Full Underwear

Dominic: ‘Mina, don’t play.’
Hermina: ‘Shhh, there’s no one here.’

She put up a little struggle to get her hands into his pants on the empty upper deck of a bus, sending them home after a dim sum breakfast. As much as he feared being caught, her eagerness to ‘prepare’ him before they got home was turning him on. Gradually, he died down resisting his horny girlfriend and let her had her ways.

Dominic wore a pair of bermudas that had an elastic waistband, making it easy for Hermina to stick her hand into. Grabbing his semi-hard dick, she began stroking it in his underwear, till he was moaning while it grew larger in her palm.

Hermina then took one of his free hands to her skirt and perched one leg over his lap. Automatically, he slipped his strong arm under her dress and went straight for her pussy, where no panties came to stop him. A gasp told her how surprised he was and his fingers went over her clit to express his lust.

Hermina (whispering): ‘Like it?’
Dominic: ‘Yeah. Lucky your dress is long.’
Hermina (whispering): ‘If not you will be more horny when other guys sees my upskirt right?’

A twitch in his dick replied a yes and her hand moved faster, driving his fingers to plunge into her wet hole in an attempt to put up a fight. The two of them remained in their seats but their bodies jerked non-stop to each others’ violent masturbation.

After a few minutes, Dominic felt the friction of his foreskin and her hand heating things to an uncomfortable level and pulled her hand out to let it cool down. Hermina then went between her legs to gather some of her organic man-made fluid to coat it over his shaft.

Hermina: ‘Okay now?’

Dominic couldn’t say anything once she started pumping again, shutting his eyes to the high speed handjob in her soft tiny hands. Rolling her thumb on top of his pee hole, she loved how his body shivered, growing stronger till she finally resumed the normal strokes. In the heated exchange of reliefs and intense dick head stimulation, Dominic kept groaning as he fingered her.

Hermina too wasn’t thinking properly due to his fingers, reaching deeper as she teased his pre-cum-oozing cock. What seemed like a long time later, her body finally trembled violently and her legs clamped onto his hand, sending a small stream of juices into his palm.

Hermina (whispering): ‘I’ve cummed. It’s your turn now.’

She lowered his waistband of his underwear and shorts to let his dick breath, and went all out jerking it at her fastest. All Dominic could do was to hold her vibrating hand to slow her down in vain.

Dominic: ‘I’m cumming!’
Hermina: ‘Wait wait!’

She stopped her movements and reached into her bag for her panties. She pulled his bottoms over his manhood and stuffed her soft silk panties into his underwear.

Dominic: ‘It will dirty your clothes.’
Hermina: ‘Do I look like I care?’

With a sly grin across her face, she went all out at him, making him grab the front seats tightly as his body straightened. A few seconds later, the huge gush of cum shot into whatever was above his penis, spewing the load all over her hand. To her horror, it was going non-stop and some of it was leaking out from his legs.

Still squeezing his dick, he kept going for a full minute before a sigh ended their fun on the bus. With the mess they made, the two of them discussed about what they should do before she took out the packet of wet wipes from her bag. The clean up was a hassle as she had to wipe the sticky cum off her hand, and fish her panties out of the slimy cave.

Dominic: ‘See lah. Where are you going to keep your panties?’

She stretched the elastic underwear and slipped it over her legs, pulling it up all the way over her pussy.

Hermina: ‘There. Done.’

Dominic adjusted his dick to a cosy position and carefully placed his juice-dried hand over her shoulder. Cuddling in his embrace for the rest of the journey, Hermina was still horny from the thoughts of what she would be going through when they reached his place.

Hermina (whispering): ‘Love, later.. can you fuck me hard like never before?’
Dominic: ‘Eh. Don’t turn me on again. I’ll do my best k?’
Hermina: ‘Okie. If it’s not good then I’ll fuck you hard.’

Once they entered his room, she dropped her dress onto the ground and went naked before he did. Her pussy was glistering with the earlier orgasm she had and the quick shift to his bed was totally inviting him to do her with her legs opened and fingers rubbing on her own clit.

Dominic: ‘Haiz.. am I lucky or not to have such a horny girlfriend?’
Hermina (shouting happily): ‘Super lucky!’

She slapped the condom away from his hands as he wanted to opened it, as a sign she knew it was a safe day to be doing it raw. Kneeling on the bed between her legs, she pulled him into her with her feet on his back and sank the dick with a gratifying moan.

Now, isn’t it perfect to have a girlfriend like Hermina?

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