Down the Throat

Written by Sandy, 19.

Wearing just the short skirt I wore for our (earlier) dinner date, he dragged me out of the house with the black bra on. Although it was 3am, I was still worried about neighbours coming home. Standing in front of the railings, I lit the cigarette before him and he did not light up. Instead, I heard him ruffling his boxers, followed by his dick slipping between my butt crack.

Me: ‘So fast for round two? Can don’t be so playful? Let’s do it inside.’
Boyfriend: ‘It excites me more to do it here. Please please please?’
Me: ‘Tsk, take out already still please what?’

He pulled my body a step back so I could bend further down, and very quickly, he was sliding his cock along my pussy, still wet from the earlier round of sex. I could tell he was super turned on by this mini-public sex from the hardness that was even stiffer than before.

A few strokes later, his groin lowered to shove his cock into me, where a gasp almost came out too loud. As soon as he was in, his body rammed against me deep, sinking his stick so deep I could not focus on smoking. Needless to say, my cigarette fell off the building and my mouth couldn’t help but moan softly as he continued to pound my mind blank.

The short skirt and bra was the least I ever worn out and I was glad he was enjoying himself. On my part, I held onto the railing tightly as he increased his speed, savouring the contractions in my pussy that was driving me crazy.

Going non-stop at my sweating ass, he grabbed my shoulders to push deeper and my mind was going numb from the pleasure. That throbbing piece of meat was growing thicker inside, and constantly rubbed along the sensitive love hole that was squeezing him.

Moans went on and on in the silence of the night, till he stopped abruptly, a sign to say that he was cumming. Instantly, I reached backwards to him and pushed him away, before any accidents happened.

Boyfriend: ‘Did you cum?’
Me: ‘Yeah. Once.’

That once was good enough for him, because I had seldom orgasmed during sex. The vibrator being the only thing that could get me off kind of disappointed him time to time. Little did I expect outdoor sex would make me so horny, enough to cum.

I turned around to him and squatted against the wall, determined not to let my pussy touch anything for hygiene reasons. Seeing my mouth opened wide for him, he ignored the risk of being injured by my braces, and placed his dick for me to suck on.

I don’t know why but I was so, motivated that night, partly because I was no longer exposed to the streets (over the railings), and hidden behind a wall. I took his dick deep into my mouth and ran my lips along his shaft, making him shiver as I increased the suction. Deep inside me, I loved to drive him crazy but only when I was in control. The tremble in his knees, groans that was loud enough for the levels below us to hear, pre-cum leaking into my mouth, was all perfect.

Picking up my speed, I left my jaws opened and let him rammed down my throat, choking me to a point my pussy was dripping juices on its own. The lack of air gave me the glimpse into another world as though I was near death, but my loving boy knew when to pull out, so as to let me catch my breath.

To repay him for bringing me to an orgasm through sex, I did not stop sucking and continued to swirl my tongue around his dick whenever I rested, almost causing his knees to give way.

About five minutes later, he slowed down and pulled my chin to close my mouth. I guess it was time for the fun to end. After all, we had been fucking only in enclosed areas that I felt comfortable in.

Me: ‘Shooting?’
Boyfriend: ‘Yeah. Use your hand.’

I tilted my head away from his launch-pipe and pumped his wet cock, lubricated by my saliva and juices. Twisting my hand left and right, my playfulness almost missed the moment when he ejaculated. A loud thud on the railings, both his hands locked firmly onto it and I swiftly opened my mouth, taking his dick deep once again down my throat.

As I rolled his testicles in my palm, he gave me a few thrusts and then, the magic happened. Keeping my mouth wide open and lips pasted on his groin, the thick, creamy load poured down my throat like a burst pipe, skipping the nauseating taste of his cum. My throat responded accordingly by squeezing involuntarily till every last drop was emptied.

This time, he helped me up before lighting a cigarette, handing it to me to let the smoke take over the salty after taste. That sweet boy hugged me from behind till I was done, and his shrunken dick was halfway recovered when I flicked the butt into the trees below.

Me: ‘Wah.. so fast?!’
Boyfriend: ‘Fast? You see what you did?’

I pushed him at an arm’s length and looked down. His dick and balls were covered with my juices that was dripping out of my pussy, to a point the excess formed a puddle between our legs. Giving a wipe between my own legs, the crystal clear fluid stuck on my fingers. Now, how could I deny this horny boy of my love right?

Grabbing his dick in my hand, I gave it a few jerks to get it up to size, before bringing him to the stairs, where the lift landing was. I sat on one of the steps and opened my legs, while he kneeled on the lower step and returned his dick to where it belonged.

My legs wrapped around him automatically as he began thrusting, moving so fast I simply gave in and moaned into his hand that was cupped over my mouth. In that position, we went non-stop for the next ten minutes, before he needed to unload again.

What a desperate boy he was. He stood up and placed his dick before my eyes again, giving me that look to ask me to suck. Well, it wasn’t every day we did it right outside my place, so why not? Devouring that cock between my lips again, he let me did all the work till he could not hold back anymore. The third round of sperms went into my mouth, and I didn’t mind the taste, given how little he was left with.

After he finished unloading, I got up and let him inspect the tiny puddle in my mouth, and swallowed to his gleaming eyes. Never had I did it for him, and I am sure he liked how his girl took all of his love into her stomach.

Shortly after, we went back to the house and returned to the room, where we changed into our sleeping attire for the night. He simply got naked, but I put on a satin sleeping gown. For most of the night, I was wet as my mind kept replaying the scenes of the public sex we had.

When I woke up to the snoring pig, his morning wood greeted me before anything else did. And my mouth? It greeted his erection too, with some saliva to ease the journey up and down his dick. Breakfast was more or less just his cum, and it was too little to fill me up.

I think waking up to a blowjob must be every guy’s dream, if not he wouldn’t jump up after he cum to stick his dick into me. That little bit of cum did scare me when he shoved it in mercilessly, but the rape-like morning sex made up for it.

Would you guys want a girl like me? ;)

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