This is an entry written on behalf of Ena, the writer of Promiscuous Secret from my point of view, and in no way a representation of the thoughts and beliefs of Ena. You can call it causal, hopeful imaginative fantasy. Read it as it was her (Ena’s) work, written from my understanding of Ena.

Lying on the bed fully clothed, I knew where this was going. It’s something I shouldn’t do, but I knew Eden too well to have any doubts. He read my stories, he had met me a few times, all we did was have heart-to-heart talks. This time, I gave in to his request and agreed to meet him at his place.

With the erratic movements of the bedsheets, I felt him manoeuvring to my side, wrapping a blindfold over my eyes but without any restraints. He was fully aware of my fears. Not to mention he was handling them well for me. I was constantly reminded that I am allowed to stop him anytime I felt uncomfortable. But was I going to even if it was?

My black blouse was unbuttoned slowly to expose the white bra I wore under, presentably laced for this occasion. He made sure to unhook them before helping me up to bare my top, as my bottoms were much easier to remove. Before I knew it, a thick warm quilt was pulled over my naked self that smelled as good as he was. The soothing heat from his body next to mine was calming my senses beneath the sheets, a tranquillity that Mister never took time to provide.

Eden’s warm hand then roamed over my cold breasts, taking his time to knead them professionally to get my moans going. In this relaxed state, shyness had disappeared as my desire took over my body. I could feel the wetness gathering between my legs before he made any contact there. As my mind sank into a half-asleep mode, the blanket rose above my chest and a slippery wet tongue enveloped my nipple, juicy sounds hinting at the kinky intercourse my body was yearning for.

Both sides was pleasured equally well and I still have not found any resistence. Being a mother, it was wrong to be wanting a fling. There was nothing Mister could not provide, but apparently, Eden was doing them better. It was then I realised I was sexually satisfied, on the belief that I am required to ‘return the favour’ for Mister. What about Eden? He was fully dressed before we started, and I was sure he didn’t strip up to this point. What was he really up to?

After he finished warming my tits, he laid on the bed next to me and ran his fingers down, guiding the horniness my nipples stirred to where he wanted to explore next. I was suddenly aware of where he was approaching and tightened my legs together. Maybe I had wanted Eden to stop above my waist. Yeah. That was probably it.

He took his fingers away to my mouth and I sucked on them to make up for the unwillingness. But after he left my mouth, I realised what he had wet his fingers for. He pushed his middle finger between my thighs and cleverly landed on my clit. A move that chased my fear away. My body ignored my guilt and loosened its muscles to his rubs, giving him more space to vibrate his fingers on me.

Since I was already wet, I was just waiting for him to enter. He massaged me for a long time, and I was getting desperate. Was he just teasing me? Cause I wasn’t going to ask for it. I wasn’t that insensible. I am.. married.

He brought my hands to my knees and made me expose myself, not to his eyes, but to my own vulnerability.

Eden: ‘Rub yourself.’

I reached around my thigh to where I wanted to be satisfied and humoured him. He moved under the sheets to where I was busy rubbing at and made me hold onto his pants. Driven near to craziness, I tugged his shorts down and clumsily whipped his cock out. Stroking them till it was as big as I could get him to be.

Eden: ‘Show me where to go.’

I couldn’t care less about what shouldn’t I do anymore, I wanted him inside me. It was ‘Mister’ my mind was imagining him to be. As soon as his tip touched my entrance, he pushed my hand away from his rod.

Eden: ‘I’m not going to.’

What! Was he going to turn sex down? He had came so far! I was fine with no sex, but him? Did my desperation turn him off? Or has I failed the test?

Me: ‘You have come so far. Just let me pleasure you Sir?’
Eden: ‘This is far enough for you.’

He threw the blanket behind him and got up, straightening my legs below him and sat over my stomach. His balls were barely touching me, giving him the space to place my arm through his legs to my pussy. I just continued rubbing my clit and fingered myself occasionally. It was the only thing left for me to do.

My other hand, was dropped onto his manhood, and he had given me a command in thought to my next order. Pumping his throbbing meat while fingering myself, I was hallucinating about the sex we should be having. I could smell him in that distance, I could feel his pre-cum lubricating the handjob. He could totally dip it in my mouth and I will suck him dry.

After some time, he took over my masturbating hand and fingered me vigorously, while I paid all my attention to his blood-filled tube. He was groaning faster as his hand’s movement became random. My mind was turning white as the orgasm was arriving.

Eden: ‘Cumming Ena.’
Me: ‘Don’t stop now. Let’s climax together.’

The most intense minute came and went as he froze to spray his cum over my body. The warming liquid had a huge impact on my cold sweaty body. Next was my turn, around his fingers, juices were leaking to my shudder and he was wriggling inside to play with me. Boy it was just so overwhelming to be teased as I was at my weakest moment. I just kept cumming as he refused to give me a break, and I had my revenge by toying with his sensitive cock.

He laid daringly on my slime-covered body and we exchanged a few pecks. My blindfold finally came off and he laid panting next to me, juicy fingers being licked off by his tongue right in front of my eyes.

Eden: ‘Shall we shower?’
Me: ‘I’ll go first.’

I went into his bathroom smiling and got a taste of his cum before washing them off. It was barely six when we were done as I took a half-day off for him – for us.

As I lazed on his cosy, soft queen-sized bed, he whipped up some food from the grocery shopping he did that morning. For holding himself back, for the prevention of any guilt, for the discipline he had before a horny MILF, I remained in my lingerie next to him on the bed, all the while stroking his well-behaved dick as he fed me my dinner.

Eden, if you are reading this, I would love to meet you again. And feel you dominating my integrity. Or, like what you said, there are guys out there who should be given the chance to ‘love’ me differently.

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