Sounds Next Door

The slapping and moaning sound can’t be wrong. It had been the same sounds every time Selina’s brother brought his girlfriend, Eve, home, locking themselves inside his room and doing their deeds. Though she was just opposite his room, frequent glances of their naked bodies was no surprise. The girlfriend was hot, sexy and horny, just like her brother. A few times she would masturbate thinking about what they did behind the closed doors, but her imagination was only restricted to how her friends depicted sex as.

Eve (whispered): ‘Hey Selina..’

Selina: ‘Yeah?’

Eve (whispered): ‘You wanna try something fun?’

Selina showed no doubt and allowed her to lead into her brother’s room. It was warm, but cold from the air conditioning, used condoms on the floor and a bottle of lubricant stood on the bedside table. Eve positioned Selina by the bed and gently pulled the blankets off the sleeping boyfriend. His spent rod lay flaccid but big, with the foreskin peeled neatly backwards and a coat of bodily fluid was dripping off the tip.

Eve (whispered): ‘Try it.’

She guided Selina’s mouth towards his dick and held it up for her as she parted her lips, breathing out warmed air. There was a slight confusion, but the excitement overwhelmed whatever immorality and she just had to have a better idea of how ‘sex’ went about. Taking her own brother’s dick into her mouth, the tongue slid underneath and went along the base of his shaft while Eve pushed her head down. It wasn’t revolting, in fact, the extra fluid helped her to go deeper and the slight suction she gave was perfect not to let a pop sound escape while she went up. In less than four strokes, his dick was standing in full strength. It was the first time he recharged so fast, even Eve couldn’t understand how Selina did it.

A little jealousy took over and Eve went down on him, lighting the fuse on him in an instant. Right before he opened his eyes, Eve quickly climbed over and blindfolded him with the satin cloth he always used on her.

Eve: ‘Let me have my fun.’

Brother: ‘ Naughty girl.. ‘

He forgot to put a ‘s’ behind the word ‘girl’, Selina’s hand had resumed stroking his dick and kept it standing while Selina peeled a condom open for her to put on him. Feeling the pair of unfamiliar hands rolling the rubber, it helped him to relax even more. Eve did a hand sign to Selina to climb over his abs and she followed as asked. Supporting the new girl on the old ride with one hand, she aimed his dick at his sister’s opening and Selina slid back comfortably, savouring the heat that travelled along her pussy walls as it took her virginity. Without guidance, her hips began moving back and forth and rode her brother like a cowgirl.

It was definitely a different feel of pussy, with the new one being tighter, wetter but colder. The contrast was doing more than just differentiating, he was enjoying the coldness, while his hot rod was caressing every part of her insides. Suddenly, Eve climbed over his legs and rubbed Selina’s clit while she kept on riding. Selina’s moans just exploded into the room after holding it for a long time and the familiar voice threw her brother into confusion, trying to shake both of them off, it turned out to be counter effective as he thrust harder into her.

Selina: ‘Kor.. Let me finish the ride.’

Giving the benefit of doubt that the girl on him was NOT his sister, his hips moved in accordance to her up-down motion and the jealous girlfriend pushed Selina over the edge, pinching her nipples and rubbing the swollen clit non-stop. Selina’s body trembled as her body locked tight while her pussy squeezed him too tightly.

Brother: ‘Fuck!’

With a strong shove, Eve pushed Selina away and mounted onto her beloved boyfriend, which got up shortly after and threw her backwards into missionary. Ramming his every bit of energy into her, his dick was doing the countdown to blow the load. He yanked the condom away, the pounding resumed and within a few more strokes, her womb was filled with the second wave of warm cum. As the couple lay on the bed trying to catch their breaths, Selina’s brother was looking down at her, while comforting Eve in his arms.

The carpet was stained with Selina’s cum as she squirted within moments of being pushed off him. Her fingers were still rubbing on the sore pussy and clit, totally drenched in fresh juice. The three of them cuddled for a long while until dinner time and Selina left, not wanting to be a light bulb.

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