Never Too Big

The webcam chats soon escalated to a cyber sex show with Jacelyn. At first it was more of Marcus teasing her about showing him her D cup boobs for a 15 year old, which wasn’t too hard to believe when he saw her shirt, but wanted to see it in flesh. The natural progression of the hormones soon got the two heated up so much that they had to meet, in a hotel.

Jacelyn: ‘How much is this place?’

Marcus: ‘Don’t worry Jace, I can afford. Anyway, we’re spending the night here right?’

Jacelyn: ‘Yepp, but let me tell you first, I have no intention of giving you my virginity.’

Marcus: ‘We’ve spoken about it already. I’m not going letting it go anywhere near yours okay?’

With that assurance, they made their way up the lush hotel and into the room. Clear glass bathroom and open sea view. All Jacelyn could think of was how awkward it would be when she had to bath in that see-through room. As per protocols, Marcus started stripping to his boxers and invited her to do the same, since they said they were going to shower together. Shyly removing her clothes, it got Marcus’ dick more excited as he watched an innocent girl turn naughty.

Jacelyn: ‘I’m done. Let’s shower.’

Trying not to look into his eyes, her hands pulled him into the room and stepped into the tub, quickly adjusting the tap to get the temperature right. After that, the soaping was delayed by Marcus as he snatched the bar of soap and started lathering Jace up, covering her body with as much foam as possible. As his hands soaped her, it went under her and she couldn’t help but lift her left leg onto the edge of the tub, while his fingers slipped in without any resistance. The ease of it made her felt loose, but that thought didn’t linger long enough as the thrusting and digging started, weakening her legs and breath.

Soon, Marcus knew she had to sit and there she was, in the tub, head thrown backwards and hands gripping tightly to the edges of the tub as his fingers continue shooting in and out of her, mixing the soap, juices and water together. His rock hard dick was twitching and leaking pre-cum like nobody’s business, but he too knew, the relief would be coming soon. Her legs were soon out of the tub and bouncing up and down as Marcus forced deep in and out, digging as he fingered her to the X-th time of orgasms.

Jacelyn: ‘Stop.. stop.. stop.. I think I’m going to faint if you continue.. ‘

A sly grin swept across Marcus’ face and he too, rested on the other side of the tub to catch his breath. The fun had just begun, as it seems.

Marcus: ‘Jace, turn around, get into doggy.’

Jacelyn: ‘For what?! You said you won’t.. ‘

Marcus: ‘Trust me. I won’t.’

Again, she listened to him and turned around. Grabbing the floating soap bar, he lubed up her untouched hole with so much soap that it was out of sight. Then, he coated his own dick with enough for an anal job. Poking his finger into her ass, her muscles were quick to relax but any shock or surprise wriggling would trigger her to push him out. And for your information, the reflex of ‘pushing out’ would usually create the awesomely tight sensation of an ass job.

Without giving her any more preparation, he pushed the soft head in and with the strong shaft, he managed to forced her butt hole open and entered. The pain wasn’t that much as her own fingers were rubbing her own clit and even fingering herself. Her relaxation continued and within minutes, Marcus claimed her ass virginity and continued pumping her faster as time went by.

Marcus: ‘I’m going to cum inside your ass!’

Jacelyn’s mind was long gone into limbo as the overwhelming pleasure knocked her all over, the warmth of his cum filling her ass was the most soothing thing to happen after such rough sex. Still in a trance state, Jacelyn┬ámurmured┬ásomething that made Marcus smiled widely.

Jacelyn: ‘I like it this way.. ‘

He rinsed the soap away and carried her feeble body to the bed, before tucking her in naked under the sheets. That was just the start of the day. With more than a day to go, who could imagine what happened? Just pray that Jace can still walk proper the next day.

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