Waited Long?

This entry is written for Ena, writer of Promiscuous Secret. Nuff’ said.

Ena (Whatsapp): ‘Eden, you can come up now. There’s no one here.’

Eden had been waiting below her office building for her message and finally it came. His cock had been pressing against his jeans throughout the text messages they were exchanging while her colleagues were leaving. And finally, he arrived at the glass door of Ena’s workplace.

She appeared in the same blue dress she showed him earlier and the shy lady led him straight to the only unoccupied office she told him about, still avoiding his gaze from her excited look. Instead of the awkwardness she expected, he held her hand gentle and brought her to a wall, where he pinned her up against and began kissing her ears.

In surprise, she grabbed his waist and gasped as his lips trailed down her powdered neck, stopped short of her chest covered by her dress. He hugged her tightly in his arms and a deep breath of his scent was taken in, a much relaxed, calm mood she was settling down for.

His fingers made their way to the zipper at her neck and the cranking sounds couldn’t be any louder in her head. It was letting cold air into her back, moving lower as he undid her dress. Her shaking hands just hugged him tightly, still a little shy about letting him see her that naked.

Eden (whispering): ‘Sit on the floor.’

He helped her down onto the carpet where her legs could not close as he was between, but he did not sit down with her. On his knees, Ena buried her face into his shirt as he reached for her panties, pushed aside for him to get to the pink toy she had for the whole day.

Moving the Benwa balls in and out, he made sure she felt alright with the speed, constantly asking as she breathed faster. How could she answer while moaning right? Nods rubbed her face against his nice smelling shirt and his fingers got wetter from the tease.

Ena: ‘Eden.. ‘

Her grip around his waist tightened and her body gave off a slight shiver, signalling the climax she just had. It brought smiles to the both of them as things were going unexpectedly smooth. While Eden proceeded to unwrap his little glass present for her, she undid his belt buckle and managed to wrestle his stiff one from inside his pants.

The whiff of saltiness and manliness had almost made her suck on it, but he was faster in asking her to wait. Wait for a toy he had brought for himself, for her to use. It was a Tenga Egg, bought online a long time ago but never got used.

He had only given her a minute to explore the new toy while he slid the glass rod into her, jolting her body upright despite her effort to focus on his toy. Ena quickly unwrapped the egg and poured the lubricant in, rolling with her palms before slipping it over his manhood.

God, if only he knew how honoured she was when he let of that weak groan. She had a part of him in control and he had an equal part of her in command. Eden kneeled on his heels and pumped the dildo as fast as he could to get Ena started, stretching the squishy egg up and down as Eden tried hard to keep quiet.

Ena (panting): ‘Eden.. I.. ‘

Eden (gasping): ‘Yes?’

How much would she love to tell him she needed him inside. But she could tell he had already given in to her and would not help her say no.

Eden: ‘Tell me if there is something wrong k?’

How much ‘wrong’ could this get? Ena was enjoying what she shouldn’t, and this guy, made her felt like a ‘girlfriend’ instead of a fling, at least in the heat of that moment. That was all Ena could ask for, nothing more.

Ena: ‘Let me take over the toy inside me.’

She took over and guided it to where it was most sensitive, still getting orgasms silently as the Benwa balls had trained her up for. If only Eden could feel what was going on below..

Eden (hesitantly): ‘Ena.. bend over the table for me?’

Sure it was a question, Ena heard the tone right. He had popped the question, or command. One that Ena could not say no to cause it was more of an order. She was simply doing what was asked, not that she wanted it – right?

She made herself comfortable on the cold desk and felt the flimsy tip of a condom touched. He easily entered her wet hole and the warmth made up for his lack of size compared to the toy. But he did not move. Not yet. What was he waiting for?

A few seconds later, he was out. Not because he had came, but his facial expression, had told Ena all. His rod was softening with guilt. Eden was just.. that thoughtful.

Ena: ‘Eden.. sit on the table. Don’t say anything.’

He propped himself where she laid and Ena took a seat between his legs. The egg was in her hand and she wrapped it over his shrunken dick. It was time to relieve him of any guilt. It was the least she could do for him.

Seeing the little boy in her heart struggle with pleasure, the Benwa toy in her kept slipping around, brightening her spirits as Eden groaned louder.

Eden: ‘Ena!’

She quickened her pace and stroked him even faster, without worry of dirtying the floor. It was a naughty mind that wanted to see the sensitive side of Eden, legs trembling so helplessly violent. The rubbery egg suddenly felt extra hot and covered in white liquid squirting from the tip Ena could see so clearly.

It had made her a little happier right there and then. Cleaning up had never been easier in that egg, with wet wipes prepared in his bag. Eden had spent the next few minutes catching her breath, and Ena had slipped her dress back on without any kinks on it.

Now, for the bus ride home. ;)

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