No Beach Today

April: ‘Can you help me check where is it hurting?’

She bent her body over her bed bottomless, with just her top and bikini on. Their initial plan to head for the beach had been cancelled when she spent a painful morning in the toilet, to a point she could not walk straight. Edison, her boyfriend who was still in secondary school, was now in a ‘doctor’s’ position to do an anal probe for her, with the disposable latex gloves and the lubricant coated around his fingers.

Edison: ‘Tell me when I touched something that hurt k?’
April: ‘Okay. Go slow.’

Massaging her anus with his fingertips, the girl was wriggling awkward as she felt the sensitiveness of her butt. Not long after, he pushed his way in and twisted his hand around, to caress the interior where she was complaining that hurt. At first, she was unused to having something foreign in that particular hole, not like she had been having sex, but her body was involuntarily trying to push him out.

Edison: ‘Just relax more. I am going deeper.’

April bit her lips and relaxed enough for him to fully sink his index finger in, to no avail for finding that painful spot. About two minutes later, Edison was feeling bored from the misleading guide she had told him to move, and began thrusting his finger slowly, in a playful way to see how she would react. For someone who never had such experience before, the new hole felt extremely weird but pleasing at the same time. In under a minute of his teasing, she was moaning in that small body of hers and Edison was getting harder too.

Edison: ‘You like it baby?’
April: ‘Yeah. It feels good. Helps with the pain too.’

After some time, he got turned on himself and took a small vibrator out of his pocket, which he had prepared for her, and stuck it in place of his fingers. It was time for him to get some hormones satisfied too.

Edison: ‘Turn around and lick me?’
April: ‘Huh. Okay.’

He hopped up in excitement and removed his pants, relieving the aching bulge under his boxers. April then placed her mouth over it and sucked silently, while he groaned to her swirling tongue. Still in the doggie position, he then reached for the vibrator half sticking out of her ass and clicked on the button at the end of the stick, buzzing into the girl who was blowing him faster.

April: ‘It’s making me too high.. ‘
Edison: ‘I know. Keep going.’

Gently, he thrust the toy into her anus and she buried her face in his groin, enjoying the stimulating of her sensitive asshole while pleasing her guy. It was only after five minutes of this foreplay that she stopped to rest her jaws, while sitting upright on her ankles, grinding her hips on the toy that was pressing against her bed.

Edison: ‘You won’t get pregnant from anal sex right?’
April: ‘What? You really want to try it?’
Edison: ‘Yeah. You like it too right?’
April: ‘But it’s dirty.’
Edison: ‘Don’t worry. I’m not going to put it in your mouth after that.’

April gave him a confused look before turning her body to face the headboard, feeling her bed move to the guy who was eagerly dying to deflower her. Once he had smeared enough lubricant over his dick, he guided his tip into her hole and she prepared herself for the poop-dumping mood. It was difficult to get relaxed enough for him to enter and it took them more than five minutes before he could get the tip in.

From the point that bit of his dick entered, he did not pull out anymore and gave her all the time she needed to slowly sink his way in. Finally, after a tiring moment of strange sensation, Edison was thrusting his hip at her, very slowly filling her ass with his meat. As time passed, they found the mental state they needed and April spread her legs wider.

At last, he was pumping in full strokes into that groaning girl who was kneeling half-seated, rubbing her own pussy between her legs to calm her overwhelmed anus. Edison did not take anymore chances and pounded her hard, driving her to the insane pleasure that made her beg for him to go deeper.

From where he was behind, the convulsion in her pussy was squeezing her ass tight too, and the already-vacuum mode his dick was in, couldn’t felt any better than this. Pounding her butt with his might, the urge to cum was actually delayed by the high pressure around his stick. The two schooling kids went on fucking non-stop once they realised how much fun they could have without the risk of getting pregnant, or loosing her virginity.

Edison, still considered inexperienced from his sixteen year old life, knew he could not last long in this and really took her hard, shoving his dick into that perfect seal. April too, was too overpowered to regain her composure, only too keep massaging her clit to climax over and over again. As sick as you might imagine, there was no awkward smell from the anal sex and it was all thanks to her vegan diet her family had imposed.

Lasting for as long as ten minutes, they took frequent rest until her butthole was getting sore from the drying lubricant, and she requested for him to go all out until he came. Taking control of her waist, the fit young man rammed deep and hard into her, entering a rampage mode where her last orgasm came and did not stop until he was done.

Feeling the patch of wetness on the bed getting bigger, he was fighting to let his dick cum from the close fit of her anus. After the last lap of sweaty sex, Edison groaned out loud that he was cumming and pushed April’s back onto the bed. Jerking uncontrollably, his cum pumped into her asshole and soothed the pain, causing a last minute request to come from her to keep going.

However late it was for that, he could not move from the sensitivity of his dick and he collapsed over her body, bent forward and panting hard.

April (whispering): ‘Boyfie, don’t pull it out. Let it come out itself.’
Edison (whispering): ‘Okay.’

They rested in that position until his dick shrank enough for her body’s natural response to force it out. He wrapped the soiled glove over his dick and went to the toilet, rinsing any smell off it and brought a few pieces of wet tissue to clean her up. She was nice to give him a scent-test to make sure he was thoroughly cleaned, and a after-sex blowjob served as a reward to his workout.

The blowjob lasted long enough to get him up and hard again, and she kept going until the second load of cum spurted into her mouth. Her oral skills was one thing that Edison couldn’t get enough of but for that day, two shots was all he could afford. It was their usual way of getting enough other off anyway, she would suck him off while he fingered her to the countless orgasms she wanted.

April laid in his arms to rest after the hour of non-stop action and thanked him for his help, to find the pain, and eased it with pleasure.

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