The Mystery Man

Hidden under her blanket, the toy from a mysterious sender slipped in easily into her body. She had no idea who was it from, but the urge came when she was alone in the huge bed, to use that toy to fill her yearning desire. As soon as it was in, the only vision she had was a dark, young man, lying on top of her and thrusting energetically.

Apart from being pleased sexually, there was not a single chance of ‘misfiring’ or weakness in that toy. Physically, that little rubber stick, was fixing every worry she had about looking for a friend with benefits. Before she realised, her hand was guiding the dildo deep and faster, squishing juices around her groin as it sped up.

Whoever this guy (she had no choice but to assume his gender) was, he sent the right present. There was no other ways to describe how much she loved the freedom, and security that the toy will never fail her. A few moments of furious thrusting later, she turned to her sides and pounded the toy in another angle.

Gently, her phone vibrated and an unknown caller was put through.

Man (on phone): ‘Ena?’
Ena (on phone): ‘Who is this?’
Man (on phone): ‘I’m the guy inside you now.’
Ena (whispering): ‘How did you.. ‘
Man (on phone): ‘Shhh.. Don’t say anything. I want you to go on your knees now, and hold the toy between your legs.’

An unseen frown had showed up on her forehead, somewhat irritated by how arrogant the caller was. So what if he sent a toy she needed? So what if he knew she was using it? To give such a command through the phone was.. As soon as she realised, the phone was on loudspeaker at the lowest volume, resting on her pillow that she was facing – on her fours. True enough, the toy was still sopping wet and the only way to hold it inside her. Well, she did as told.

Her hand did not stop moving in that position, along with the images of the dark figure ramming her from behind. Going as deep and fast as she wanted, the man on the line did not whisper a word till she let off a groan.

Man (on phone): ‘You like that little Ena?’
Ena (whispering shyly): ‘Yeah. I love that.. ‘

She stopped herself once she realised what she shouldn’t be telling. She had no idea who she was speaking to anyway, except that it felt really comfortable being taken like that. Somehow, a force was overpowering her and there was little she could do. Yes she could cut the line, but there was no harm in talking. Or the fun could just end and there was nothing he could do, but there was only pleasure between this distant control.

Her hand just went on and on, moans directed to the microphone of her cell. Nothing could go wrong with this sex chat she did not intended for. After all, he knew what to say to keep her from cutting the line.

Man (on phone): ‘Okay Ena, I’m going to cum soon. Climax with me.’

She couldn’t even tell if he was doing anything behind the phone, but she was definitely moving faster, as fast as her hand could go. Seconds it took, the orgasmic build up was gradual but enticing, it was those climax where she had no idea where the peak was, only expecting it to be one mind blowing one.

A loud groan she quickly muffled with her pillow was heard through the line and the man groaned in an agonising voice, whispering ‘There’s so much going into you..’ Ena’s mind drifted to the scene at her rear, cum overflowing her occupied opening. Without any description, mental sights had led her vaginal walls to feel warm with semen, so fulfilling and kinky at the same time.

Man: ‘Sounds like you are done. Have a good rest.’

Poor Ena was left panting for air as she stumbled onto the bed, toy sliding out lifelessly unlike how it seemed before her fun. She had to drag herself to give the dildo a rinse and kept it at her lingerie drawer, the safest place she could think of.

That man’s voice was still echoing commands in her head, disrupting a big part of her rest before she fell asleep to tiredness. Goodnight little Ena.

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