He is humourous, she is mean. He goes straight to the point, she maybe-s. He is the hermit, she’s the chariot. As they stood before each other, he had his hand on her neck, thumb brushing across her cheek as she tilted her head sideways. It wasn’t the touch that was on their minds. It was the challenge.

Their eyes locked in gaze, occasionally darting to the left and right of the person before. Their lips slightly apart, breathing out intentions and thoughts that none of them could ever guess. The mutual feeling they had for each other, had matched their personalities. The opposites and similarities, their differences in methodology, their conflicting attitudes, their same hectic schedules.

Lovers had always knew what bonded them wasn’t anything materialistic, neither were beliefs or tastes for worldly desires. These two knew exactly what would join them as one. Perhaps it might work, perhaps it wouldn’t. In the emptiness of the corridor, she was leaning on the wall relaxed, he was standing firmly on the ground. Something in them was growing eager, shown through the depth of their breaths, and coldness of his touch despite the long contact.

In her mind, she was trying to sense his faithfulness, for she knew she can be that wilful. And in his heart, he was decoding her vision for them, for he knew, he is easily malleable.

The watch hanging on the sling of his bag ticked louder, and she had not removed her hand from his which had held onto her for better insight, cause she was looking as deep as he was into her. Maybe for once, this standstill in time had allowed her to feel on her own accord, instead of the mere hardwork and dedication the other side had done to earn her feelings. He knew it would take two to make this work, and he tries hard to convince her she can.

Their lips came dangerously close without realisation, but it was an inch short of complete trust. How could one moment make up for what needed to be built over time?, she thought to herself. In reply to her hesitation, he answered with the same silence, What if this one moment is what you have missed out for the relationships you built over time?

She heard him, and he saw in her eyes what she understood. Words might describe what will happen, but can never tell what anyone of us is going to do. Sex might strengthen love, but only if love is stronger than the act of love. How many of us had felt security never before during sex, but the feeling disappears as soon as the deed is done? Only to be desiring for it again to have that sense of belonging again?

Whatever she had done, it never went past that point, she felt the same promise again, but they never lasted. All he had done, was to show that no matter if he made love to his partners, he will never love himself as much. This short minutes they spent in each other’s mind, showed her what he could provide. A freedom limited by her principles and guilt. As long as she feels fine doing what she loves, he feels fine. And for him, a willing freedom limited by what she hopes he would get right. Not by warnings or hints, but by logic and discipline.

Yes, she knew him by what he does and experienced. Yes, he knew her by the character moulded by the people and events around her. His feelings for other skimmed just above the surface no matter how deep the world expects everyone to be affected. Her feelings run deep no matter how insignificant most people would consider the situations to be.

They are strong in the presence of strengths, and it is not ‘you can make up for my weakness and I can make up for yours’ that she is looking for. It’s ‘you’ll take care of me at my weakest moment and I will take care of you.’ She is adventurous enough to take on anything that meant danger, and thus him. Cause he will be the one danger, she will never fall beyond.

His compassion, seen as a weakness to her, is the strongest cushion he can provide. And when he deflates, the strong chariot is the one to lead him into the sun to puff him up again, to let him bounce off the cliff only to catch him at the base.

The very vicious cycle that all lovers wishes to eliminate, the irregularities, the kinks and bumps in each others’ character, will be the one thing that will hold this two tightly together.

Now, with their lips a breath away, will they join as one? One that will precede the most unimaginable love, sex, social, emotional lives they can never think of having.

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