Across The Distance

Lifting up in a whine, the ears flood with air.
In the confines of four, light flashes through the door.
A ding gives way for the two, the concrete paths line with green.

Towards where the floor ends, a wooden fence prevents their fall.
His hands resting on her hips, slowly raised to let light into her legs.
A shiver excites her, headed for the mysterious.

The cool breeze caresses her bum, so fair under the dress.
Cranking zips came from behind, landing a warm glory stick on beautiful moon.
Gazing at Dorset across, his handle painted lust on her.

Between her bum, under her legs, he parked nowhere else.
Moving gently to tease her mind, the upward tilt sent him there.
Into the abyss their souls went, taking air by the mouthfuls.

No one else but them, moving discreetly in the shadows.
Huffing between puffs, bedazzled she was in the cityscape.
Groaning at her fleshy puff, euphoric he was in her deadly grasp.

A tremble came for him, and one went to her.
His fingers mimosa on her soft waist, to compliment her sensual kitty purrs.
The slaps of their hips clapped for the ends, different in terms of sense.

He groans, she moaned.
Glitter exploded in her eyes as a pie was filled, with cream of Man.
The little thrusts, were really little twitches.

Ahh, he pulled out, and the panties went.
To keep his seeds, buried six inches in.
A turn of her head, and a smile greets.

Into the lift, zooming to the ground.
Planting their feet firm in the longest gaze.
Two kisses, four sides, to seal their unrequited love.

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