didn’t want to, because of some.. fears. I pulled her waist down onto my body and we frenched passionately, tongues slipping everywhere, bites happening everywhere on my pulled-up shirt. Needless to say, I left a few marks on her boobs too.

As soon as she was done with the kissing, she got back up and began grinding skilfully, going a little slower than a full-fledged doggie attack if I were behind. It felt good nonetheless, it felt sensational. A guy in his mid-twenties, fucked by.. wait. I don’t even know her age. Yet there she was, holding her own hair as she rode me like Zena.

The mind-blowing contractions on my penis was already bad enough, and moving at that speed, I was surprised she had not blew me up yet. I just had to keep holding on for as long as I could. And this girl moving so vigorously was enjoying herself.

Me (calmly): ‘Baby.. I’m going to cum soon.’
Girl (moaning): ‘Fuck.. I love it when you call me baby.’

She finally stopped and I was given a bitch to pump, yes, in doggie. I held no sperms back as I rammed my life into her, sinking that rod so deep she was emitting those high pitched, sore-sounding screech. My dick was thickening to its glorious moment.

Girl (moaning): ‘OH FUCK! Right there!’

I had already engaged my tenth gear, if there was one, pounding her firm ass to pinkness. I was as close as her to an orgasm. Sweat dripping onto her rear, it had formed the final bit of lubricant for the overdrive.

Me (shouting hoarsely): ‘Baby! Here it comes (or cums)!’

The first wave was pumped right into her depth and she face planted onto the couch, thighs straightening trying to escape the overbearing climax her body had reached. Loads of cum was flushed into her despite the struggle and she was just milking me for more, or all.

Those intense vaginal actions, I could only describe them as vengeful suctions. Everything, I had given everything and she was still convulsing. The moment I unplugged myself, she took over with her fingers and rubbed her clit in circular motion, as though she was massaging some kind of aches.

Girl: ‘It’s so hot down there!’
Me (panting): ‘Umm.. is it good or bad?’
Girl: ‘It’s just burning and I cannot stop rubbing it.. ‘

Another orgasm strike and she was rolling desperately this time, almost falling onto the floor. I had to hug her tightly by her side till everything went silent, till the poor girl was too weak to open her eyes.

Me: ‘I’m spending the night here. Do you want to stay?’

She gave me a nod and I helped put her underwear back on, leaving the jeans out to ‘air’ whatever was burning. For the rest of the night, I slept on the single armchair and she was blissfully sleeping, with a calmness I thought she deserved.

By day break, I had began cooking scrambled eggs and toast for her and she woke up to get dressed before the doors were opened. Whoever that girl was, she left for home to get a fresh change of clothes, and appeared later that night again, in a little black dress that was flaring at her thighs.

Girl: ‘Can I be the last customer again?’

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