Jacelyn slipped on her lacy blue dress after her quick shower and jumped on her bed. It had been a tiring day of fighting against her constant horny thoughts about her new boy and trying to focus in class. The wetness in her panties got so bad that she had to remove them and went around only in her shorts and skirt. Still, the thoughts about him inside her was lingering on her mind.

As she lay relaxed on the soft matteress, Jacelyn drifted slowly into sleep from her tiredness. Suddenly, a pair of warm hands held her ankles lightly, and glided up her legs. She was taken aback, but it wasn’t whose hands that bothered her, rather, how did he get into her house.

Jacelyn: ‘Jasper, how did you get in here?’
Jasper: ‘While everyone was out.. I found my way in. Shhh.. Go sleep.’

Her juices were already staining her dress, but he was far from doing anything to her. Continuing to proceed up her legs, he passed her pussy and went to her twin D cups, kneading them with care under the blankets. Using both his palms, the warmth and strength was just perfect and soon, Jacelyn was becoming more relaxed.

Then, his fingers pinched her two hardened nipples and gave them a squeeze, jolting Jacelyn awake. Like electricity passing through, she was wide awake, and a faster flow of liquid was exiting her. Raising her knees to hint some licking, Jasper’s head took notice and dived in for the drink. The vigourous tongue action was wetting a huge area of the bed, and those occasional suckling of her clit made her moans dangerously audible. Jacelyn’s mind was in a state of blank, yet driven wild by how skilful he was. She needed more, and didn’t care if her body could take it. Pushing his head onto her pussy, his tongue dug deep and twirled around her entrance. Making her wish it turned into a tentacle and fucked her hole there and then.

All the times they knew each other, never had they spoke about having sex. But anyone who had seen their conversations would have saw through that they would lose control once they met.. and they did. Pushing her legs up higher, Jasper was in a perfect angle for penetration.

Jasper: ‘Are you ready?’

Jacelyn nodded and he poured close to a handful of lubricant on his dick and smeared a little her ass hole. Right before it started drying up, he poked a little of his dick into her ass and she had received it well, pushing herself backwards to achieve more distance (inside herself). Within a minute, Jasper’s dick had fully pierced through and started humping her bouncy backside. The seal of her anus around the girth of his dick was so close that most of the lubrication was forced out, leaving only what was needed to keep the piston moving.

I shall not attempt to describe how tight it ws, but the fact that Jasper was holding up, was because she had done her training too, relaxing enough not to slice his dick off with her opening. The speed and depth he was travelling at, could already made him ejaculate a few times already, but it was a promise that Jacelyn would cum before him, so he perservered. The texture of his shaft brushing along her large intestinal wall was most stimulating. Her g-spot was fully in contact while her clit was given attention by her own fingers. To think that it was her first experience in sex -anal to be exact.

Her vagina could totally feel the scraping of his little head along the other chamber, as though teasing her g-spot through a cloth. It was simply too much for the two of them to handle. While he grabbed her butt even firmer, she was pushing backwards onto him with all her might, truly sinking himself deep into her.

There was no bad smell or anything, just lots of lubricant, sweat and juices dripping down his balls and her legs. As the heat inside between them got intense, her muscles contracted and even the out-motion wasn’t as easy anymore. The unbelievable suction and pressure was intolerable for even a minute more.

Jasper: ‘I’m going to shoot!’

Knowing that there was no chance of pregnancy if he did an anal pie, he pushed on with his last bits of energy and filled her with as much cum as she could take, till it overflowed. Who said anal would be a problem in the missionary position? Hehe. With her ass and pussy exhausted, Jacelyn went to sleep earlier and Jasper cleaned up most of the mess, save for the oriental blend inside her.

Like how he entered the house, the next morning came and he was nowhere to be found. His sperms were still in her, and she could smile so widely because of that too. School wasn’t so bad the next day, with Jacelyn spending most of her day in the toilet complaining of diarroeah but actually, she was fingering both her holes while imagining what happened that night.

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