Wild Sex

Baby: ‘What should I wear when I meet you later? Dress or skirt?’

Me: ‘Hmm.. wear the skirt then, since we might be going out for a nice dinner tonight. It has been too long since we had fun.’

Baby arrived at 8am sharp at my doorstep and I eagerly opened the door for her, knowing that my house would be empty for the day. Smiling widely in front of me was baby, wrapped in a black dress, with the sides of the hemlines splitting longer than the middle. I led her in with my hand in hers and we went into the study to put her stuff down as usual. The moment she started adjusting her hair on my computer seat, my hands couldn’t control themselves at all. It had been a tough week for me, being deployed last minute outfield for four days straight. The lust accumulated could just burst out from my body.

Reaching under her arms and over her boobs, I squeezed on them lightly and felt the new bra she wore. Her head leaned back slightly onto my shoulder and her hands just let go of her undone hair, placing her hands on mine, guiding me to massage them harder. The sight of baby’s cleavage did turn me on even more as her boobs were those fair and yummy type, soft yet firm with the two brown lovely nipples. Pulling her skirt higher, her fair legs revealed themselves and in matter of seconds, the red g-string I bought for her peeked out from under. What could be better than knowing your love was yours to own that very day?

I helped baby up and removed all her clothes as quickly as I could, right in front of the window which none of us gave a hoot about. Gently rubbing her pussy while she was standing, I bent lower and gave those tasty boobs a good sucking and baby simply loved those random nibble I gave on her nipples, making her legs weak and finally falling onto my body on the revolving chair. With an addict look on her face, she tugged at my loose bermudas and knelt in front of me before pulling the elastic waistband down to expose the pre-cum leaking dick of mine. Taking it like a boss into her mouth, she made good use of what I taught her the previous meet. Making her soft lips and warm tongue run up and down the shaft without the teeth hitting on it, and giving me the random bites to stimulate pleasure with a mix of pain.

As her head bobbed up and down quicker, I could feel the urge build up. If she kept going, I would have given her breakfast which she wouldn’t enjoy. Not all girls like to taste those baby-making potion yeah? Helping her onto her feet, I made her kneel on the chair and bend over like a cute little doggie, making her face the laptop screen while I pulled a sex video from x-art.com on screen. Rolling a condom on, baby was excited about receiving her belated birthday present. She was wet, but not dripping wet. We would always use lubricant as it will help us achieve the speed baby loved.

After coating the rubber with enough strawberry, I pushed it slowly into baby to reduce the pain she felt everytime. Once she gave the smile from the side, I began the rolling of the chair back and forth, driving my dick deep into her, giving whichever curious neighbour a good show. This was also the reason why I disliked her to wear skirt, it would make me damn horny and if we were to go out, I would go crazy watching the skirt go up and down every time she stood up or sat, imagining the perverts watching below the escalators and old uncles fucking my lovely baby in their minds.

Suddenly, baby’s pussy got super tight and the ache woke me up, to go even faster to relax her, getting into a little ‘war’ between who can last longer and making each other go crazy. Not intending to lose, her slit clamped onto my dick even harder and the slapping of our hips were getting louder each minute. With her head down on the backrest trying not to go berserk, I was already too high from her squeezing.

Me: ‘Baby.. I’m going to shoot!’

Baby: ‘Wait!’

I paused and calmed myself in 5 seconds before she lifted herself away from me, spinning a full round on her seat and removing the condom for me. Placing her lips over my little head once again, her blowjob resumed and my balls were screaming to let go, but should I cum into her mouth? Moving her head even faster, it was obvious where she wanted the sperms to go. Like a volcano exploding, the warm lava spilled into her mouth spewing loads after loads of nutrients. After the 5 or so squirts, baby sucked on the little head for leftovers and showed me how much love I gave her.

Me: ‘Go to the toilet baby.’

Closing her mouth and eyes, she swallowed all of it and opened once again to show me she did it, for the first time. The rest of the day was spent laughing and cuddling, making even more love than what we already had. Imagine our progress to the outdoors thanks to our addiction – to each other. ;)

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