Swinging Babies

Baby: ‘Amber is coming up now.’
Me: ‘Must we do this?’
Baby: ‘Why b? I thought you don’t mind her?’
Me: ‘She’s your best friend mah. Won’t it affect you two?’
Baby: ‘Won’t lah. Like you said, we are best friends.’

The door bell rang shortly after and Amber entered with her boyfriend, Jimmy, who was eyeing my girl from head to toe. I couldn’t blame him though, Baby was wearing the one piece silky night dress I bought and even I found it hard to stop looking at her.

After they placed their bags down, Jimmy proceeded into the bathroom with his girlfriend to prepare, and Baby joined me under the bedsheets to hide from the cold air. Amber appeared in a towel that seemed long in her tiny frame, standing at 1.58m. Formalities were exchanged through a simple handshake and we swapped partners for the night.

As there was only a single queen sized bed, Amber and I took a side and I removed my boxer brief, showing her the unerected dick. Somehow, I wasn’t sure why it didn’t turn me on, but watching how Baby stroked Jimmy, she was much more into it than I.

Amber: ‘We try to do what they do?’
Me: ‘Okay.’

I stood at the side of the bed, mirroring Jimmy’s position in front of my girl. Amber gave my dick a few jerks before her mouth went over it. Taking it straight down her throat, I was shocked at how good she was. Her innocent face, forehead covered with bangs, thin shoulders, never did I suspect she was this good with her mouth.

In no time, I was groaning to her steady tempo, rubbing her lips along my shaft without slowing down. That hardness, was unlike anything before. A few minutes passed to the two guys groaning in pleasure and I helped Amber to lie on the bed, ending the tiring blowjob she pleased me with.

Unlike Baby, she only trimmed her pubic hairs to make a thin strip in the middle but it was delicious looking nonetheless. Kneeling on the bed between her legs, I stuck my tongue out and went down on her, feeling her body squirm as I flicked against her clit.

Jimmy did not do the same but went for the condom, letting Baby put it on for him and continuing the sex before I did. Focusing on the underage looking Amber, my mouth was making her wetter, causing her hands to dig into my hair to guide me to where it felt best.

She did not let me do the work for too long either, stopping me after she had enough and brought me up to her eye-level.

Amber (whispering): ‘You know, he never licked me with so much enthusiasm before.’

Her hands went down to my dick and held it against her pussy, while I was still figuring out how to reach the condom on Baby’s side.

Amber: ‘Dear, don’t need condoms right?’
Jimmy: ‘Nope. J, you can do it raw. Take it as a small gift from us.’

I was looking at Baby when they said to do it raw. It felt unfair to let Jimmy do it with a condom while I went bare, but a nod from Baby was all Amber needed to pull me inside her, and I did not resist the treat too.

Plunging my rod all the way into her, she grabbed the pillows hard as my dick split her vagina opened.

Amber: ‘You’re so big.. ‘

From the corner of my eye, I saw Jimmy shook his head but was still thrusting into my girl. Not wanting to waste any of their time, I slammed my hips on her thighs as I sent my dick deep into her, making her groan in the similar my girl would – if I was inside her.

Ramming continuously, Amber was thrashing erratically on our side of the bed and Baby interlocked one of her hands with Amber. Suddenly, Jimmy went fast beyond his control as he was about to cum.

Baby: ‘Jim, stop stop. Let’s try something before you shoot.’

Baby rolled over to Amber and laid on top of her, while I sat on the pillows above her head. Taking my dick into Baby’s mouth, Jimmy pushed with all his might and pounded her butt loudly. The nipple pinches by Amber drove Baby really wild and I was going berserk at her powerful suction in her mouth, draining me of my energy much quicker.

The whole intense session came to an end when Jimmy pulled his full condom out, sitting on the bed while Baby lifted her head away as well. As though everything had ended, Amber was still unsatisfied and did not want to be ignored.

So next up was Amber, lying on top of Baby in 69 who was massaging her clit. I went to Amber’s rear and let her position herself in front of her boyfriend, whose dick was covered in spermicide and cum. Once he gave a thumbs up that his girl’s mouth was over his dick, I rammed hard into Amber and made sure I disrupted her blowjob with the powerful thrusts.

Five minutes passed and she was still on her fours with Baby squeezing her small boobs, giving her the strength and willpower to keep sucking.

As all good things must come to an end, I warned her in a calm tone while slowing down, that I was about to cum.

Baby: ‘Go super fast like when you are shoot into me. Make her crazy too.’
Me: ‘So mean.. But okay!’

With that said, I held Amber’s waist firmly and jerked in supersonic speed, sending a wave of orgasm as my load pumped into her pussy. Jimmy too, came at the same time inside her mouth and all of us froze in that position till I was done.

Amber collapsed on top of Baby after I exited and Jimmy carried her into the bathroom first to clean up. Baby and I went for an after-sex make out, waiting for them to appear before going for a shower.

Inside, Baby told me that I was bigger and Jimmy wasn’t going as deep as I, depriving her of the satisfaction that could only be given if he had reached the right spot. So to make up for that, Baby bent over the sink and guided me into her, giving me little time to get it up to full size.

Things went noisy again when she moaned out loud, feeling my dick touching her sensitive spot while my balls slapped on her pussy. We were so crazily horny that it didn’t matter if there was no condom between us. Standing doggie being the only position we could engage in, I just went all out at her till I was about to cum.

Baby then squatted against a wall and let me use her mouth, pulling my butt towards her head to get me to cum. For the second load, I could feel more of it about to be unloaded and did not stop till it was in my flesh barrel.

*Arghh.. * Waves after waves, my semen spewed into Baby’s mouth that was opened for me, gathering all the goodies before she spat them into the sink. Having taken such a long time in the toilet, we went for a quick rinse before heading out, only to see Amber tucked under the blankets.

Baby: ‘Where is Jimmy?’
Amber: ‘He.. *sigh* He didn’t think I was good enough to him. After he saw how much fun I had with your boyfriend. He said we will probably not see each other again.’
Baby: ‘Really? What an asshole!’
Amber: ‘Nevermind luh. We were already on the rocks. I feel so much freeier now.’

Baby gestured for me to go over to them and they made a space for me, between them. With two ladies in my arms, what more could I ask for? Baby being the wild and adventurous one, and Amber the tame and obedient one. It was the dream of every man to have them at once. Baby allowed Amber to be my girlfriend for the time being, until she found the next guy who could be as loving as, or better than me.

Here, I shall leave the rest of the night to your imagination, but I can tell you one thing, my dick never left either of their hands unless I was inside one of them. So guess who was the most tired on the next morning.

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