Next Stop, inside Shelia

Having boarded the last train at 12am, Shelia and Jeremy was bloated from the Seoul Garden dinner they had. It was almost three weeks since they last saw each other and the sight of his girlfriend in a bra top and high waist denim skirt made him horny without a place to do it.

Jeremy: ‘I need to use the toilet. Wait here for me?’

Thinking about the food he had earlier, it might have been some uncooked meat that gave him a stomachache. Sitting comfortably in the cubicle, someone who entered while he was busy doing ‘business’ did not bother him a bit.

*knock knock*

Jeremy: ‘I’m almost done. Give me a while.’
Shelia (whispering): ‘It’s me. Open up!’

Bending forward to undo lock, he let her in and she pinched her nose to the unpleasant scent. Quickly pulling his underwear up, Shelia stopped his pants from buttoning and swung him to the plastic wall.

Jeremy (whispering): ‘What are you doing?’
Shelia (whispering): ‘I need it badly.’

She planted a wet kiss on his lips and stuck her tongue into his mouth, slurping noisily while her hands tugged his underwear away from his hips. Wrapping her fingers around his dick, she gave it a few strokes before squatting at his feet, ready to please her perfect boyfriend.

Before his eye, he watched his girl take the tip of his dick into her mouth and felt her tongue swirl against his dick head. The uncontrollable groans came and she plunged deeper down his shaft, sending a tingle up his spine.

Sucking diligently on the warm meat rod, his fingers messed her hair up and she kept going, sometimes reaching the base of his dick to let him have a feel of her deep throat.

Jeremy (whispering): ‘Come, take off your top.’

She stood back up and hugged him tightly, letting him unzip her back and removing the top off her shoulders. Now topless and braless, she went back down on him and continued the mind-blowing oral sex he couldn’t get enough of.

After a few minutes, Jeremy could not take the teasing mouth that was not able to make him cum. He needed something more.

Jeremy (whispering): ‘Honey, wanna do it here?’
Shelia (whispering): ‘How?’
Jeremy (whispering): ‘I don’t know.’

She then stood in front of the toilet and placed one knee on it, keeping her thighs together so no one would spot her feet from the gap under the wall. Jeremy was thrilled when he saw the ideal position and quickly went behind her. Prying her ass open, he dipped his little head into her and Shelia maintained her posture without squirming.

Jeremy (whispering): ‘Okay?’

Her head nodded and he proceeded to send the rest of his dick in, only to groan softly when the entry squeezed some of her juices back out. Seeing how wet his girl was, his body did not waste anymore time and thrust at her, going fast and deep. Both of them had their eyes closed while at it and the loud juicy sounds did not delay them at all.

Jeremy (whispering): ‘Honey, I’m cumming!’
Shelia (whispering): ‘Cannot shoot inside me!’

She climbed onto the toilet and left his dick dangling in midair. Fearing any contact would just cause him to ejaculate, Jeremy waited for some time before feeling her mouth going over it again. Standing firmly with both his hands against each side of the cubicle, he let her work on his dick till his body started trembling.

Lazily, his eyes opened to the darkened toilet and his load spewed into his girl’s mouth, creaming into her non-stop for the next few seconds. Shelia swallowed his load without hesitation as usual and got up in a hurry to get dressed. The lights of the toilet were off and they were in a rush to get out of there.

Standing at the door, Shelia stayed close to him while he saw the automatic shutter gates slammed onto the ground.


Shelia: ‘What happened?’
Jeremy: ‘I think we are locked in.’
Shelia: ‘How now?’

They walked out into the empty station and no sign of life could be seen. As how a loving boyfriend would do, he hugged her closely and whispered into the ears of the frightened girl.

Jeremy (whispering): ‘Have you ever had sex on the MRT platform?’

With that, they went over the gantry and down the steps, going into a corner where they could not detect any CCTVs. Going into a crazy adventurous mode, he made her lie on the stone seats before flipping her skirt up and kneeling below her groin with his dick out of his zipper.

Slowly, his dick returned to the dripping wet hole and he laid on top of her chest, making out while their genitals slammed loudly in the soft lights from the numerous exit signs.

Shelia (whispering): ‘It will be one hell of an experience any couple would get.’
Jeremy (whispering): ‘Yeah. Let’s not waste this chance.’

Late into the night, they spent the next few hours inside each other and Shelia was feeling full with his cum going down her throat rounds after rounds.

How did they get out the next day? They simply hid in the toilet till they heard the rush of passengers the next day and left the station without anyone noticing them. What a memorable thrill ride they had in the train station. Will anyone even try to duplicate what they did?

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