Naughty or Innocent

Though I was just 12, I knew what cousin Terry was doing when he carried me onto his lap in his room. As I clicked away on the Facebook game he was playing, I could feel his dick poking onto my panties. Probably due to my early puberty, I was standing at 158cm, and only weigh 40kg for my small frame.

Since young, my mum would buy me mini dresses and skirts to wear, as it would be cooler in our weather. His dick that was poking me was more than aiming at my back but between my butt, against my thin soft panties. His hips would occasionally move left and right to ease the pressure, but otherwise meant no harm.

Teasingly, I shifted my butt back and forth, rubbing on his bulge against his pants.

Me: ‘Terry kor kor, what is poking me?’

Terry: ‘Huh? It’s nothing.’

Me: ‘Really? It felt warm and ticklish. Can I see what’s it?’

Terry: ‘No. It would not be right to show you my penis. And you’re still so young.’

Me: ‘Haha. Terry kor kor, I know what is porn. And I’ve watched it a few times before. Please? Let me have a peek?’

My hands reached out and pulled his loose pants downwards, with no resistance from him. His tight underwear could barely contain that piece of excited meat as it looked at me eye to eye. Grabbing it by the balls, I pulled him closer and started to stroke it up and down with my palm around it.

Me: ‘Terry kor kor, how do you feel?’

Terry: ‘Ahh.. good. Super good.’

Terry didn’t care if it was incest or not, it was his first experience of a handjob. His mind was in a blank as his innocent little cousin wasn’t so innocent after all, plus she was so daring to give him a handjob. As he stood still and enjoyed, his hands roamed down my neck and into my dress, caressing my two small boobs and nipples. The jolt of electricity wasn’t the first time I felt it, but it was different this time. It felt.. better.

Slowing my jerking motion to a stop, I locked my eyes on his before taste-testing his member with the tip of my tongue. Salty, but not revolting. From the kiss on his pee hole, my lips spread on its own as my mouth engulfed more of his length. Slowly, the taste and size of it got easier to handle and I was moving about two strokes a second. Fast enough to get him hard but not enough to make him cum.

Terry hands then went to push my hair backwards, revealing my sharp face still trying to swallow his dick. Gently, he nudged me closer to his pubic hair with every down motion and it was choking me a little. But desire the little gagging he could hear clearly, I was taking his penis to my throat and the contracting was super uncomfortable. All I could do was to use my hands as well to play with his balls to get him to cum soon so I can catch my breath. I didn’t even care if he cummed in my mouth.

As expected, the warm goo spew out like volcano lava down into my stomach and I had no choice except to hold on till he was done. And how do I know he was done? Terry fell onto the bed after every drop was out of his system.

Me: ‘Kor! You almost choked me to death!’

Not wanting to hear another word from him, I ran out of the room and went to the toilet. Well, to be frank, I myself was so turned on to a point that I was afraid I would rape him. I had to admit I liked the little violence though.

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