New Office Girl

The date was coming to an end after a long night of work, followed by a romantic dinner. The few glasses of wine weren’t that strong, but it was enough for the two to reach a little ‘high’. Stacy was the date, at 22, she was 168cm tall, height perfect for the knee-length V-neck black dress she wore. Her fair skin, long brown hair complemented her Japanese look and the make up wasn’t too much to scare even ghosts away. Nick was having the time of his night as they strolled along the river by Esplanade. It didn’t a long time before the after-food tiredness kick in and the sweet couple sat in a dark corner by the waters, admiring the colourful sea view, with Esplanade, Merlion, Fullerton, MBS all in one picture.

Within minutes, Nick’s hand was running up and down her smooth legs, while Stacy’s hand was on his stomach, ready to head downwards if he proceeded. Among the last few times he stroked along her thighs, he glided his hand under her skirt onto her panties between her legs, massaging them in a circular motion. Stacy couldn’t do much about the moans that she made except to keep her head near his chest, muffling her cute sounds. Her hand weren’t just lazing around too, she had unzipped his pants and pulled his dick out, stroking as fast as his fingers were shooting in and out of her, making her wet beyond what her panties could absorb. Nick had better control though, and as a man, he couldn’t be groaning that freely right? His legs were uncrossed and short impulses were echoing through his thighs, making little shakes and shivers. The mind-blowing blowjob was even more intense, shutting his eyes with the overwhelming sensation of pleasure from the deep throat and mushroom head stimulation.

After twenty minutes or so of mutual masturbation, the duo knew they would lose control if they do not find a place to finish the deed. Quickly tidying up, they made their way to the Caltex Tower which was opposite OUB Centre. Where would be a better place than a toilet to do it? So they went up to the second level, gents’ handicapped toilet. Immediately, their arms wrapped tightly around each other and mad kissing began without a word exchanged. Lifting her dress over her head, her matching black lingerie contrasted against her skin under the warm florescent lighting. While he was stripping her, she was unbuttoning his trousers and shirt as well. Why can’t guys have one-piece clothes designed for easy removal?

Once they were dressed little enough just for sex, Stacy immediately turned towards the mirror and adjusted her hair, perking her ass out for him to park that meat stick. With no rubber available, Nick pushed his way into her wet slit that was tight like a virgin, but knew he wasn’t her firsts. The wetness was making him as high as he could get, slipping in so easily in and out, the fucking was getting out of his hand, and what his mind could handle. The worst thing was the speed he was pumping Stacy at, it was getting faster and faster as her pussy got used to his size, and the juices that kept coming was making the butt slaps louder and quicker. There was enough space in the toilet to do missionary, and they just had to give it a shot on the comfy toilet bowl and again, her legs wrapped around his hips tightly while frenching and clawing him while concentrating to squeeze the life out of him with her wet pink slit.

Finally, after what seemed a long time, Nick was ready to cum. The pressure inside him was beyond what a Lamborghini could produce. The mystical depth that Stacy could take was generating a sucking feel, with queer dots inside that pushed every inches of his dick, at every point with every stroke in and out. Ramming it hard for the last time into her, the sticky jell-o filled her womb up like how a petrol pump would do to your car, just that Nick was totally stunned to move, for the sensitivity would make him lose control and consciousness at any time. What about Stacy? She was in a similar state as him, legs behind his butt, pressing tightly against herself, with him still pumping seeds into her.

With the both of them almost too exhausted to move, their movements got slow and weary. Dripping cum onto the floor, Stacy adjusted her panties back and used it to ‘block’ the overflowing pussy instead of letting them drip everywhere. While the two of them got dressed, their fingers interlocked tighter as they exited the toilet proudly sexified.

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