3 Ways to get Inspired

For many writers, there are only one thing that plagues their passion for writing – Inspirations. Likewise, I do have my fair share of writer’s block and procrasination, a result of emptiness and void whenever I want something to work on.

There is a small difference between ‘writing when inspired’ and ‘inspired to write’. The former results in unpredictable updates, but achieves immensely close-to-heart articles. The latter is my preferred way to write, though the first method do appear once in a while. Not only I can be in control of when I write, I can eliminate long periods of inactivity due to the absence of sex (or its related activities).

Authors basically have their own ways to keep going, be it getting high or getting dead drunk, even going as far as writing when they are having sex. Remember the movie ‘Swordfish’? Where a hacker received a blowjob to attain a speed bump to ‘hack’ really fast? I can’t even think straight when if that ever happens, let alone typing eligibly.

3. Images/ Videos

Through visual means, storylines can stem from similar photos or videos that relate. As there are tons of selfies available, in every imaginable poses and genres, it is the confidence of the subjects that inspires. To wear that little for dinner, to wear that transparent to club, exposure of bras and panties seem to be the secondary visual cue to hint that the subjects are somewhat willing.

Videos might bring up a possible scenario that inspires writers to make it ‘more possible’ to happen, and then easily follow the intensity of the sex that happens.

Even people walking by can be classified under this form, and the only limitation is the ability to imagine out of the big box.

2. Experience (at high cost)

A lot of stories are based on true stories, if not a very very similar experience. To feel, and then to write, is one of the best way to express your collective emotions. It is one thing to be able to revisit the sex that just happened, and to have the drive to share it with the world.

To me, I think that it is easy for one to think ‘hey, I just got laid. Why am I resorting to writing stories for my sexual relief? There’s no need to. I’ll write when I don’t get any.’ True? While I am deeply connected to my partner while at it, it is totally different when I try to picture us as ‘them’ or ‘her’.

I guess if you are getting lots of sex, there won’t be any strength left for you to write (and relive all those experiences you had). Sometime, the urge to boast and broadcast about the awesome, sex-starved partner kicks in, but I know better to give her all your attention than to imagine other ways how the sex could turn out.

Besides ‘true stories’, there is another type very close to that. When we speak to a potential fling or lifelong partner, the conversations can get really comfortable. To a point that we fantasise about making love for our first date, frolicking on our second date in the park, or the possibility that you are actually into my body.

Exposure to people brings in that kind of inspirations and I must admit, it is always a pleasure to be inspired by the people you truly know. Names are changed for the reason that they will (hopefully) not know that they ARE the subjects in your stories.

1. Habit/ Routine

This last one, is how I write most of the stories that appears here. Apart from churning texts from the two above methods, this is the most reliable, and never-disappointing one. Just like a site admin, I get access to search data and trending topics that led you to my site. So now, I have knowledge of the fetishes in demand.

Next, to cultivate a habit to write, and for your mind to reach into the emptiness of space for ideas. For a start, I am no playboy who can get any pussies I want (sorry if it sounds degrading). I have to rely on my normal life and day job to gather ideas that I piece together each time I write.

I return to the one spot where it is quiet (to recall point 2), publicly accessible (for point 1) for the OLs, students, MILFs, etc. to pass by, and digest the ideas (including website stats, news) I collect over the days. Once the three sections (intro, body, conclusion) are ready, my fingers will get to work.

Once done, I will look at the red underlines for spelling, and then see if the sense of regret/ disappointment gets to me to delete the whole entry. There is no loss when I do that, for I know what I want to be published on my site.

There are unlimited ways to get inspired besides the three types I covered. And frankly speaking, I am not sure if those above will work for anyone else. For an empath like me, I see misery and desperation in pornography, and innocence and carefreeness in photos. So the only info I get from photos are dressing styles, if not the names of clothes that are getting popular.

But seriously, JAV are really really on top of the game with the huge numbers of movie worthy actors, and cute faces that should never appear in such light.

I believe that writing can inspire, and works the other way too. Creativity is the one thing I will be utterly sadden to see disappear in this already-under-happy country.

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